Some Places Where Indians Can't Travel

We have had a homebound life of dissent for 8 months now and still, the world refuses to welcome us outside the fences. Pandemic levels have sprouted in record levels shattering any hope of travel for all of us. Even though the modern world has tried its best to globalize, there are countries bent on not allowing passengers from some countries to preserve safety in their homeland. 

As it goes there are so many countries whose flights are allowed worldwide, as they have lesser Covid-19 cases. Some countries like India suffer very few traveling options because of the insurmountable increase in Covid-19 cases. Let us have a look at countries that have blocked any mediums of travel from India. Indians have to embrace their fate to dismiss travel plans if they have any plans to hit these unreachable places.

1. Italy

Italy is hell-bent on abstaining tourists from some places entering their country. The active Covid-19 cases have dwindled to a considerable amount recently in Italy, and they are not willing to take the risk of reversing the present situation at any cost. They have strictly abandoned any Indian flights entering the city. As India is peaking in the number of positive Covid-19 cases, no tourists from the country are allowed to enter Italy. However, Italy has kick-started their long-abandoned International travel, they allow tourists from places that have a lesser number of cases like Thailand, Belgium, Finland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 

2. Saudi Arabia:

Another country that has stopped tourism considerably is Saudi Arabia. They have based all the Indian flights, and they have also ceased the flow of any Indian tourist entering the country by all means. The other places they have laid these strict restrictions are Brazil and Argentina. They have also gone a step ahead to abstain travel from people who have stayed in these places in the gap of 14 days from entering the country. The exemptions of these rules apply only to government officials from India who travel to UAE countries. This comes as a major setback, as Indian ties with these countries are huge. 

3. Malaysia:

As Malaysia is still struggling to contain the infection levels, they have put forth a stronghold on tourists entering the country. India is one of the countries where tourists are not entertained. This restriction does not have any exemptions. These restrictions are expected to extend until the end of 2020. 

4. Honk Kong:

Honk Kong has already condemned the Indian travelers to have created an upsurge in their Covid-19 cases. They have also abandoned every Indian flight stopping all kinds of travel mediums to preserve safety in their country. Although these restrictions are expected to fade out by the end of this year, we are not guaranteed when tourism will resume.

5. China:

With shooting up tensions between India and China, it is better to put aside any travel plans to enter China in the first place. With the increasing number of cases in India, China has forbidden Indians from entering the country. Although China has opened its doors for some countries which are currently less affected by the pandemic woes.   

6. Bhutan:

The most beautiful country filled with tourists all over the world has laid its ban on tourism to safeguard the spread of Covid-19 cases. Bhutan has a lesser number of cases, but they are determined to maintain a 100% mortality rate. With this notion in the center of things, they have completely ceased tourism from any part of the world. These restrictions could span till the end of 2020 leaving little choice for our travel plans. 

7. France:

The country which is swarmed by tourists during the fall has restricted tourism to stabilize their growing Covid-19 cases. Though, they have exempted certain countries like Iceland. Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. People who have a French residence permit will be exempted from this strict regulation. 

8. UK:

The restrictions from this place are too divided, as they have laid out several norms for travelers from different parts of the country. They have formulated different parameters for different locations like England, Scotland, and Croatia. All the travelers are heavily screened for infections, and they are compelled to fill passenger locator forms to enter the UK.

9. USA:

While all other countries have laid regulations from entering the country, the USA has formulated “do not travel” plans for the citizens. Recently the ban has been removed except for India. Traveling to India has been curtailed in the country due to the risk of catching the infection. The lack of facilities and infrastructure in India to contain the virus has made them regulate these restrictions.

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