Inspirational Islands That Deserve A Visit Once In A Lifetime

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 09,2021

Just like a free bird, you can keep traveling around the globe in search of peace and melodies of presence. Traveling keeps you moving, and you get a pocket full of memories. 


Nature is always nurturing you with its dazzling, and glamorous essence. You feel more connected, as soul and mother nature unites together. 


In the glory of nature, one can feel better, you can enrich your mental health, and refreshes your day with a fresh start. Nature, a natural therapist. 


Tourists from all over the world are in search of new and inspiring islands, whether it is white sand beaches, blue seas, or exotic jungles.


Here in this article, we are gonna present the 5 most beautiful and inspiring Islands you must visit at least once in a life.


1. Palawan Island



It is a place where you could find jagged rock formation is seemingly driven to hopelessly clear water. Surrounded by rich lagoons, and largely untouched by man. Colorful and psychedelically vivid, this hidden gem is available by plane or boat, and it is home to unique wildlife. The most beautiful travel destination on planet earth. Do visit Palawan Island once in a life, as the natural colors add a sign of attraction.


2. Seychelles



You can easily goof off with Seychelles island as it furnishes a bright full experience with different animals like massive tortoises, coconut crabs, and black parrots. The rock formation along with Anse Source D'argent on Ladi the highest peak mourns a shallow on mache and the tropical forests of Praslin Islands will offer you stunning views.


If you wish to have a luxurious vacation you can choose to stay at resorts & hotels such as Raffles and Four seasons which will make you feel like a celebrity with their private pools and Butler's number.


3. Capri



The Island of Capri is located near the coast of Naples in Italy. Additionally, charming places are the Church of San Stefano the Santa Sofia Church, and Barbarossa Corsair Castle. 


If you like the history, then you must have a visit to Villa Jovis where Emperor Tiberius spend the last 11years of his life; however, all these architectural wonders are nothing as compared to natural monuments created by the island such as the Blue Grotto that is a submerged cave which can be accessed by boats, below the surface there is a tunnel through which the sunlight enters which in turn changes the color of water and gives an exact blue shade.


4. La Digue 



The site is an archipelago developed off more than 115 tiny Islands located in the east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The most beautiful Island is La Digue which is only 3 point eight square miles and due to its size cars are not used only the carriage pulled by oxen and bicycles it is quietly famous as on its shores granite rocks match the clear water.


The beach is defined in the book of Guinness record as the most photographed beach. The habitat of the second-largest giant tortoises in the world after the Galápagos turtles also the island is habituated by bats which are in danger of extinction and also the island is backed with beautiful coral. The island holds a population of 2000 people.


5. Viti Levu 



Viti Levu, one of the largest Islands in the Pacific Ocean Country named Fiji, is famous for its attractive Beaches.


Do you know?


Viti Levu is phrased as a Garden Island, as its lush jungles, and waterfalls blended with white sand beaches add an aroma of enthusiasm.


Viti Levu holds a perfect mixture of nature and culture which creates beautiful enclaves in the world.


It marks the highlights at places like the coral coast and the Pacific Harbor where the tourists pay to dive and feed sharks all this without a cage-like adventure wasn't enough.


Visitors can go rafting on the Neva river in Suva, the Sacred heart cathedral should be visited as exotic plants grow around.


Nadi, the Hindu temple of Shri Shiva Subramanya Swamy painted in striking colors is also an obligatory visit.




Final Words:

As we have traveled virtually, you might have got to know the deep version of the Islands described above. We have focused on the Islands which will satisfy your needs, rather it would give you more than your expectations. It is always to go out there and at least see the place once in real life that we have heard many times. 


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