List Of National Parks That Are Open Post Coronavirus

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 25,2021

In 2019, the world shut down due to Covid-19 and national parks were a major part of it. National parks have been great vacation destinations for some time now. People can explore and camp in these parks while adding up to acres of land outdoors.


Pretty much every season people go out to these national parks with friends and family. 


Already missing cycling, hiking, camping, horseback riding, and eating s’mores on a chilly night? Well, we’ve got some information that might be of your use. Your wishes aren’t going to vain for sure! 


With keeping the Covid-19 regulations in place, National Parks are beginning to re-open. Placing excitement and hopes in every heart, a set of new rules are being placed into these National Parks.


Wanting to know which the National Parks have opened post coronavirus, keep reading to find out:






Located in Tennessee, North Carolina with 12.5 million visitors every year. Post Covid-19, it has reopened certain parts of its area, like trails, roads, picnic spots, and restrooms. 


Excited already? The park will be reopening its lodging option officially. With issuing backcountry permits it will officially open by May 18. However, the areas that’ll remain closed are campgrounds and visitor centers. 


You’ll be able to still catch the stargazing sites and fireflies viewing events. Looking forward to planning a visit to firefly even to this National Park. 






It’s the most touristy part of colorado. This place is mystical, serene, and beautiful. With the shutdown of everything, it's finally showtime.


Staying indoors for a year deserves a heart-warming visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. 


The National Park will begin re-opening its recreational boundaries, allowing access with details still being figured out. 


With bus services resuming across the wilderness, they are ready to open camping sites as well. Keeping all the regulations and covid guidelines in place, this national park will allow a maximum of 15 passengers per trip. 


The corridor will also open steadily allowing a larger population step by step. 






Grand Canyon National Park will be also seen to start unraveling its precious sites to the world post coronavirus. Not yet opened completely, but still has plans to reopen soon.


Grand Canyon Park with section road 64 which runs along the middle of the park, will remain closed up to April 1.


It is very suitable to visit the Grand Canyon National Park during March and through November, because of the good cooling temperature during any time of the year. Just a perfect getaway from routine life. 


Its famous horseshoe-shaped walkway draws the attention of 5 million tourists every year. The skywalk will surely be giving you the walks of your lives.






Angels Landing trail, Narrow trail, Observation point, Canyon Overlook trail are some of the most popular attraction sites of Zion National Park. Keeping that shut in Covid-19 has caused a halt in the tourism of this place completely. 


But the good news is on the way! As per the recent National Park’s guidelines, it will soon open eight trails for its visitors. 


Anyways, both on and off-trail hiking is not permitted in the area. And also the hikers are urged to be 6 feet apart from each other in the Zion National Park






Well, Things don't seem to work out for Yosemite National Park With covid-19 cases still on the peak, the communities have not planned on reopening their premises for the visitors. 


Keeping their announcements, there might be slight chances that the situation may change but for now, there’s no such official announcement from the Yosemite National Park authorities. 


Though it’s closed for the rest of the world, the residents within the park’s community are open to the park So keep your fingers crossed for this one.






Yellowstone National Park has also not officially announced its plan for reopening anytime soon. With mesmerizing unique geological and hydrothermal wonders, Yellowstone witnesses fewer crowds between June-August.


But this time it was closed on 24th March 2020, and since then it is closed.


But as per the authorities of the National Park, the highways that run through the park too much beyond it is open to travelers.




Since the closure of national parks due to Covid-19 many countries aren’t taking chances to open them. But still, you can keep checking their official sites and be informed. Above mentioned places is the list of the National Parks that have opened post coronavirus. 

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