The Perfect 8-Days Albania Luxury Travel Itinerary For You

This custom-tailored luxury 8 days travel itinerary can take you through some of the best places to see in Albania. Get to know this corner of Europe, a little deeper and discover a plethora of tourist attractions. It is a country with a unique landscape and culture that is still relatively untouched by tourism. Visit stunning mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, and ancient ruins that tell a story of its complex past. If youre looking for an adventure, then an 8-day Albania travel itinerary is the perfect way to uncover the beauty of this Balkan country. Explore the rich culture of the capital city Tirana, the mesmerizing views of the Albanian Riviera, and take a journey to the ancient city of Berat.

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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Tirana - Welcome to Albania

Meet your private guide at the Tirana airport, and transfer to your hotel. Once you have settled in, you can enjoy an exotic 'Welcome' meal consisting of exquisite local delicacies. Rest up at your hotel and set off on a guided tour to stretch your legs post-flight and get acquainted with the city. 

Day 2: Tirana - Explore the Capital City

Start the trip from Skanderbeg Square. This place is the central orientation point of Tirana city.

Grab a yogurt drink and a Byrek from one of the bakeries. Byrek is a famous flaked pastry in the Balkans and it has various salty fillings. You will be loving it for sure. After reaching the square, experience the charm of the mosque, the clock tower, and the Skanderbeg statue. Your next stop will be Park Rinia towards the South. Experience a perfect view of the city atop the Pyramid, a Communist landmark. Visit Komiteti, a small museum-like caf. Here you will get to see many communist era artifacts and is also the perfect place for enjoying coffee. In the evening, you can enjoy sitting in a bar Radio, where you will get to meet the most creative youths of Albania. 

Day 3: Tirana - Explore the Durrs and the Surrounding

Make a trip to Mount Dajti. Take a cable car and enjoy the perfect view of the city from the top. Visit Durrs and explore the old ruins in the city center and the seafront along the promenade. Explore the National History Museum and Balkans largest amphitheater. At the end of the day, try out some local seafood at a restaurant. 


Day 4: Berat

From the Western part of Tirana city, our tour guide will drive you to Berat. The traveling distance between Tirana and Berat is 2.5 hours. After reaching Berat, visit the promenade. Its located in the central part of the city. Have a pleasant flat stroll past pubs, stores, and cafes. Examine the National Park of Tomorr. The park is well-known for its extensive range of vegetation as well as its deciduous and coniferous tree species. Within the national park, there are many different types of large mammals, including foxes, wolves, wild goats, wild boars, roe deer, rabbits, owls, sparrowhawks, and golden eagles. Enjoy some leisure time and your perfect cup of coffee.

Day 5: Sarand -Beach Time

After spending the night in Berat, catch a bus to Sarand from the northern outskirts of the town. After reaching your destination, explore some of the best beaches in Europe here. The main lure of Sarande is its location in the beautiful Albanian Riviera, where serene bays with clean water are flanked by rolling hills and golden expanses of sand. Visit Syri I Kaltr, the mysterious Blue Eye, a freshwater spring that is naturally watered by the Bistric River. 

Day 6: Gjirokaster - A Day Trip

Travel to Gjirokastr, which is in the vicinity of Sarand. Particularly popular for its Ottoman-period architecture, this place is a UNESCO listed center. You cannot miss visiting the Blue Eye, which is a deep natural spring and imparts a clear blue color to the water. Visit the famous old bazaar in Gjirokastr. It is filled with numerous gift shops, eateries, bars, and cafs. The ambience of these streets and alleyways is complemented by Ottoman-style homes.

Day 7: Travel to Tirana

Leave Sarand in the morning and reach Tirana in the early evening. After reaching, enjoy drinks in Blloku. At the end of the day, visit the Sky Tower Rotating Bar and enjoy a late night-dance party.

Day 8: Departure

After breakfast, your guide will transfer you to the airport for your international departure.

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