Top 10 Travel Ideas For Travel Novice

2020 was one hell of a year - the pandemic hit the world, lockdowns were enforced, traveling was strictly named, holidays were canceled, and whatnot! Many people had to forget their vacation packages and halt their planning. 


Now that the new year has just stepped in, it's high time to bring yourself out of the bubble. Yes, the COVID-19 scare is still lurking over there, but that should not stop you from traveling this year. Here are 10 travel ideas for you to follow in 2021. Get, set, pack, and go!


Let the map take you places:



Traveling is not about running from one destination to the other. The best thing you can do in 2021 is let your wanderlust out finally after almost a year of quarantine. But, why follow a strict travel plan? This isn't the time to follow a detailed travel itinerary but to go blindly, where the road leads you. Choose the off-beaten path this year and explore the post-covid world. 


Save money for traveling:



Little drops make the mighty ocean. This year, pledge to start a separate fund for saving money for your vacation packages. Cut down on your daily expenses as much as possible however meager it can be. It will turn into a big amount and help you fulfill your travel goals extravagantly.


Go on a solo trip if you haven't already:



After months of quarantine, a solo trip might be the cure you are looking for. It links you to your inner mind. With constantly sticking to the internet and social media, people hardly get the time to sit and think calmly about themselves. A solo trip helps you to reconnect with everything you missed within yourself as well as the world. It helps you build a stronger relationship with yourself, the community, and the world. 


Stay somewhere unique.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think about accommodation is a hotel or a resort. But why? There are innumerable other types of accommodation to choose from for your vacation package, such as an igloo, treehouse, cottages, moving wagons, caravans, pods, castles, etc. Starting in unique places will make your trip more interesting.


Travel abroad:




Traveling abroad helps you become culturally sensitive. It is not enough to say that people of a particular country live like this. It will be best to check it out by yourself. Moreover, traveling abroad gives you a competitive edge over others in this increasingly modernized world. 


And also, the local places.


Visit the off-beat local places near your area. One of the major sectors which got severely affected due to covid-19 is travel and tourism. The prominent destinations will come back on their feet in no time. But local tourism will take more time than usual.


Pledge to support local tourism this year. Stay in local hotels instead of luxurious resorts. It helps you save money and gets you closer to the destination. It promotes the tradition and culture of the place and keeps it rooted to the ground despite the increasing modernity. 


Overcome your fears:




Afraid of heights? Commit yourself to do an adventurous jump! The best idea for this year would be to come out of your comfort zone. Explore the unexplored and loosen the fear that holds you. Coming out of your shell gives you the needed confidence to travel assuredly.


Witness the natural phenomena:




Apart from the famous destinations, very few tourists desire to see the natural phenomena of the world. Be it the Dead Sea or the Northern Lights, i.e. the Aurora Borealis, the earth is not short of miraculous events! 


And what's better than witnessing a natural wonder this year? Choose which one suits your interest, prepare an Iceland vacation package, pack your bags, and go!


Travel the world with your best friends:




Enough of socializing with your friends virtually! Time to come out of the screen and prepare an all-friends vacation package. Group tours might be the need of the hour if you have been living alone for the last several months due to the lockdown. 


Traveling with friends makes your friendship stronger than ever. Moreover, it is lighter on your purse too! Many vacation packages offer activities at affordable rates when booked by large groups of people.


Become a responsible tourist:




Tourism comes with its disadvantages. It hampers the environment and sensitive resources. 

Travelers can preserve the environment by choosing to walk or travel light instead of driving. Buying and using reusable items during travel helps to reduce the garbage accumulating in places. These are just minimal steps a tourist can take whilst enjoying the Cancun vacation as well as saving the environment.


Responsible tourism may mostly refer to the environment, but as a tourist, you should also be responsible on an individual level. The pandemic has not subsided yet. Hence, travel is prepared and safe. Avail of valid travel insurance. 


Overall, let your wanderlust be happy this year!

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