Why Should Couples Stay At Home Around Valentines' Time?

Leisure traveling is a venture to cool your mind and body by breathing the speck of fresh air of the outdoors. Whenever you feel like breaking out of your bubble or want to whisk yourself out of stress-times, you latch onto a journey seeking leisure to the maximum. However, around Valentine's Day, it is a different task to make you settle on a trip that kick-starts your momentum. It is a very instinctive venture to upbeat yourself to the mojo of the party reverberations. The purpose of a V-day trip is to invigorate you to score a brilliant beginning of your new future. 

There are too many slithering and blistering encounters to keep you on your full toes every time. There is a little scope to settle indoors and enjoy a peaceful retreat avoiding all the vibrations of the outdoors. The conflicts in the desires of a leisure traveler with the exuberant edifice of Valentine's Day are too tangible on the face of it. Hence, Leisure travelers prefer indoors or comfortably stay home during Valentine's Day which seals their purpose of spending quality time with their partner.

1. Avoid the crowd-gathering:

Valentines has been popular among couples flocking downtown to witness the glorious fireworks and blissful party celebrations that adorn the streets. UK vacations have been popular to boast heavy footfalls during Valentines almost filling the streets leaving little space for air to fill in. Traveling for Leisure requires you to maroon yourself from the commotions, and crowds. It is a demand for your mind to seek a reclusive and secluded outing that keeps you away from all the uproar.

When all you demand is silence and rest, it is too difficult to rub shoulders with people all around and hear the raucous sounds that compel you to jiggle constantly. You cannot shut your ears from that tumultuous atmosphere to fortify your inner demands of relaxation. So, it is better to secure a home-bound celebration in the confines of four walls with your partner. After all, Valentine's Day is about letting your emotions and love flow in the air with your partner. 

2. No hiking-biking during Valentines:

Hiking along with the mountain trails on a lonely winter recuperates and emits away the tensions of your routine life. Leisure traveling is mostly about securing happy and joyful hiking or biking trips through the snow-studded highways striving the cold and cooling your mind to peace. However, most of the countries block general tourism to tunnel all the tourists to the city-bound celebrations sprawled across the country. The Australian vacation package focuses mostly on the exuberant outdoor events rather than tourist attractions that would pull crowds on an otherwise normal day. 

The same goes common with the UK, USA, Japan, and most of the party-fixated countries around the world. Hence, embarking on a leisure journey to any of these vibrant countries for Valentine's Day oozes oddness to extremes. Nobody would prefer to break the customs of a regular Valentine's Day mode to just enjoy a lonely backpacking experience when the whole world is out there counting down the blossoming of a hopeful future.

3. Ceasing of infrastructures during Valentines:

Leisure traveling is often about abating your mobility desires to surrender yourself to a luxurious and facilitated environment. It is not uncommon for a leisure traveler to choose an exorbitant vacation package and immerse in the opulence of the infrastructures they provide. They tend to choose rich accommodations that give away the comforts it boasts to settle their dream of a relaxing vacation. 

Resting indoors in hotels and cooling your minds off with the facilities offered on your stays, precedes the need for visiting places when it comes to leisure travel. However, some countries like Japan, Cambodia, and some places in China close the amenities to channel all the crowd to outdoors for countdown parties that adorn the streets. Leisure travelers get less time to relax during Valentine's Day as they have no choice to settle inside their rooms.

4. Of course, Covid-19:

Yes, the Pandemic has ruined tourism to a greater extent this year, and most of the countries have shut their doors for travelers. Very few countries have opened up chances to land on their soil and the choices are not too many. Valentine’s Day is meant for a collective celebration whereas pandemic blues have halted the fun with the number of affected cases surging across the globe. Leisure traveling has taken a massive hit with countries blocking tourism completely. Hence, enjoy the romantic night of Valentines’ with your partner by arranging a romantic dinner at home. 


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