What To Follow When Attending A Wedding Function?

As the world is facing the pandemic situation of coronavirus in 2021 too, we all are aware of the critical situation in 2020. The whole world faced strict lockdown. And that affected every single way. Everybody postponed their trips, vacation plans, ceremonies, etc. However, wedding ceremonies are the major factor in this. We know everybody planned their ceremonies for the year 2021. Now face masks and social distancing are compulsory. So ceremonies like weddings are being attended by fewer people. 


1. Micro weddings are the new wedding plans


Wedding functions were completely different before the lockdown happened. People are gathered for big & grand wedding ceremonies. However, this concept got completely changed with the Covid-19 pandemic across the world. Now, weddings with limited people are what we see everywhere. This is where the concept of micro weddings comes into reality. Because of these weddings, there are fewer chances of many people gathering at the wedding hall, which will undoubtedly reduce the chance of getting a virus.


Surprisingly, due to this concept, you can avoid your judgmental relatives, and no one can get angry. This is another plus point of it. These are the pros of a small wedding. There are amazing concepts of the small wedding to make it memorable. So, go for it! 


2. Safety comes first


No one can say small weddings have to be boring. We have seen a lot of breathtaking events with all the enthusiasm and happiness still on board with all safety precautions and rules, and regulations.


Wearing gloves, face masks, the face shield is made compulsory for every single person who is attending the ceremony. From bride and groom to event manager everyone must follow the instructions. The wedding place should be sanitized before and after the ceremony. It's mandatory to set up sanitizer stations. Although you must carry your sanitizer for your safety. There is a limit of fifty people, so you can follow the social distance. It's not a big deal to follow the social distance of fifty people. 


The bride and groom can rock on their wedding by using the mask and gloves of the same fabric of their outfits. Some rules must be followed even if you don't like them, just keep in mind you are not just risking your own life, but also the people who are close to you. Another unique idea is a sanitization fan. This idea is brilliant and must be adopted by everyone. 


3. Digital weddings are the new option


Is your loved one stuck in a different region? We know the dismal of not attending the life ceremony of your closest person. But for this problem also we have a solution. To overcome this problem your solution is Technology. You can set up the zoom meeting at the time of your wedding, so they do not miss the special moment. They can attend all the ceremonies by video call. Isn't it unique?


They can dress up for your wedding from zoom. You can ask them to deliver an individual toast. Your zoom meeting can get creative as much as you want. Digital weddings are not just about weddings. It includes E-invitation too. And it costs you nothing. You can customize your wedding invitation cards as much you want. You can make a small video for the invitation. Instagram is filled with these all unique concepts. You can manage the pre-wedding shoot at your place. 


4. A destination wedding is open up for you


Now you may think about how you can travel in lockdown protocol. But reports state that the destination wedding reported fewer Covid cases than a wedding in cities. And due to the effect of Covid-19, the prices are less. You can manage your destination wedding on the same budget as the regular one. So, you can rock in the ceremony with exotic resorts and hotels. 


We know that if you are searching for Covid wedding plans you can get bundles of ideas through articles and wedding planners that you've never imagined before. You can also hop on the train to make your life easier. This article has given you a small glimpse of a creative yet safe wedding in this pandemic situation. This is what the Covid wedding saga looks like. You can visit our website for more creative ideas. We will assure you to make your dream day happier and memorable. Our team is all set at your service. 


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