Top Destinations Where No Visa Is Required For U.S. Citizens

Before traveling or booking for your next international getaway you are sure to tick down a few important things like Passports and Visa before entering into the place. You’ll need a Visa to enter a new place and travel to it. 


But what if you don’t have one? Or you just found out your visa has expired. 

Worry no more. You can still travel without a Visa to certain places.


Despite the current scenario in between the Covid-19, American Passports can still travel to different places on earth. Visa-free travel stays in different places vary differently. 


If you’re visiting a country that requires a Visa, then it might take time and the process can get lengthy. 





Maldives is the best honeymoon spot for U.S. citizens. This place is very much suitable and likable for honeymooners. The best part is where U.S. citizens can visit the Maldives without having any VISA issues. You can visit the Maldives without a visa as well. 


All you need is a return ticket and a passport to the Maldives. The Maldives is a perfect honeymoon spot as well. 





Bermuda is a self-internally governing territory towards the north of the UK. It can also be reached from North Carolina in the US. If you’ve gone on UK/US vacations then you can visit these balmy turquoise waters. 


With pink sand beaches, filled with treacherous reefs, with west Indian and American traditions. 


You can get several vacation packages to Bermuda. Wanting to explore island life and find beaches attractive, then Bermuda is the place for you. 





The oldest part of American Civilization. Known for its grace and History Greece attracts people from all around the world. People visit Greece to take travel inspiration. 


For many people, vacation packages to Greece feel expensive. But It’s not the real case. You don’t require a Visa as an American citizen to visit Greece. 


Enjoy Yachts and beachside Luxury resorts in Greece without having to worry about your Visa renewal. 





Dive into Grotto, bump into historic buffs all you need for a perfect US vacation. Northern Mariana Island has got everything for you. The largest island in this place with 70-feet down, sea turtles, and warm turquoise waters. Northern Mariana Island can be traveled by U.S. citizens without any necessity of Visas. 


Marina Island is home to many museums and historic monuments. This place is necessary for all adrenaline Junkies With reef sharks and surrounded by Managaha Island. 





Traveling to this place without a Visa can be done under certain circumstances. Alaska is home to beautiful landscapes and beautiful mountains. You can hike, snorkel, and walk through the mountainous trails. 


Being a neighboring U.S. citizen, there are open-way chances for you to have passed by without flashing your passport. But for Visa absence, there might be different causes for different people.


All-in-all, Alaska is a great place to explore. One must explore before heading over to other places. 





Many U.S. citizens are looking to visit Canada through sea and road routes, In both ways, travelers are expected to carry passports. But while you’re taking the air route you can just have your ID or NEXUS card. 


NEXUS Card works when there is regular traveling between both countries. As its main concern is to reduce the cost of passport booklets, that’s why regular travelers are supposed to buy NEXUS cards. 


Canada is a must-visit for the people who love adventure. Willing to visit Canada without a visa? Check out their official website to know more. 





Bordered by South Cambodia and north Ecuador with top marvelous vestiges of the past. Due to Covid-19 the places are closed. Peru is very inexpensive, so you don't have to think twice before booking a Peru vacation.


Peru stands on the largest tourism mobility score in the globe. Experience different cultures, traditional and local food in Peru. From its capital Limo to the ancient museum of San Francisco, treat yourself with the goodness of Peru. 


All of this does not require your passport.




Wondering if traveling without a Visa is possible? Then yes, Traveling without a Visa is possible. Given above is the list of places where a Visa is not necessarily required for US citizens. 

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