Best Places Where You Could See Amazing Views Around Europe

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Dec 14,2020

Of all the continents in the world, Europe comes as a blockbuster of fantabulous views and landscapes. No view is less magical than the other. It is a wonderful place to add to your vacation package because you get to experience diverse geographical wonders. 

Start your day in Italy's Rome, home to the Colosseum, watch the Big Ben strike twelve in London, come back to the wine gardens in Provence, and the rustic views of Germany, Budapest, Russia waiting for you in harmony.

It's difficult to pick out the best places in Europe as every destination is unique in its way. But here are a few unmatchable places that offer otherworldly views of Europe. 

Hallstatt, Austria:

Austria is gifted with several magnanimous towns located in the backdrop of heavenly nature. Yet, Hallstatt stands cardinal in beauty as well as its architecture. 

Located beside Lake Hallstatt, this destination is a primary hub for Austrian as well as European tourism. Hence, Hallstatt is at times heavily studded with tourists. The local shops sell typical Austrian goods. The restaurants give an indigenous taste of their cuisine. Yet, Hallstatt's specific regions are restricted from vehicles. This is to make sure that the scenic views of Hallstatt remain unmatchable despite the influx of tourists. 

The Alpine houses located within snow-capped mountain ranges and the serene blue lake will be a true delight for your European vacation package

Buda Castle, Hungary:

Hungarian vacation packages never skip to include the famous Buda Castle. Nestled beside the River Danube, the Buda Castle in Budapest is a domineering fort with about 200 rooms. 

This is one of the top attractions of Hungary. Moreover, it is an important landmark of Hungarian history. 

Adjoining the Buda Castle is Castle Hill, a historical complex recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle is illuminated with lights at night, making it a beautiful view in Budapest. 

Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, Slovenia:

Slovenia has gained worldwide attention because of Bled Island. Situated within Lake Bled, tourists can reach Bled Island by rowboat. It is one of the major things to do in Lake Bled. The view all over is amazing. Tourists take a stroll around the lake. Photographers will find this destination a paradise! 

You will constantly hear the church bells ringing in Bled Island. It's because an old fable says that your wishes will come true if you ring the bell. The view from the Bell Tower is fantastic as well.

Lake Bohinj is an underrated destination in Slovenia. Lake Bled may have taken all the glory, but if you are someone who loves to take the off-beaten path, then Lake Bohinj will suit your expectations. It is equally matchless as Bled. Since there is a lesser concentration of tourists, people come here for a short vacation. You can swim in the crystal clear water, cycle around, hike, and also kayak. 

Provence, Italy:

Thanks to the author Peter Mayle for his wonderful book named A Year in Provence. Just as he had described the place to be, Italy's Provence is packed with serene vintage rural views. 

Provence was under the Romans. They left behind several Gothic and artistic architectural wonders in the form of monuments and galleries. This is the place where the first vineyard of France was created.

As for the excellent views, Provence has plenty. Tourists can choose to adore the seaside landscape, the horizon bringing together the sky, and the waves. Another prominent place to be is the lavender fields. 

Tower Bridge, United Kingdom:

Located on the River Thames, the Tower Bridge is the iconic landmark of London. Buy any souvenir from London and you will see this landmark etched on it. That's because it's the lifeline for this destination. About 50,000 people use this bridge every day!

The best way to explore this bridge is by visiting the Tower Bridge Exhibition. Here, tourists get to know the significance of the bridge in London's history. Needless to say, it was erected in 1894. Several movies and animation clips are shown on how the bridge came into existence. Vacation packages offer tours to the Victorian Age engine and mechanic rooms. 

What strikes us the most about Tower Bridge is its massive view. It has held two ends of London City together since 1894.

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