How You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Day At Home?

It is time of the year to spread thanks to the lovely people who have been part of your life. Families must have histories of celebrating this special day together with family, but the growing pandemic has ceased the fun of getting back together. Traveling and meeting up with people has become a far-fetched dream, and to fuel this shaky feeling, we now get to celebrate Thanksgiving without our close ones. 

However, nothing is too lost, as we can still celebrate Thanksgiving Day at home without any lapse of joy that is bound to stick with us during this time. There are ways to fill this gap by innovating and trying new things to score the celebration. Let us peek into some ideas.

Of course, going virtual!

As the norm of new-age goes, we have all resolved to welcome with open hands the service of technology because of this pandemic crisis. The advent of technology has largely paid off well enough to bridge the social-distancing woes the world has been facing these days. When everything has been shifted to online, why not celebrations? A video chat or face-timing your family eases the pressure of long-distance celebration. You can face-time your relatives and friends, and get the feel of getting back together. 

Though the mojo of a real meeting may not be obtained, you could still see them, hear their voices, and feel the bonding, almost bringing back the perks of your original Thanksgiving Day celebration. The Turkey you have cooked, with all the side dishes could be devoured while you have a long chat with your family and friends. This could brush up the memories of your previous Thanksgivings, as you reminisce and relish the moments of joy you’ve had in the past. This meeting will heal the blues of a homebound celebration which you have to put up with this year.

Potluck with Neighbours through Zoom-call.

Sometimes we are too tied up with traditions that shelving them once becomes too much to compromise. Potluck has been the protocol for Thanksgiving ever since it has been celebrated. We cannot let that tradition slide away even once by defeating the purpose of Thanksgiving Day. The only recourse to this is by sharing the menus you cooked with the neighbors by placing your dishes on their doorstep. This could be organized as an event, by preplanning the menus each of them would cook and the missing items can be availed from your neighbors. 

Planning the dishes will require a spreadsheet which should be mailed to the neighbors before Thanksgiving Day with details of your menu and the needed item to fulfill your dinner. If you could only roast a Turkey, the side dishes will be taken care of by your neighbors. Sprout salads, Pumpkin Pie, Deserts, Gratin, and Soups are the usual dinner menus. They can be consumed as you Zoom-call all the partakers of your dinner meal. This could serve as a virtual potluck dinner even though you miss the hugs, and kisses of these lovely people.

Thanksgiving is about saying Thanks!

The name only suggests the best method to celebrate the day. It is all about thanking and sending your gratitude to people. Send a note or mail to all the people who you owe a big thanks. Office workers, housekeeping staff, security, clerks, and helpers should be thanked and appreciated for their efforts. They should also be gifted with some token of appreciation or rewards. 

Meeting all of them could be far-fetched these days, but mailing them or reaching out to them through call or WhatsApp is possible. Thanking notes can be sent as emails even to our families and friends. The notes can also be discussed and shared in the aforementioned con-call forums. The satisfaction of duly celebrating Thanksgiving Day could be achieved by doing this.

A small outdoor party. No harm.

No harm could occur if we threw a small backyard party with all the rules of pandemic followed to perfection. With all the masking and distancing, we could still feel the sense of togetherness on this lovely day. The members could be your closer circle, as a larger gathering would rule out the social-distancing norms. Hence, by carefully positioning your dining chairs, and spacing your backyard, we could still call over people, and dine together in peace.


Charity is the best way of paying back your thanks. The pandemic has left some people miserable shattering their peace, jobs, and loved ones. The only way to uplift your normal Thanksgiving Day is by donating money and helping these people who have been marginalized due to COVID-19. Soothing their sobriety by rendering love and filling the absence with their loved ones could be a nice way to spend our Thanksgiving Day.


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