Experience The Northwest Argentina With This Detailed Tour Itinerary

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Sep 20,2018

This astonishing tour of Northwest Argentina offers alluring villages and rugged landscapes, the humble lives of the Gauchos and the grand facades of Spanish colonial buildings. Northwest Argentina provides a sneak peek of South America at its best. Whether it is the food that attracts you here, the tradition, the nightlife, the scenery or simply the people, once you visit the place, you’ll never want to leave for sure!


Trip Highlights

  • Discover everything that brilliant Buenos Aires has to offer - from the stately steps of the Casa Rosada to the tree-lined streets of Palermo, featuring sumptuous food, thrilling activities and, of course, a performance of the tango, Argentina’s national dance

  • Travel beyond Buenos Aires to experience life as a Gaucho at an authentic estancia in San Antonio de Areco, the heart of Argentina’s cowboy country

  • Spend an entire day in Salta, where the colonial buildings that line the streets hearken back to the Spanish Empire days and meet the famous “Llullaillaco Children” at the MAAM

  • Explore Cafayate’s famous vineyards and wineries, complete with tastings, before visiting a local farm that makes some of the best goat cheese around, the perfect complement to a glass of Malbec or Torrontes


Trip at a Glance

(Day 1): Buenos Aires - Exploring Argentina’s Capital

(Day 2): Buenos Aires - A Day as a Gaucho

(Day 3): Salta - The Colonial Treasures of Northwestern Argentina

(Day 4): Cafayate - A Scenic Drive to Cafayate

(Day 5): Buenos Aires - Returning to the Capital

(Day 6): Buenos Aires - Heading Home


Detailed Description

Northwest Argentina is an underexplored region of incredible wonder which is filled with rich history and startling scenery, the ancient strongholds of pre-Columbian peoples and the phenomenal colors of the collision of plains and mountains. This 6-day tour provides you a glimpse of all the sites that make the area truly special. In addition to the beauty of the place, you’ll also get to know the friendly and engaging locals ever anxious to share the splendor of their homeland with you.



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Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:  Touch Down in South America and explore Argentina’s Capital

Begin your tour after landing on the outskirts of one of Latin America’s most striking cities, Buenos Aires. Set out early and hit the highlights of Buenos Aires’s many barrios (neighborhoods), each with a flair and character that is all their own. You’ll be amazed by the multi-hued structures in La Boca, ground zero of the Italian immigration to Argentina and one of the city’s most colorful neighborhoods. You’ll truly enjoy the stateliness and the elegance of Belgrano, where you’ll witness the expansive public parks and upscale restaurants and boutiques lining the wooded tile sidewalks.

Bring a special treat to your evening, by enjoying one of Argentina's great cultural events: a tango concert. Hosted in one of the many clubs throughout the city, you’ll encounter a show filled with romance, passion, and emotion while you dine, enjoying an unmatchable feast for all the senses.

Day 2: A Day as a Gaucho

Today experience a day-long excursion to the Gaucho heartlands near San Antonio de Areco. This place is home to the annual Dia de la Tradicion. This is a celebration of the history and heritage of the Argentina cattle hands who have plied their trade for generations. You can get bilingual guides who will lead you on a tour of an authentic estancia, the ranches of the Pampas, where you’ll be wowed as local Gauchos demonstrate their skills and show off some fancy tricks. You’ll be fascinated by daily life in one of these famous estates.

Day 3: The Colonial Treasures of Northwestern Argentina

Take a flight to Salta in Argentina’s historic northwest. Set out with a native Quechan guide who will show you everything this gorgeous town has to offer. You can visit the exquisite Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana (MAAM).  MAAM features exhibits dedicated to pre-colonial culture, and the discovery of the famous “Llullaillaco Children,” three Incans who were discovered at the peak of Llullaillaco in 1999. Spend the rest of the day strolling the streets of this unique and fascinating town.

Day 4: A Scenic Drive to Cafayate

As you turn to Cafayate, set out to explore the mountainous terrain of the region nestled deep within the Cachaquies Valley. Observe the steep cliffs and shining white peaks of the nearby mountain ranges and the stupendous contrasts of colors and textures. You’ll be wowed as you make your winding way along the riverbed and past the jagged crags of the Quebrada de las Flecha, where red sandstone escarpments rise from the earth in an uncanny resemblance of arrowheads.

Day 5: Returning to the Capital

Board a flight and return back to Buenos Aires, where you can relax in your elegant hotel or hit the streets for some more sightseeing. You can find shops for leather goods of all kinds in the various neighborhoods of Palermo, and colonial-style houses are everywhere in the charming barrio (neighborhood) of San Telmo.

Day 6: Heading Home

After one final morning of exploring Buenos Aires, board your flight to take you back home. You will be filled with the memorable sights, sounds, and stories of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to this country that is truly in a class by itself.


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