Taste Of Argentina A 9 Day Latin America Journey

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Nov 30,2022

This 9-day Latin American itinerary rewards you with fascinating cultural, architectural, and scenic treasures of Argentina while tasting the exquisite local dishes and wine. Set about touring the outstanding land of Argentina, visiting the riveting local markets, goat farm, and vineyards.

Trip Highlights

  • Explore Salta's vivid markets, where locals sell fresh produce.
  • Admire the Guitierrez Castex family goat farm & learn about local cheeses.
  • Travel vineyards with an oenologist & relish local wine flavors.
  • Experience an authentic Andean cooking class with Chef Mercedes Costa.

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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive in Buenos Aires

Set foot in Buenos Aires. Your private guide will transport you to an exceptional hotel. 

Explore the beautiful architecture of Buenos Aires at your leisure or choose to relax after your long flight. Spend an exciting night at the tango show. Follow the shows attire and experience the glittering performers dancing to melodious music. After a palatable dinner, return to your hotel room.

Day 2 - Exploring Salta

Your private guide will book you on a morning flight to Salta, commonly referred to as Salta the Beautiful, the gem of a colonial city in the Lerma Valley. True criollos (native Argentines of Spanish lineage) live in colonial Salta and follow a culture that has remained traditionally strong.


This afternoon, you will explore the vibrant local markets boasting fresh produce like avocados, peppers, spices, and gourds. For lunch, savor the first taste of the local dishes and rich wines from the nearby Cafayate. Enjoy gourmet Andean Haut cuisine at a local restaurant this evening. Your guide recommends sampling delicacies like tamales, humitas, meat empanadas, and casseroles of grilled goat meat.

Day 3 - Las Conchas Gorge

Enter the magnificent Las Conchas Gorge with your guide via Talapampa. Once the bed of the ocean, the valley now stuns you with its outstanding shapes carved in deep red sandstones. Grab the opportunity to learn about local cheeses and sample the varied flavors, including a rare dulce de leche, ideally served with wine. Your guide will check you into a hotel in the heart of Las Conchas Gorge tonight. Explore the surrounding splendors before the nights sleep.

Day 4 - Vineyard and Cafayate

After breakfast, start touring nearby vineyards. An oenologist joins you to give insights into local wine production and the specific flavors and regional grapes that make this countrys wine unique. In the wine cellar, sample Malbec Cabernet and appreciate its fruit-rich flavor. Make your way to Cafayate Valley to wander in the incredible rock formations.


Also, visit Barraco, a local silversmith known for his excellent wood and silver creations. Enjoy a striking sunset during the evening walk before you head back to your hotel.

Day 5 - Village Path to Cachi

This morning, descend with your guide to the renowned off-beat Calchaquies valley, where the captivating landscape blends with unique architecture and cultural delights. 

Tour the thrilling Quebrada de la Flecha (Flecha Gorge), where a group of sandstone spikes frequently appear to be moving due to the light. Your private guide will then arrange a typical Argentine picnic lunch. 


In Molino, shop for Handmade ponchos and blankets made by local craftsmen using ancestral techniques. Arrive in Cachi this evening. With time, saunter along the cobblestone streets, visit an ancient chapel made from cactus wood, or visit one of the best archaeological museums in Argentina.

Day 6 - Cultures and Landscapes

Today, drive through the spectacles of Los Cordones National Park and the Encantado Valley en route to Salta. Savor a delicious meal and head out for Humahuaca Gorge, a world heritage site. Watch the remnants of ancient settlers, including the pre-hispanic, Spanish, and Incan empires dotting this area. The region owns colonial churches with simple bell towers and decorative doors. The colorful rocks in this landscape are bound to stun you. Make your way through small settlements until you reach Purmamarca, today's final destination. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant and celebrate the day's adventure.

Day 7 - Afternoon in an Andean Kitchen

In the morning, visit Tilcara and greet the chef at El Patio restaurant. The chef shares her experience of typical Andean food and its relation to the local culture. Attend the cooking class and try your hands at cooking traditional products.  


Grasp the recipe of Tamales de Charqui, made with dry Andean maize and traditional methods. Todays lunch includes your homemade tamales and many other regional dishes, such as Mankakanca, Hajchalocro, and Chairo de Tuna. Arrive back at Purmamarca in the evening. An early return ensures you can visit a local artisan market.

Day 8 - Enjoy Salta

Today you will grab a chance to reacquaint yourself with beautiful Salta. Wander around old cathedrals, churches, and museums. Visit local craft stores, a rich food market, and ancient city squares. Then take in a splendid city view as you ascend the Cerro San Bernardo via cable car. 

Day 9 - Return Home

Your Latin American venture in Argentina concludes as your private guide leads you to the airport. Catch a flight to Buenos Aires for a connecting home flight. 

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