Top Places Where You Can Find Peace Of Mind

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Dec 14,2020

Whenever a person feels the need for peace of mind, the first thing that comes to mind is traveling. Going to a faraway, solitary place and gaining blissful adventures becomes a priority. Needless to say, with the increase in mental health issues going on lately in the world due to constant work and commitment, traveling has become necessary for all.

If you are in the pursuit of inner peace, then you need to prepare a personalized vacation package. Not all destinations offer tranquility. Destinations that abound with nature and unexplored are better options for a solitary trip.

Below are a few places where tourists can find peace of mind. 

Auroville, India:

Auroville is an exotic destination in Southern India. It is a mystical destination that belongs to none. Confused? Well, Auroville has no concept of religion, nationality, and doesn’t believe in the concept of politics!

As interesting as it may sound, it is this very fact that makes this place popular. It brings together people from various nooks and corners of the world. People come here in search of the eternal purpose and meaning of their lives. 

The Matrimandir is a dome that is a significant landmark of Auroville. This structure does not promote any religion or sect but upholds humanity and peace. Other places to explore in Auroville include restaurants, cafés, organic farms, art galleries, beaches, and wellness centers. There are various youth centers where you can volunteer for causes and learn together as a community. 

East Sussex, England:

East Sussex United Kingdom’s natural and countryside destination. Most especially, the Seven Sisters cliffs are a bucket list place for several tourists. The old vintage Victorian novels have best described the setting of the Seven Sisters cliffs. 

The Seven Sisters are matchless in their impressive views. Surrounded by the patches of greenery of hamlets, the entire scene is pastoral. The best way to explore these cliffs is by walking. At the end of your stroll, you will be stunned by the view you behold; the massive turquoise ocean beside the pasture. It will be the most photogenic landscape you will ever see. Don’t forget to capture it! 

Vacation packages offer affordable day trips to these cliffs. 

Fairbanks, Alaska:

Witness the most enlivening sight of the earth’s natural light show- the Aurora Borealis, i.e. the Northern Lights. Fairbanks in Alaska is the best place to watch this wonderful phenomenon. Thousands of tourists visit Fairbanks every year to see this magical light display. There are several other places in the world where you can see the Northern Lights. But what makes Fairbanks a prominent destination is the fact that it is located in the right geomagnetic pole and aurora oval. People believe that this phenomenon surely relieves and brings a person closer to nature. 

Plan your vacation package to this destination from August to April. That’s when the aurora borealis concentration is high in the sky here. Tourists can also indulge in snowmobiling, reindeer ranching, skiing, etc. 

Artvin, Turkey:

Artvin is Turkey’s most undiscovered place to date. It is a treasure trove of everything that’s natural, thick fog covering the dominating peaks, vast acres of green pastures, national parks, waterfalls, castle ruins, and whatnot! Also, people who wish to understand the real essence of Turkish culture add Artvin to their vacation package

What’s more, the fastest flowing river in the world is none other than the Artvin Çoruh River, which is located here. This river adds further beauty to Artvin. Moreover, the city comes to life during its traditional annual festival. The Atari dance is a cardinal event of the fest. It is dedicated to Turkey’s godfather-Mustafa Kemal Pasha.

Overall, the breathtaking natural landscape and several lakes offer the typical “Heidi-like” vibes to the tourists. 

Lake Louise, Canada:

No amount of photos can replace the feel you will physically receive in Alberta’s Lake Louise. It is synonymous with tranquility. No tourist will ever go back home without feeling connected to nature.

Vacation packages of Lake Louise offer spine-chilling adventures to tourists. You can test your resilience and agility by participating in hiking, mountain climbing, dog sledding, skiing, rafting, and many other activities. 

Don’t miss to check out the Deer Lodge near the lake. It is an aesthetic accommodation that offers a retreat the best way possible to explore the fantastic setting around you. The wood sauna and Jacuzzi provide tourists the required replenishment and inner calm. 


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