Top 6 Reasons To Visit Punta Cana

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 10,2021

Punta Cana is an amazing destination in the Caribbean Islands. It encloses massive natural scenery and beauty, best fit for tourists who want a good escape to the beaches. This tropical destination is undoubtedly included in every Caribbean vacation package. Moreover, it equally pleases luxury travelers as well as budget tourists. Find a wide range of resorts that don’t cost a huge dime as well as an exquisite chain of world-class restaurants to choose from, all at your own pace.


Why should your next trip be to Punta Cana? Read ahead to know.


1. Perfectly balanced climate all year round:


While planning a Punta Cana vacation package, many tourists fail to check the on-going season of the particular destination they have chosen. This leads to trouble as your trip may get hassled by unwanted delays. But rest assured when planning your vacation to Punta Cana. This destination does not have an actual rainy season. Rainy days are just overshadowed clouds mostly. Thus, the sun shines almost all year long. Do not forget to carry your sunscreen though! Spend your time by the never-ending seashores with a glass of wine and a romantic sunset in front of you.


2. Serene beaches and water sports:


The warm and crystal clear beaches of Punta Cana dominate the beauty of the entire Caribbean. Bavaro Beach is the largest beach in Punta Cana which offers many adventures to tourists. It is surrounded by various hotels, bars, and markets. Vacation packages offer snorkeling and surfing adventures from Bavaro Beach to Saona Island. Tourists who want to explore a wide range of water sports and activities should visit the Playa Macao. It is less crowded than other prominent beaches in Punta Cana. Other shores to explore include Uvero Alto, Cap Cana, Cabeza de Toro, etc. 


3. Vibrant nightlife:


Well yes, Punta Cana is not just beaches and tropical dreams. It is one of the best Caribbean destinations that offer good nightlife, and party scenes. Punta Cana has something or the other for all kinds of travelers and tourists. Right from bars, clubs, to live music shows with excellent food, every night is colorful here! 


Head to Coco Bongo located in Downtown first. It is where you will be amazed to see dancers, actors, celebrities as well as common people flocking together in merriment. You just cannot avoid the music and will step into the beat. Plus, the interiors are as innovative as they could be! The Kviar Show Disco and Casino is for those who want to explore the traditional dance and music of the Dominican Republic such as salsa, bachata, merengue, etc. Pearl Beach Club, Kan Drink House, Legacy Disco, Oro Nightclub are other places to check-in.  


4. Unmatchable scenery and adventures:


Apart from beaches, there are several other things to indulge yourself in. The Manati Park is home to innumerable species of birds and reptiles. It hosts Taino, dance, and cultural performance shows. Guides take you through the woods and show you a vivid variety of birds and animals. La Cana Golf Course is for those who love to play Golf. Tourists can bring their own golf set, or get from here. The scenery is surreal and the rates reasonable. Zip-lining and dolphin adventures are other interesting things to do. Don’t miss to check out the Hoyo Azul Cave. Vacation packages offer hiking tours which end up with a fresh dip in the cenote. Worth trying!


5. Delicious food and traditional cuisine:


Beaches, check. Snorkeling, check. Shopping, check. But what about the food?


The Dominican Republic is an amalgamation of three unique cultures: the Spanish, African, and the Taino. Thus, you can see a mixture of these three cultures in the island’s cuisine. This makes the island’s gastronomy scene quite fabulous. Tourists can try tasting the prominent dishes of Punta Cana such as La Bandera. It is a rice dish accompanied by fine sautéed stewed beans, cooked chicken or beef, and a salad. The Sancocho is a soup prepared from seven different lumps of meat and root types. Mangu and Habichuelas con dulce are two other significant dishes to try in Punta Cana. 


Dominican rum, coffee, and chocolate are world-famous. Mamajuana is a famous liquor made from rum, honey, and red wine. Tourists should try it without fail! 


6. Excellent options for accommodation:


There is a home for every family in Punta Cana. Couples can choose adults-only properties to spend some good romantic time. Solo travelers can head to customized boutique hotels as well. Families can choose from a list of about seventy residential properties and resorts with a great number of facilities available inside. All these resorts and hotels ensure maximum fun and entertainment within. They host night shows, live musicals, DJs, fine dining, exhibitions, shopping, and much more. Recently, Airbnb properties are also on the rise. These properties come with good views and affordable budget-friendly rates. 


What’s more, most of the hotels in Punta Cana are all-inclusive, which means with one pass, you can eat and drink as much as you want. Thus, food won’t poke a big hole in your budget!


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