Explore The Beauty & Know The Hidden History Of The Albania Places

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Sep 21,2018

Spend a week at Albania with a quality time. Actually, there are 3 reasons to be there. Firstly it is cost-viable, consists of a pool of the wonderful contrasts and the third reason being that all the people and citizens are quite friendly. The destinations you will be covering mainly includes Tirana, Durrës, Berat, Sarandë, Gjirokaster and a lot more. All such facilities make the exploring of Albania the most mandatory place.

It's time to feel great and immense at Ottoman and Italian peace and pleasure via which you may also get influence from the vibrant and colorful beauty of Tirana which is also the capital of Albania. Get a chance and explore the hidden features behind Dhermi, Himar, Saranda, and Vlora including the beauty of the Ionic Sea coast.



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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Tirana’s city center

The Skanderbeg Square is Tirana’s mandatory destination to explore. Visit the mosque in front of the Skanderbeg statue. Head in the south direction towards Park Rinia. Check out the fountains including the notorious Pyramid. Behind it, Komiteti is a mini museum-like café where there is a lot of artifacts to explore from an era of the.

Day 2: Durrës

Wake up early in the morning and go to Mount Dajti. Visiting the National History Museum become the must. These destinations would take your complete morning. In the afternoon, go to the Durrës to visit a complete of the Karl Topia Square. Other important destinations to visit in Durrës are:


- Blloku

- Tulla Culture Centre

- Dinamo football stadium

Such places are exceptionally artistic and also offers the live performances to all the tourists.

Day 3: Berat

To explore everything on day 3, wake up early in the morning to visit the pool of castles in Berat. On the way, spots the hills and mountains abreast with a broader protest-style inscription which is also considered as a modification to the former communist name of the Dictator Enver Hoxha.

Day 4: It’s a beach time  - Sarandë

After spending a complete day at Berat it's time to move further towards the Sarandë where you will be spending 2 nights. Get ready, boost your energy and prepare a journey for 7 hours. Once you entered the Sarandë, you must go to Ksamil in order to find the best beaches ever. There are numerous beaches that you don't wish to come back to your place again.

Day 5: Day trip to Gjirokaster

Plan your day 5 towards the Gjirokastër. It is a UNESCO listed place which is also known as the biggest and the great example of Ottoman-period architecture. Alongside this, exploring and visiting the Blue Eye which is also called the natural spring which also gives a clear blue color to the water.

Day 6: Back to Tirana

After exploring everything in Gjirokaster, come back to Tirana in the evening. Visit the cafes and restaurant where a drink in Blloku becomes a worthwhile investment. Moreover, Sky Tower Rotating Bar is the most preferable one for the tourists. If you are a party lover personality then, you can have a late-night dancing at Pepper Lounge.

Day 7: Travel home

After spending a week with a quality time, it's time to have a farewell by saying a goodbye to Albania. Travel safely and carry some souvenirs along with you. It was nice serving you. 

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