“Delhi To London Bus Trip" For Life-Changing Experience

We all must be aware of the famous novel “Around the world in 80 days”. The journey of Phileas Fogg who attempted a valiant trip of the world to succeed in his bet is an adventure that lingers in our memory forever. While no one has achieved such a feat or tried their luck for such a daring attempt, there comes a very close deal that will give you the closest pleasure. The bus trip from Delhi to London, via 18 countries in 70 days captures the attention of everyone. As interesting as it sounds, let’s peek into the details to know more about the fun it will entail if we were to embark on this crazy journey.

Countries to be visited:

Similar to long flight travels which have transits, this bus travel also comes with numerous breaks and stops. What is a road trip to London without having a sneak peek of the places in-between? Some beautiful places we might enjoy a little view time include Thailand, Laos, China, Uzbekistan, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, etc.

Leg 1: South Asian borders in 11 nights and 12 days:

The first leg is a road trip to Thailand which will present the splendid borderlines of the country as we cross Myanmar and enter Bangkok. Myanmar, which is famous for its monuments and architectural sites will give a much-needed respite for the tourists. Bagan, the world heritage site from the Mandalay region is a must-visit spot that cannot be missed. The city houses beautiful monuments and Buddhist temples. 

A beautiful city that picks the curiosity of travelers to know the ancient culture of Pagodas, who are scarcely populated here. It is an undervalued tourist spot due to the remoteness of its location. As we cruise along the border of India, we end up in Bangkok, which again stuns us with the opulence of its infrastructures. We cross the Mekong River as we bid bye to Thailand to enter the boundary of Asia and reach Laos.

Leg 2: Magnificent China in 15 nights and 16 days:

We will commence our leg 2 journey from Chengdu, and enjoy the pleasure of viewing the Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders that attract our eyeballs with its grandeur. As we drive along with the western borders of China, the mere journey would offer pleasantries filling our eyes with glaciers and snowy mountain drives. The views that capture our attention during this drive renders the most splendid experience of the expedition. Although we would miss the most happening cities like Shanghai, and Hong Kong, we would still have a liveliest journey that encompasses fun and relaxation to extremes.

Leg 3: Leading to Russia, in 21 Nights and 22 days:  

Starting this leg from Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek, we revolve around its borders to cross Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. As we tread along these unsung countries, we get to peep their beautiful spots. The snowy mountains and driveways of Kyrgyzstan will entice our eyes for eternity. The driveways are filled with glaciers and mountains, and our journey becomes an eyesight celebration of these wonderful locations. As we end our Leg 3, we land in the largest country Russia. We will never miss the richness of the country as it will flaunt its monuments and architectural beauties.

Leg 4: The End, to the UK in 15 nights and 16 days:

The last leg of our journey as we come to the end of this expedition will kick-start from Baltic countries. As we will cross through Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and London, the rich cities and marvelous infrastructures will welcome your visit in all these places.

Bus Facilities:

Traveling by bus is a marvelous experience in itself. The bus provides us with all the necessary equipment and accessories for such prolonged travel. The seats will have enough legroom, and there will also be regular digital provisions like free Wi-Fi and USBs. Emergency facilities like first-aid kits and essential medicines will be offered. Every seat will have enough space for the comfort of people with fold trays, bag hooks, and holders. Pantry is in-built as the food of our choice will be available frequently. The convenience of every passenger will be checked and validated from time to time.

As this trip is the first of its kind, it is prone to a lot of obstacles and minor blocks. So, we should get ready for whatever ensues, as we revel in the mission of enjoying this lovely trip. 

Tour Price

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