How To Make A Spain Vacation Special For Specially-Challenged?

Author: Mansi

The travel industry is increasingly growing for people with special needs. For specially challenged people it is quite difficult to choose an appropriate location. But with this content, it’ll be easier, Promise! 


Traveling around with disabilities isn’t much complicated. If you have a relative, friend, or loved one who is specially-abled and planning for a Spain vacation. 


The fact that travel hasn't been that difficult for challenged people because of the specialized services, accessible guides, and adapted facilities.


Traveling with specific arrangements includes intensive preparation from your end. Also, be practically prepared to face every hurdle that can quickly be resolved with time and agility.

There are so many places that welcome disabled people with open arms. 

Let us talk about Top Spain vacation places for specially-abled visitors from around the world. 




Tour Madrid sitting in a wheelchair



The cultural heritage of Madrid is more reachable to specially-abled than others. The Tour guides of the area are tailored to cater to their needs. Irrespective of their background, everyone is treated the same. May they be tangible, graphic, mental, or auditory disabled.

Attend Madrid's art triangle inside a wheelchair without worrying about architectural barriers, going sightseeing, and exploring the Las Letras district with voice-enhanced guidance. All of these facilities are possible during the Spain vacation. 


Museum particularly 



Besides the main tourist attractions like The Prado Museum, The Sofía National Art Museum provides special abilities to specialize. Typhlological Museum, specially designed for the differently-abled. With exhibiting Croatian Bling collection. It also introduces the world of disabilities to the world. This museum also has special seating arrangements for people with disabilities, along with their restrooms and walking pavement. 


You can use your fingers to discover designs of important landmarks such as the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Alhambra in Granada, and the Aqueduct in Segovia.



World heritage sites of Barcelona



The Gothic Quarter and the Art Nouveau Route seem to be two of Barcelona's most reachable ethnic groups. With being part of Barcelona's ancient city center, across the Cathedral, this place welcomes people with disabilities. Mostly on the Art Nouveau Route, you could even cherish Gaudí's creations with building structures such as La Pedrera and Casa Batlló. 

You could also attend the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, which are both available to normal and specially-abled people. All such four sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites and also, the first three possess tactile designs to improve your Spain vacation significantly.


Enjoy peace of parks in Barcelona



The Montjuic Park, located within Barcelona's southwest along with the National Art Museum of Catalonia, has given access to disabled people. There seems to be a beautiful scene of its town from its highest point of Montjuic Park.


You could still admire the scenery while you have lowered movement, thanks to the creation of a modified cable car. The Center de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona and the Museum of History of Catalonia are architecturally fit and provide the same architectural barrier between the walls. 


Theatre accessible for all



In recent decades, artistic works have made culture available to everybody. Every year, the Accessible Theater department provides local performances by the folks. People can experience immense pleasure through hearing, sensory, and intellectual abilities. 

While most events occur in Madrid and Barcelona, the Accessible Theater department has reached more than 40 cities and 100 theaters across Spain. Before planning for a Spain vacation, you must discuss the timetable on their website.


Most Visited Areas of Barcelona


With both most famous cultural sites, Barcelona houses both Goth and Art Raveau culture. The old city is located around the famous Cathedral. Luckily people with less mobility, impaired sensors, mute, and even intellectually impaired are allowed to gain immense pleasure from these sites. Barcelona also has popular Fifa football matches, which draws more than half of the World’s population to Spain. 


But other than that it has some amazing places to explore for both normal and specially-abled citizens.




And it’s that time of the month again! Vacations!! Who said traveling is only for the perfect, let this time be imperfect make the perfect story. If you’re planning to take a Spain vacation then worry no more, this content has got everything you need for specially-abled people. 

Pick a wise travel package that doesn’t require any extra emotional baggage to your journey to Spain. 

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