Captivating Places In Los Cabos To Explore This Year

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 04,2021

Los Cabos, the exuberant city in Mexico, is often conceived as a land for all the riches. If luxury and splendid cruises seem to be the norm of Los Cabos vacation, the other aspect to it comes with repletion of natural beauty, and exotic wildlife. The land is a blend of riches and nature, where the riches are its lavishing resorts and restaurants combined with some exceptional destinations, and the nature side of it is the stunning beaches, parks, and wildlife it displays. The landscapes are not short of any pleasure as the uniqueness of the rugged and raw desserts surprise you. If someone wants to enjoy the exuberance, it is filled with options like rich resorts, exclusive spas, and amazing restaurants, and whatnot?

Enjoying your vacations in Los Cabos as you celebrate the newness of this New Year is special in its own way. There are plenty of things you would want to do while you visit the extraordinary places of Los Cabos which will enlighten your spirit. Let us look into some of the incredible locations you should visit while you embark on a Los Cabos vacation. The article will also tell you what you do there to celebrate the specialty of these spots.


1. Baja California Desert: Biking and Glamping



New Year is the start of fresh life and nothing would be more special than reveling in the upbeat and high-energy activities like biking and glamping for a fresh beginning in your life. The Baja California Desert which almost extends the full horizon of southern Mexico is a part of Los Cabos. One of the exclusive experiences of enjoying a Los Cabos vacation which counts as fun for adventurers is to visit this desert and dwell in the glamping amenities along with hiking and biking in mountain routes. Visitors camp here by building their tents with all possible facilities and spend a day here dwelling in all the adventures the place offers. One of the most flamboyant places to be included in the vacation packages of Los Cabos which cannot be easily missed is none other than this incredible dessert. The specialty of this place comes with the fact that it is one of the deserts which offers an ocean view to render natural beauty in extremes.


2. Cabo Pulmo National Park: the aquatic species and Sea-sport activities



This is a quintessential experience that is enjoyed by all visitors of Los Cabos. It appears as one of the best spots in the list of vacation packages of Mexico without fail. The beauty of this spot is the experience it offers to all the water-lovers who dwell in the National Park for all the fun it lends. Diving, snorkeling, and fishing are activities that tourists revel in the spot as they immerse in the sea-adventures here. The shallow part of the sea in itself looks like a giant aquarium that houses thousands of aquatic species. Seeing and knowing the varieties excites the tourists like nothing else. One spectacular tourist attraction that deserves a compelled visit without fail is none other than Cabo Pulmo National Park. Starting your New Year with a vacation filled with an incredible experience like this would beef up your spirit for the better.


3. Todos Santos: Historic and cultural beauties



Although Los Cabos, regarded as a city famous for its exorbitant luxuries, this town in the city is the coveted attraction of natural beauty and cultural exceptions. It is popularly called a magical town which appears in various lists of vacation packages. Some cultural magnificence, natural beauties, and historic significance are a part of the town which stuns the visitors to extremes. If someone wants to relax and blow off their steam, they should check out the cobbled streets of Todos Santos and enjoy a casual walk there. The coffee shops and restaurants there offer much-needed comfort for the tourists.


4. San Jose: Thursday Art Walks



San Jose, this town of Los Cabos comes across as a tourist attraction that has something special for history and art lovers. One of the most celebrated spots in vacation packages of Los Cabos vacation, it is visited mostly by tourists across the world. Local artists and galleries fill the streets by brightening the spirit of people who visit the place. Thursday nights are a specialty for the location as visitors enjoy a gallery walk and gather together to watch the rich artwork sprawled across the streets. Reveling in this place in the blossom of a new year is a joyful way of venturing into the new beginning of your life.


5. Santiago and Canon Del Zorro: Oasis



A town that settles itself at the peak of the mountain, Santiago is a location that is quite an interesting spot to be visited by travelers. It is special for the oasis that runs the distance of the mountain and gives a splendid view to the tourists. A nature-filled town that comes across as an automatic choice of Los Cabos vacation packages. The Canyons, waterfalls, and the barrage of palm trees offer an exceptional sight-seeing experience for the visitors. The place is a must-visit tourist attraction that could count as a fresh New Year treat for visitors who land here to kick-start a fresh beginning. 

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