7-Day Hiking and Kayaking Adventure at Croatia

Besides hidden coves, rugged islands, rich maritime history (as old as Venetian Empires), shimmering sapphire waters, delicious cuisine, & impeccable wine, there is much more that Croatia has to offer. From hiking through the pine trees, vineyards & fields of wildflowers to sun-drenched villages and medieval monasteries, Croatia is filled with adventurous activities which you can enjoy with your family or friends. If you travel to the north side, you will be impressed with the lush hills of the Pelješac Peninsula and seafaring tradition of Orebić. Korčula is one of the most beautiful medieval towns which has been preserved in history. The charm and history of Croatia will leave you spell-bound and it will be one of the best adventures that you have been longing. Below is a detailed itinerary of the list of activities that you can enjoy in Croatia.


Trip Highlights:

Day 1: Start the day with at the bustling city, Split, and visit the Diocletian palace

Day 2: Enjoy the picturesque of Hvar Island and enjoy hiking to the hamlet of Velo Grablje 

Day 3: Travel to Pakleni Islands on a kayak and enjoy the beauty of Hapsburg garden

Day 4: At Brač, visit the Vidova Gora (highest peak) and enjoy the fragment flowers, pine trees, and scenic beauty

Day 5: Take a swim at Adriatic also savor delicious red wine at the island of Korčula

Day 6: Enjoy the Pelješac Peninsula and Dingač (local red wine)

Day 7: Explore the town of Ston and Dubrovnik


Trip At A Glance:

  • Start the day with majestic views of the Split and Diocletian palace

  • Enjoy the Roman-era architecture at Hvar and join local group olive oil tastings

  • Take an Island tour on a Kayak and enjoy a picnic with fresh delicacies at Pakleni Islands

  • Discover the scenic beauty of the town of Ston and Dubrovnik and enjoy hiking at several islands.


Places To Visit:

Split, Hvar, Pakleni Islands, Brač, Korčula Islands, Pelješac Peninsula, Ston, Dubrovnik 


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Split

Split, better known as the bustling city port, is the place from which you will start your adventurous journey. 

Check into a hotel and tour Diocletian which is a palace of the Roman era. A village was built inside this palace in the medieval era and it is still the center of Split. The churches, maze of marble streets, and fortified walls are the unique features of this city.

Day 2: Split to Hvar

On the next morning, you can take a boat from Split to the picturesque island of Hvar. The limestone cliffs, lavender fields, emerald coves, and the vineyards are few things which the city has to offer. You can join a local artist for lunch or olive oil tasting at his or her rustic estate. You can also join a hiking expedition to the hamlet of Velo Grablje and can also take a dip at Adriatic if you like.

Day 3: Hvar to Pakleni Islands

To visit the Pakleni Islands, take a kayak and you can also enjoy a picnic with fresh delicacies. Take a walk along the cobbled alleys and enjoy the rich history of this beautiful town. Hire a trained aromatherapist who will take you through the beautiful Hapsburg garden and will brief you about the tradition of aromatic oils for which the town was once famous.

Day 4: Bra? 

Bra? is the largest island of central Dalmatian and is famous for decorative stoneworks and rugged natural beauty. There is a hidden bay of Blaca where your boat will drop the anchor and you will have to hike up the for 450-year-old hermitage which is surrounded by fragment flowers, pine trees and the scent & beautiful sights of the sea. This hermitage was once famous for wine, honey and olive oil and was also known for gastronomy. You will feel blessed to have a lunch under an old oak tree or can even join a local group and enjoy cooking in an open fire. Visit Vidova Gora which is the highest peak of Dalmatian islands and you can return to Bol from where you can take the boat.

Day 5: Kor?ula Islands

When are you traveling to the island of Kor?ula, you can take a swim in the Adriatic and can also savor delicious red wine which is locally produced. After you reach Vela Luka, you can enjoy the local dishes and can also visit the medieval city of Kor?ula. This city is also known as the hometown of Marco Polo. 

Day 6: Pelješac Peninsula

Some of the unique features of this peninsula are a mixture of hilly slopes, Dinga? (best red wine of Croatia), pomegranates, oranges, and figs. You can hike up to the Franciscan monastery and church which belongs to the 15th century. Besides tasting the Dinga?, you can also visit the traditional konobe to enjoy the homemade salamis, fish, and bread.

Day 7: Ston

The town of Ston is famous for the longest stone wall which was built to protect the salt ponds which were a source of wealth for the Dubrovnik Republic. This city is also known for oysters and you can also visit a local family of oyster farmers. After exploring this city, you can explore the restored Dubrovnik which is a major maritime power. Baroque architecture of the 1600s, lined marble streets, spectacular views, and exciting history is all that this town has to offer. Enjoy a farewell dinner before you head back to the airport the next day.

This adventurous tour will finally end when you take a flight from Dubrovnik on the eighth day. This trip will be full of adventure which you will cherish throughout your life. 

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