Visit the Farthest Continent in this 11 Days Antarctica Expedition

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 15,2024

Antarctica is one of the most beautiful places in the world and getting a chance to explore what it has to offer can be the best opportunity to grab. It is the southernmost continent and also constitutes the site called South Pole of Earth. The Peninsula is virtually inhabited except for research works that continued here by the scientists who require extremely cold temperatures or for environmentalists. Apart from the fathomless sheets of white ice, the peninsula has its own engraved beauty that one can savor. The Antarctica Tour packages would cover the Antarctic Peninsula which stretches towards the South American Continent. The areas have some beautiful places such as Lemaire Channel and Paradise Harbour with some awesome iceberg passageways. This trip will take you to the northernmost region of the Peninsula where you can spend some time with penguins, seals, and whales who will accompany you with your journey along the Antarctic coastline. Find more about the tour in the highlights that follows;

Tour at a Glance

  • Witness the exotic world of the inhabited Antarctics northern region. 
  • Get aboard the ice breakers and strength vessels to get along the ice-laden passageways to view some glaciers and springs
  • Get to know about the peninsula, its environment and its importance to the world from the onboard environmentalists and scientists. 
  • Be the witness to the beautiful wildlife comprising of Penguins, seals, whales and many other varieties of polar wildlife. 

A tour at a glance

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires, the vibrant capital city of Argentina

The Antarctic expedition of 11 days is something that every passenger awaits for a lifetime. Given a window of time to visit the exotic location, the tours often comprise of segmented visits. In this beautiful tour, you will be arriving in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina to start the trip. From there, you will travel to Ushuaia to get on the vessel. After that, you will be crossing the Drake Passage, followed by arrival at Shetland Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. <br>

 Check out the day wise itinerary here On the first day of the trip, you will be arriving at the beautiful capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires. It is here that you will be meeting your Antarctic travel agent who will take you to the pre-booked hotel to settle down. The city is known for its age-old architecture and rich history that will take you down to some very old history. <br>

Try visiting the city if you arrive early or take rest for the hectic tour of the sea coming up especially if you have seldom taken the vessel route. If you dont want your adventurous mood to get off, try visiting some locations such as Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada which has the presidential palace. Some other destinations that would attract you include the Teatro Colon which is a 1908 built opera house with around 2500 seats. In the night, visit some of the pubs to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Argentina.

Day 2: Transfer to Ushuaia and Embark on the Vessel

After having breakfast in the morning, you will be transferred to the port city of Ushuaia, Argentina where your Antarctica tour agent will help you get through some of the beautiful locations in the city. Ushuaia is a beautiful resort town located in the Tierra Del Fuego archipelago. It is also called the southernmost tip of South America and has been nicknamed as End of the World. Before your embarkation, you can have the pleasure to visit the town and buy some stuff for various usages. This place is also the gateway to Antarctica. 
In the Afternoon, the embarkation would start at the historic Beagle Channel. This famous channel transects the Tierra del Fuego archipelago located in the southernmost point of South America. On this tour, this is the last time you will be seeing the land and the next time you see land, it will be on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Day 3 and Day 4: Sea Ferry and Crossing the Drake Passage

The days three and four will be spent in the seawater and if you are not sea savvy, be prepared for some rough patches but most of the tour would be smooth and light. On the ferry, you can have the chances of checking out the endless stretch of water accompanied by some seagulls and big fishes squandering around the vessel. The vessel is also full of cuisines from around the world and there would be no problem on that front. 
You will be crossing the famous Drake Passage in these two days. The Drake Passage is the waterbody between the Cape Horn of South America and South Shutter Islands of Antarctica. This passage also connects the Southwestern part of the Atlantic ocean with the Pacific ocean.

Days 5, 6, 7 and Day 8: Arrival on South Shetland Island and the Antarctic Peninsula

Once you cross the Drake Passage, you officially enter the Antarctic Continent and start to begin your Antarctic voyage. You will get to see the first sight of the land and begin the Antarctic expedition right away. There is a lot that will catch your attention here as you begin to appreciate the raw beauty of this continent though what you see would be plain white with spots of rocks that protrude out of the thick sheet of ice. Visiting this place, you will create an experience like no other for you and your friends, something that will last longer. 
On every day from day 5 to day 8, you will be taking a Zodiac excursion from the ship to explore the local hotspots. These places include the local bays, channels, and landing sites. There will always be plenty of wildlife. From penguins to humpbacks and minke whales, there will be a lot on offer for the adventurous minds. Take a stroll to find out more about the southern seal species including the leopard seals as well with precaution at all times. You will also be visiting the famous Danco Island where you can see colonies of penguins or sit down on a rock and watch the penguins silently making their everyday strolls.

Days 9 and Day 10: Getting back through the Drake Passage

On the ninth day of the trip, you will start the preparation for coming back through the very Drake Passage that you crossed to get through the expedition. Spend some time with the environmentalists who know the place well and will tell you about the importance of the Antarctic peninsula for the entire world. Check out the sea and wildlife that surround the ship as you come back to Ushuaia.

Day 11: Disembark in Ushuaia and Departure

On the eleventh day of the tour, you will be arriving back to the very last spot of South America. From here, you can travel back to Buenos Aires for further departure.

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