Top Trending Travel Spots In The U.S.

Our list of places in America includes the best spots for a honeymoon in the US, even for Family vacation. These beloved trending spots can range from elegant Greekland to magnificent Grand Canyon and classy Newyork. 


If you’re an international tourist and are looking forward to expanding your exploration beyond borders with top travel spots in the U.S., then keep reading below.





Known as the masquerade of Mardi Gras Party, this place is known for its music festivals, carnivals, and food scenes. With celebrating up to 130 festivals, this place has opened its borders for tourists from all around the world. New Orleans has so many things for the visitors, like Bourbon Street, The Ritz Carlton, and much more. 


The hotel rooms, spa, restaurants, bars, and other touristy parts of Louisiana attract a huge population from outside. The temperature isn’t much hot or cold in April. Hence, March and April are the best months to visit Louisiana.


Looking forward to spending a good break-in the USA? Open your little black book and tick New Orleans. 





Why Vail? This place is a center point for everything. Perfect getaway from the worldly chaos. Stay in the 4 seasons resorts and restaurants which are just a few steps away from Vail village. The county also provides the largest free transportation system. It has cobblestone streets, fancy restaurants, bars, friendly movie theaters, bowling alleys. If you’re visiting in winters, then you can bust into Gorsuch to grab your winter essentials. 


If you are looking forward to a great dose of adventure plus thrill, then your next stop is Vail, Colorado. Don’t forget to experience two-hour riding on Vail mountains.  





Hudson River is known for its two-way routes in New York City, which is famous for its architectural structures, grandeur bridges, historic sites, and churches. Hudson River might look clean, and teeming with fishes, but it’s not like that! Rest other things on the Hudson River are worth exploring. You can also get a boating experience on the Hudson River. 


With its rich history of dutch colonists, it has scenic historic beauty which draws people from all over the world. 





This incredible natural attraction is the most adored and visited place in the US. Little do people know that this place has got to offer things like viewing points, great food, historic sites, and thrilling bike rides. With its dramatic mountain cuts and ledges, it offers regular bus travel across the rims. 


Forget about expensive vacations, pack your bags for visiting The Grand Canyon in Arizona. Visiting this place can help you get rid of mental exhaustion. 


The park near the grand canyon has limited access from November to May due to snow and winter conditions. 





Standing as high as 152 meters tall in the middle of New York Harbour, visitors and tourists from all over the world admire the Statue of Liberty. For international tourists, this place is a must-visit. The Statue of Liberty has ground tickets, pedestal tickets and allows everyone different rates to access the site. If you’re visiting the USA for the first time, then this place is a must-visit for you! 





Starting from Times Square to Wall Street, almost everything you find here is picturesque.

New York is filled with many architectural buildings and museums. Added up with the excellent food, it gives your room to click spectacular pictures. 


The Statue of Liberty to economic capital like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, It has got everything you need. But, just like any local might well inform you and become your friends too.  New York is a trending place that deserves a visit right now! Great joys are merely to walk through its streets to find one-of-a-kind stores, fragrant food stalls, as well as impromptu appearances.



With keeping in mind the trends, you might also want to travel to places that are trending right now. If you’re looking for a good, luxurious, and adventurous vacation then consider the above-mentioned places. 

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