Best Places Where Passport Is Not Needed

No passport traveling may not happen internationally but within the states only. It’s a great time to see places, an American passport is good enough to permit you to travel to different countries. 


Discover our picks that’ll give you feels of paradise on earth without having any passport. Now the duration of stay in these places may vary from place to place. 


With the current scenario and travel ban, every country has specific covid-19 travel. Want to travel? Have got no time to renew your passport? 


Following are the extraordinary places you can visit. Without having to worry about more, keep reading to find out. 





Puerto-Rico is a tropical island getaway for many people. With the recent travel ban of Covid-19 and Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is under tourism halt. Well if you’re looking for a Puerto Rico Vacation without a passport, no issues if you have got an American passport. 


It’s the only one of two Caribbean destinations that Americans can visit without having a passport. With pristine beaches and rainy temperatures up to 80-degree Fahrenheit.





The U.S. Virgin Islands are pretty near to Puerto Rico. All you need is a short flight from Puerto Rico. It’s another tropical paradise that is just quite a few miles away from Puerto Rico Island. 


You can witness this Caribbean paradise without even having a passport. Willing to visit U.S. Virgin Island without a passport? 


Virginia Islands have wonderful sceneries of greenery and kickback your normal routine. You don’t need to bring your passport. 


Pack your bags and leave for the Virgin Islands. 





Want to explore beautiful sea lions? You’ll love this city if you’re a professional surfer. This place is famous for its white beach sands, water under reefs, and spotting seals with plenty of scuba diving sport. 


You can travel into this haven for baby seals without needing a passport. Visiting this place can give you an insight into more than 4000 animal species. Looking for strolling around this beautiful piece of land? Enjoy this incredible US vacation with just an airway ticket.


Sandiego Vacation package is the cheapest among all the other packages.





American Samoa has its own fairly restricted rules that travelers need to follow, especially, during this pandemic. American Samoa is your spot from the city-center getaway if you’re trying to spend some time away from your routine life. 


American Samoa is the place that you must travel across to have a good time. Luckily, just like other destinations Samoacan also is traveled without needing a passport. 


Isn’t that amazing? This Polynesian oasis in the middle of the city center doesn’t require a passport.





Guam is another place that doesn’t require you to flash a passport while traveling. Guam is adorable with the Western Pacific Ocean with wonderful beaches, famous calm waters, luxury resorts, very famous with comfortable sightseeing ocean. 


It has particularly scenic views. You don’t need any jackets there. You need not require passports but you should carry ID and a copy of the birth certificate. 


This Micronesian island is like home to the sun worshipers. Note that the current guideline in place is expected to be followed by the travelers. 





Who doesn’t want to visit Hawaii to have the best Hawaii Vacation? Well, that’s no one. Everybody loves a Hawaii vacation. But what if you don’t have a passport? It’s the most attractive and affordable destination to visit. The best part is you don’t need a passport to visit this amazing place.


Hawaii Vacation takes you through tropical islands with unique life-changing views. You can visit Hawaii without a passport to experience the culture and tradition. 


For romance, Hawaii vacation is perfect for couples. It’s the best honeymoon spot for couples in the U.S. The Hawaii vacations offer extraordinary sunsets and sunrises with beautiful rainforests and beaches.





Craving for tropical Islands? Stay close to the Keyword! You’ll get exactly what you’re craving in Florida. Being said that face masks are very important in this place. 


You need not carry your passport with you to visit this place either. This place has a loose-lad lifestyle without any part atmosphere. 


And that’s all! These are the places that you can visit without having to show your passport at airports. And that’s all you need to plan for these wonderful vacations.


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