What To Know Before Planning A Vacation To Australia?

Australia is the land of aboriginal culture and fantastic architecture. Moreover, what attracts tourists to this country is the chance to have an enjoyable road trip. That’s not all; Australia is known for its spine-chilling adventures such as the Great Barrier Reef. Needless to say, this destination changes and suits itself as per the traveler’s requirements.

Right from otherworldly views, natural landscapes to unique architectural styles to explore, an Australian vacation package is power-packed with fun and excitement. Yet, before you start planning your trip, there are quite a few things to know about Australia beforehand.

The below points will assure you the best trip to this wondrous land. 

Visit Australia during Spring and Fall months:

When you create your vacation package, it is crucial to plan it at a favorable time. As for Australia, tourists can visit it from September to November, and January to March are excellent months. It is during these months when the climate is balanced and the prices are average. Thus, your trip will not be hindered.

It is a huge destination:

Believe it or not, Australia is a massive nation. You will need more than six months to finish traveling and experiencing every state. But that might not be possible. There are so many destinations to visit and cool things to do in Australia. Hence, tourists need to accurately plan their vacation packages, so that, they can see more places in as much time they have in hand. 

Stay in rentals or Airbnb properties: 

Most of the chunk amount goes into accommodation when you plan a vacation. An Australian vacation package comes at an exorbitant amount. Hotels and resorts in this country are expensive.

But, home rentals and Airbnb properties come at half the price! What’s more, you can have the kitchen, living room, and most importantly, the feeling of being in a home. You can cook your meals. Australia’s street food is expensive too. The local grocery and farmers' markets offer cheaper food as compared to the restaurants. 

Airbnb helps you connect more directly with the people and the Australian culture. 

You should not miss these destinations in Australia:

It takes time to get around the entire country. So, knowing the prominent destinations in Australia will help you create your vacation package smoothly. 

Melbourne is the first city that tourists wish to start their trip with. This down to earth destination includes so many splendid places to see. It is here that you get to witness modernist and aesthetic cafés, theaters, museums, and galleries. Federation Square, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Sports Museum are two significant places in Melbourne. 

The next famous destination is Sydney. The Opera House attracts lakhs of tourists every year. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is situated near the Opera House. Vacation packages offer tours to the bridge. Tourists can climb this giant bridge and witness a scenic view from the top.

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is a historic destination. There are several monuments and memorials located here which stand as a testament to the World Wars. The Questacon National Science and Technology Center is for people who love science. 

Other destinations to visit are Perth, Brisbane, Fraser Island, Adelaide, Tasmania, etc. 

Don’t miss the Great Barrier Reef Adventure: 

Your trip to Australia will be incomplete without the Great Barrier Adventure! 

The Great Barrier Reef has the world’s cleanest and undisturbed ecosystems. It includes coral reefs, mangroves, forests, and beaches. Vacation packages offer tourists vivid experiences such as snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, hiking, etc. You can explore the island by helicopter and charter plane tours too.

Make sure to carry portable chargers and enough cash while visiting the Great Barrier Reef. The entire ecosystem runs on solar energy and diesel. Moreover, there are no banks and ATMs located here. 

Get to know the Australian accent:

The Australian English accent is a bit difficult to pick up. It might be tough to understand and converse with people if you don’t know the language. Hence, as a tourist, you might know a few important words. Here are some suggestions, to start with. Arvo= afternoon, maccas= McDonalds, thongs= flip-flops, ute= pick up truck, brekkie= breakfast, bikkie= biscuit, etc. 

Don’t tip! 

Yes, it may sound shocking. But that’s the truth. You may generously tip a few pennies but it is uncommon in Australia. 

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