Go Hiking and Biking on an Adventurous Namibia Safari

When it comes to adventure, Namibia holds a significance place. It is one of the best places where you can experience the wilderness in the wild while staying in the lap of the mother nature. This 6-day Namibia Safari adventure will take you to a world where you can ride down the mountain slopes, witness the wilds in their most natural form, and a lot more.

Trip At A Glance:

Day 1: Arrival in Windhoek

Day 2: Visiting the world’s highest sand dune

Day 3: Kayaking on the skeleton coast

Day 4: Arriving Damaraland

Day 5: Trying hands-on mountain biking through surreal landscapes

Day 6: Departure for home

Trip Highlights:

  • Explore the Namibian land from the top while flying high to Windhoek

  • Enjoy sand boarding with the world’s highest sand dune, Dune 7

  • Do not miss to try the Kayaks while exploring the skeleton coasts

  • Drive into Damaraland and explore the endless beauty at a leisurely pace

  • Add more weight to the adventure part and go for a mountain biking through the surreal landscape of Damaraland


Day 1: Arrival in Windhoek

You don’t need to touch down the Namibian land to receive the first few glimpses of its beauty. You can do so while flying above the peaks and peeking through the windows. Find the landscape fully covered with thick and bushy forests. You may also spot the antelopes migrating on the Namibian land with massive black dots and trust us, it would be stunningly beautiful. Reach your hotel and relax before you actually begin your adventurous Namibian tour.

Day 2: Visiting the world’s highest sand dune

Start your trip with Dune 7 tower which is approximately 383 meters high and towers above the Namibian desert. Stand near to it and you will realize that it is actually sky-high tall. While drifting towards the dunes, you might feel that it’s impossible to complete the trek but with a hint of patience and lots of passion in your heart, you can do it. Always remember, if the high seems to be too high, the low would going to be too low. This means the descending time is going to be too less than the ascending time, hence giving you a sigh of relief. Touch the bottom of the dunes and get surprised by a luscious blue ocean awaiting you on the other side of the dunes. Relax there while enjoying scrumptious meals.

Day 3: Kayaking on the skeleton coast

Visit the Swakopmund which is a colonial leftover in a country that was virtually unexplored by Europeans. Explore the shipwrecks, wooden wrecks, and every second thing that add value to this place. When done with the wandering, go for kayaking on the skeleton coast to give you moments of life.

Day 4: Arriving Damaraland

When in Namibia, you can never miss the majestic Damaraland tour. This is the place where you will spot a few African predators who roam freely on this land. Spot desert elephants swaying their trunks in the air and lions looking for their along the river banks. Besides this, Damaraland is also a place of some seasonal birds including oryx, springbok, ostrich, and kudu.

Day 5: Trying hands-on mountain biking through surreal landscapes

The adventure of biking when meets the untamed roads of Namibian mountains, things get really exciting. To get a feel of it, go for the mountain biking and exploring the Namibian mountains and forests on your own. Paddle down, gear up and enjoy the ultimate biking experience while racing leisurely. Pay attention to the peculiar curves, broken trees, and slanting paths, and you are good to go.

Day 6: The Departure

After spending 5 days in Namibia, it is finally the time to take a leave from this majestic place. Have your farewell lunch and drive back to International airport of Namibia and fly back home.



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