How To Attend Wedding During Pandemic?

Many of them have gone ahead and made their lockdown marriages a success. In this article, we’ll help you discover some tricks and tips on How to attend a wedding during this pandemic.


If you’ve got a wedding invitation during this pandemic? And you’re thinking of attending the wedding. First, if you’re uncomfortable, then you can politely decline the invitation. 


But if you’re willing to visit the wedding then here are few things you can follow and inform others as well as to stay updated about. 


Keep reading to find out how you can stay safe while attending a wedding during a pandemic. 





Masks are your savior. When you’re going to attend any wedding, then make sure to attend with masks on. The infection is an air-borne commodity, hence always make sure to carry your Masks along with you. 


Most of the people amid the pandemic have declined wedding invitations to avoid unnecessary risks. And it’s right! It’s better to be safe than sorry. 





Make sure to check before you even step into a wedding party. Parties must be of few numbers only. If there are more than 20-21 people then avoid attending the wedding parties. 


The bigger the party, the bigger risk of infection spreading among the people. Hence, even if you carry a mask to bigger parties, it’s of no use. Avoid visiting weddings which have a bigger number of people.





You’re at a wedding, and surely you go meet and greet the other people. To avoid direct skin-to-skin interaction wear gloves. 


Wear gloves that will be your guard throughout the party. Avoid touching chairs, tables, spoons, forks, and other stuff at the wedding to minimize interactions. 


Don’t wear surgical gloves to make it look strange. Lookup for the gloves that’ll match the vibe of the wedding party. 





If you’re attending a wedding party then avoid standing close to people. A wedding is a celebration and everybody loves celebrating the union of two people. Being said that everyone hugs, shake hands, stays close to everyone.


But amid this Pandemic, staying close to people can cause severe consequences. Hugging grandparents, taking blessings from relatives everything needs to be backed up. 





Since it’s a wedding everybody can’t stay without shaking hands to the least. You’re bound to touch something or someone in the mini function. So even if you do touch something or someone there is no need to be paranoid. 


Keep washing your hands constantly now and then. Because you may never know when you’ll catch the germs and the virus. 


Mainly avoid physical interaction with people at the wedding. But you can’t avoid it at all. At least you can’t turn away from people who themselves come to meet and greet you. 


You can do two things at that moment: either reject by letting them off politely or keep washing your hands.





What if the place doesn’t have any washers or wash basins to wash hands? Well, that’s a problem that has only one solution. Carry a sanitizer because you can never be aware of your surroundings. 


Hence, to be on the safe side always make sure to carry a sanitizer to avoid causing mistakes. Also, Carry the right kind of sanitizer that helps to sanitize your hands and fingers.


If you have to eat, then use sanitizer before and after your meal. 





Things are not certain, especially, during this pandemic. And following the kind of rules and restrictions especially when you’re at someone’s wedding party. You limit your interaction, perform various safety measures to stay protected. 


There should be few basic rules in your head to be followed. But the main thing is by following these rules you shouldn’t hurt anybody, especially the couples on romantic getaways.  


Keep masks when you’re around vendors, other relatives, and guests at the wedding. Be aware of the seating arrangements, practice social distancing around.





Still, Unsure? Well, you can then talk to the showstoppers - the bride and groom itself. You can cite your issues, and give them glad tidings virtually. Being said that you can also virtually attend weddings as they’re doing around the world. 


But if you’re eager to go to the wedding in this Covid-19 pandemic. Then the above few things can be followed, especially, while you’re attending weddings during the pandemic. 

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