Enjoy Christmas With A Tour To Argentina, Antarctica & Chile

This Christmas, you can open the gift of the southern hemisphere’s natural treasures, discovering majesty and wonder in Argentina, Antarctica, and Chile. The thundering clouds rising from Iguazu Falls provide a stunning image of nature’s raw power. The nesting penguin colonies on a small Antarctic island offer a view of pure and untouched wildlife. The snow-white salt flats of Chile’s the Atacama Desert contrast with the shades of the mountains, demonstrating splendor in a spectrum of natural colors. From a Chilean Christmas feast to the trails of Tierra del Fuego, this holiday season, you open a present the likes of which you have never dreamed.


Trip Highlights

  • Embark on an unforgettable cruise crossing the Drake Passage to Antarctica

  • Witness penguins waddling, nesting, and squawking against the shoreline of the South Sea before visiting country settlements on Antarctica

  • Enjoy a traditional Chilean Christmas feast after a day of exploring the Atacama Desert and floating in the embracing waters of a salt lake

  • Wander the exciting jungle trails of Iguazu National Park to view one of the largest natural waterfalls in existence

  • Board a steamboat to traverse the lower waters of the Iguazu River for a different perspective of the staggering cascade

  • Find flamingos in a saltwater lagoon surrounded by the snow-white landscape of Chile’s salt flats

  • Stroll through a geyser field at sunrise to bask in the thrills of geysers erupting like fountains as the colors of the sunrise streak overhead

  • Look through a powerful private telescope at your luxury accommodation, the Explora Hotel de Larache Lodge, for a pristine view of the night sky

  • Scour the land and sea in search of exuberant wildlife, from toucans and capuchin monkeys in the jungle to seals and whales on the high seas


Trip at a Glance

(Day 1): Iguazu – Arrive in Buenos Aires and Transfer to the Jungle Town of Iguazu

(Day 2): Iguazu – Explore Iguazu National Park to View the Famous Iguazu Falls

(Day 3): Ushuaia – Fly South to Ushuaia, a City at the Edge of the American Continent

(Day 4): Cruise – Follow the Trails of Tierra del Fuego National Park and Board a Cruise for Antarctica

(Day 5): Cruise – Visit Legendary Cape Horn and Cross the Drake Passage

(Day 6): Cruise – Enjoy the Lifestyle, Lectures, and Luxuries Aboard the Cruise Ship

(Day 7): Cruise – Watch for Icebergs and Explore the South Shetland Islands

(Day 8): Punta Arenas – Explore King George Island and Fly to Punta Arenas, Chile

(Day 9): Santiago – Transfer from Punta Arenas for a Night in Santiago

(Day 10): San Pedro – Fly North to Calama and Settle into Explora Hotel de Larache

(Day 11): San Pedro – Relish a Bike Tour at Laguna Cejar before a Christmas Feast

(Day 12): San Pedro – Discover the Splendor of Salar de Tara on a Full Day Tour

(Day 13): San Pedro – Enjoy a Day to Explore Atacama at your Leisure

(Day 14): San Pedro – Return to Santiago for your Flight Home



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Places To Visit

Iguazu, Ushuaia, Antarctica, Punta Arenas, Atacama


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Detailed Tour Description

The cheerful holidays are even more festive when celebrating in the unique landscapes and secluded islands of Argentina, Chile, and Antarctica. Your 14-day tour takes you from the northern jungle of Argentina to the shores of the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica and into the Atacama Desert of Chile. The December adventure begins with your arrival in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Your flight lands at the Ezeiza International Airport, where you have plenty of time to board your connecting flight to Iguazu. The jungle town borders the breathtaking cascade of Iguazu Falls. Your private transfer meets you at the airport and escorts you to the lavish Loi Suites Hotel, on grounds hidden by the remarkable jungle.

The following day, have a private tour of Iguazu National Park. Explore the trails leading you to spectacular views of the main falls, along with smaller cascades in the park. Watch mist rise from the Devil’s Throat, a chasm where most of the rivers flow into, before boarding a steamboat for a scenic cruise offering a panorama of the rushing waters. After this, lead to the airport for your flight to Ushuaia, via Buenos Aires. Your five-star accommodation at Los Cauquenes Resort Spa in Ushuaia overlooks the Beagle Channel. Then, you travel to Tierra del Fuego National Park to explore the fabulous flora and rugged landscape of the preserved pristine landscape. Return to Ushuaia to board Antarctica Express Air, a luxury cruise ship taking you south to Antarctica.

The boat weighs anchor near Cape Horn, allowing you to visit the edge of the Americas on foot before returning to the ship to cross the Drake Passage. Spend the next day on the high seas with a marine biologist, scouring the seascape for whales, albatrosses, and petrels. Next, you arrive at the Southern Shetland Islands, where the boat weighs anchor once more. Visit a local penguin colony and explore the island fjords and bays. You discover the various country settlements on King George Island, from Russia to the United States.

Traverse the Chilean Antarctic Territory before boarding a flight to Chile’s southern city of Punta Arenas, located on the Magellan Strait. Fly from Punta Arenas to Santiago, Chile to spend the remainder of the day at your leisure in the vibrant capital city. The following day takes you north, flying from Santiago to Calama. Your private transfer meets you at the airport and escorts you to the fabulous Explora Hotel de Larache Lodge. Settle into the comforts of the secluded resort located on 42 acres of open landscape to enjoy a splendid Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

You step into the wilds of the Atacama Desert with a guide, cycling along the flat landscape to reach Laguna Cejar. When you return to the lodge, you can feast on a traditional Chilean Christmas dinner. You return to the landscape of Atacama, this time wandering along the Salar de Tara, home to glassy lakes, high-altitude desert plains, and awe-striking monoliths. The following day is at your leisure to discover more of the wonders surrounding your lodge. Relax in the Termas de Puritama hot springs or take a sunrise tour of El Tatio Geysers. On the final day, your private guide escorts you from the lodge to the airport where you board your flight to Buenos Aires to make your connection home.


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