6 New Christmas Rules for Italy Vacation During COVID-19

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Dec 22,2020

The latest COVID-19 emergency in Italy also includes more strict rules for Italy vacation. This will affect both domestic & international traveling & these restrictions are going to be active until January 15, 2021. Per the new rules, anyone traveling to Italy from the UK, the Schengen Area & EU member states -- will have to present proof of the molecular or antigen test administered on them within 48-hours of their visit. The test results must be negative for COVID-19, which is conducted only within that time period. 

Italy is one of the worst COVID-19 hit countries! Over the upcoming holiday period of Christmas & New year -- Italy will be placed under new restriction rules. Under these new rules, restaurants, bars & shops will remain closed - and travel between different regions within the city will not be allowed. Per the new rules, only one outside visit from every household will be allowed & any kind of religious celebrations are allowed until 10:00 PM. 

Italy has one of the oldest populations in Europe with around 60 million inhabitants. Unlike various other countries that are trying to make vacationing around more real for people, Italy is trying to discourage travel during the pandemic to keep a check on the coronavirus spread. Christmas is around the corner, and amid the zeal to make most of the holiday period most travelers are keenly planning their vacations. 

Amid the celebration season, to stop the spread of the virus, Italy has introduced strict travel rules during Christmas. So, if you are also buying some Italy vacation packages, you must first know about these new rules. Read below to discover about new Italy vacation rulers:

  1. Mandatory quarantine.

Per this new rule, who is on Italy vacations, every traveler will have to remain in quarantine for a period of 14 days. This rule applies to anyone traveling from the European Union list or any other countries between December 21st and January 6th. This rule is applicable to everyone irrespective of nationality.

  1. Essential travel rules for some countries.

People of some countries including China, Russia, India, US & other countries outside Europe can travel to their home country from Italy for essential reasons. However, they cannot plan or purchase an Italy vacation package for holiday purposes. 

  1. Italy has imposed restrictions on Domestic Travel.

There will be restrictions on domestic travel all through December & early January. The Italian government has put in place strict rules for domestic travel during this period -- and no one will be allowed to travel for non-essential purposes. Inhabitants will not even be allowed to travel within different cities. 

  1. Canadians Travelers won’t be allowed for Italy vacation.

The Italian Government has strictly removed Tunisia, Georgia, and Canada from the list of countries that can allow for Italy vacation. In case, people of these three countries are traveling to Italy, they will have to produce documents to certify their urgent purpose of travel. 

  1. A list of countries marked safe for Italy vacation.

Citizens of Countries including Uruguay, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Rwanda, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand -- will be allowed for Italy vacations. But, they will have to remain in quarantine for 14 days upon arriving in Italy. 

  1. Extended Pre-travel Testing Rules for EU countries.

The pre-testing rule for traveling to Italy for all the EU countries was extended from December 10. With this new rule in place, all the EU countries’ citizens including the EU, Schengen Zone, or the UK -- will be required to go through a pre-test before entering Italy. 

So, if you are planning an Italy vacation this holiday season, make sure you fulfill all the requirements and are adhering to all these new travel rules. 

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