Top Places For World Travel To Have In 2021

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Dec 07,2020

Yes, 2020 created havoc in every vacation package. It was not meant for traveling. But the coming year seems to be full of hopes! People can finally get back to their backpacks and explore the unexplored.

Now that 2021 seems to be the year for traveling, here are some undiscovered places you should add to your vacation package. These places will offer the most exquisite and replenishing experiences that were much-needed after a year of hiatus.


You can make 2021 special by witnessing the Northern Lights, i.e., the Aurora Borealis in Finland. The Northern Lights is the earth's natural display of flickering and widespread lights in the sky. 

This phenomenon is nothing less than magic. And Finland is the best destination to see this wonder. Finland's customized ice hotels with glass ceilings will give you the true experience of sleeping under the stars. Additionally, you can witness the Aurora Borealis from the glass ceiling; which will surely be a magical moment.

Other than that, Finland has several other destinations to explore. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is an interesting town of sea fort and museums. Turku and Porvoo are cathedral towns with castles, art galleries, and natural reserves. 


Morocco is the door to witness a different perspective of Africa. Tourism is an evolving business here. But mostly, people add this country to their vacation packages to gain a life-altering inner experience.

As a land of ancient wonders that's still hidden from the human eye, Morocco's medinas and historic towns will adore you. You will see nomads living here searching for the meaning of life. Moreover, it is here you will find the best handmade artifacts and craft items made by experienced artisans. They carry the mystic of Morocco.

Places to see include the Djemaa El Fna Medina, the Jardin Majorelle Gardens, the never-ending dunes of Erg Chigaga, the ruins of Volubilis, etc. 


If Europe is on your bucket list, then Ukraine deserves to be on it. It is widely one of the most undiscovered countries on the continent. Nevertheless, it had all the beauty, culture, landscapes, and history to witness and revere. 

With hospitality as its custom, the people of Ukraine are lively and love their history. Everything that happens in Ukraine, dates back to the city of Kyiv. It is the capital of Ukraine and the oldest city in Europe. The city has an astounding culture dating back to 500 A.D. Tourists will live in Kyiv for its vibrant night and street life. You can hop between the typical Ukrainian aesthetic cafés and the modern bars. The next reason to visit Kyiv is Chernobyl. Tourists are offered a day tour to Chernobyl. People can witness and experience the site where one of the world's deadliest nuclear destructions occurred. 

Other top attractions are located in Odesa, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Kharkiv, Mukachevo, etc. 

Overall, a Ukraine vacation package will bring you back from the tiring wanderlust blues. 

Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands:

In need of a beach trip? Papua New Guinea is Australia's Pacific corner will do you good!

As an unexplored coastal destination, these islands are matchless concerning their intense culture, hot volcanoes, vast ocean, and history. The jungles of Papua New Guinea are equally interesting with teeming wildlife. Kangaroos are commonly spotted in the Kokoda Track. 

Other places to add to your vacation package include Milne Bay, Kimbe Bay, Tavurvur, Rabaul, and many others.

Don't miss indulging in the alluring aquatic fiestas such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, white water rafting, etc. 


It's in Asia's hidden gem Kyrgyzstan where you get to see the most beautiful desktop-like wallpaper views. The mountain scene is just amiable. The best way to explore this country is by staying in home rentals. Kyrgyzstan is not a superfluous destination but a serene one that is simply endearing. 


The Issyk Kul Lake’s origin dates back to 25 million years. The view from here is amazing and tourists love to swim, kayak, and raft. Karakol is a prominent destination that best reflects Kyrgyzstan's culture and traditions. Various day tours are offered to tourists. The Animal Market is one of the world's very few places where the barter system of exchange is still in occurrence. Bishkek is an urban region that includes various art galleries and museums, ballet theaters, café, and monuments. 


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