List Of States That Make COVID-19 Travel Advisory

There are many states still closed with local lockdowns imposed within their territory. In this article, we’ll take you through the countries that have made Covid-19 Travel Advisory. 


The world isn’t covid-19 free, yet still, travelers cannot keep calm. Hence, many countries have got travelers guidelines in place to ensure responsible and safe tourism for travelers. 


Visitors have limited access in respective countries. And they must undergo a quarantining period before entering the territory.


Along with that the travel maps are also given so that people’s activity is recorded in the country.





With Covid-19 hovering over the world, Alaska has opened its borders for visitors. But the tourists must undergo screening tests before heading out to their vacation in Alaska. With the fear of Cov-19 spreading, there are rules for even traveling in the country. 


For Alaskan natives, upon their arrival, they’re supposed to undergo the free Covid test. For other outsiders, one must carry out responsible and safe Travel in Alaska. If any sort of non-cooperation occurs, then people may face penalties up to $25,000.


For more information, you can check their official pages along with other necessary details. And If you’re visiting with the family make sure you follow the right set of guidelines. 





Colorado has its beauty with its own travel advisory rules. More than 72 hours before arrival you need to take a vaccination. And you’ll also be offered a travelers’ affidavit with a period of quarantine for 10 days. If you’re planning to visit Colorado make sure you test negative and carry the results to the airport.


Colorado has been very strict in following Covid-19 rules. Hence, if you don’t have the recent covid-19 test done, go get it done before heading to Colorado. 


Colorado vacation can be worthwhile with family and your loved ones, but with Covid-19 around, things can be a little hectic.





Connecticut offers open gates to visitors from all around the world. Tourists are supposed to stay 10 days quarantine in the states. You must self-quarantine and fill out a health travel form. 


Connecticut also provides covid-19 kits to the locals. Being said that if you cannot be in quarantine for some reason then you can bring a pre-written covid-19 negative test results receipt. 


Once you enter the country you’re free to travel to the non-containment zones. And if you’re experiencing difficult health in the country, then you can contact the government officials. 





Hawaii vacation is the most awaited vacation for several tourists. Vacationing in Hawaii can be relaxing, refreshing, and very importantly keeps you calm from worldly chaos. Travelers have been waiting since last year to fly to Hawaii and get rid of lockdown vibes. 


Travelers before departing to Hawaii must have a safe travel form. They must also confirm negative covid results. Upon arriving they shall take a 10-day quarantine under the state’s travel advisory. With guidelines in place, the tourists must carry out their travel responsibly.


Wishing to know more? You can visit their official website. And keep checking for the latest updates and follow them for more.





Illinois doesn’t have strict rules or guidelines in place for travelers. Residents and travelers are not allowed to visit highly infectious or higher containment zones. If possible you can return from this US vacation and be in a 14-day in-house quarantine. 


Visitors from around the place can join the locals and create wonderful memories together. Along with that make your Hawaii vacation more exciting by bringing your friends, family, or loved ones along. 


Upon 72 hours of arrival, you can undergo a Covid-test, and once you’re negative. You’re good to go and travel the place all by yourself. 





Kansas has also declared a travel advisory to its visitors. If you’ve attended a mass gathering of more than 500 people then you’re supposed to be under a 15-day quarantine. Being said that If you’re arriving in the country, you have to take a fresh Covid test then step inside the country after your results.




Travel advisories are a must for travelers because of the Covid-19 saga. Also, these countries have high penalties for the ones who will not follow the rules properly. So if you’re not ready to bear losses already, make sure you stay up-to-date with every updated guideline on their official websites.  


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