Places Where You Shouldn't Visit During Fall Season

Planning a vacation is like a ritual that involves so many checklists. Often touring a place gives us perks and enlightens our spirits, but if our trip fails to add the momentum, it will exhaust and drain your energy. Hence, touring the right place at the right time becomes a crucial step in planning a vacation.

Fall seasons are the threshold of winters, and the budding cold could add adverse effects to certain places. The bitter cold in some destinations spoils the elegance of the place and traps the tourists with difficulties and allergies. Some places during fall are conveniently dysfunctional leaving the visitors with limited infrastructures and spots. They end their journey by locking themselves in the resorts or homestays without enjoying the pleasures of those cities. Let’s dive into the details of places that should not be visited during fall and their categories.

Places with fall allergies:

The fall season is too popular for allergies as any traveler who ends up in a pollen affected city is bound to suffer his vacation as a patient. Sometimes people who are prone to seasonal allergies find themselves affected when traveling to these places. Avoiding a trip to these places from August to Mid-September to safeguard their health is a good strategy for planning a vacation. 

There are many pollen affected cities that account for pigweed, Burning bush, Mugwort, and Cocklebur infections which affect the people. The pollen cities are Louisville, Jackson islands, San Antonio in Texas, Daytona Beach in Florida, and Oklahoma City. Any coastal side of North America is best to be avoided due to the moist pollens that affect health.

Places that are too cold with heavy storms:

It is too common to escape the walls of your houses during winter to revel in the warmth of coastal and seaside regions. However, ending up in rain-affected areas or snowy places could dampen your mood for vacation. It is safer to stay away from these chilled places as the biting cold, and the wet atmospheres can take a toll on your body and mind. This will defeat the purpose of the vacation as it will be challenging to travel in that locality even if you are equipped with winter clothes and sweaters. The cold enters your nerves and makes you exhausted by numbing your movements.

Coastal areas near the Mediterranean suffer the freezing. The Mediterranean Sea, which is frozen in the mid-winters, does not provide any warmth in the fall seasons. Hence, travelers to this part of the world suffer from freezing temperatures and heavy storms locking themselves in their rooms.

Corsica in France, Santorini in Greece, Mallorca in Spain, Barcelona in Spain, and Cyprus are some Mediterranean destinations that are best to be avoided during fall.

Moist temperatures of coastal forests:

People tend to bask in the beauty of nature by traveling to deep cut forests during winters. The trip will be an adventure as hiking in the dense woods will give thrills and excitement. However, with any climate adversities, trailing inside the deep forests would hamper their fun. They will have to navigate through slippery slopes and roads, giving the hikers a difficult passage to reach their destinations. The wetlands and bitterly cold weather would decline the enjoyment of climbing and hiking.

Northeastern coastal forests such as England-Acadian forests, Appalachian-Blue Ridge forests, and mid-Atlantic Coastal forests, Long Island and Cape Cod in southeastern Massachusetts are some moist forests to be avoided during winters and autumns.

Transit Woes during fall seasons:

Sometimes when you fly to spend your vacation in a far off land, it is mandatory to stop for transits to reach the destination. If those places suffer from extreme weather conditions leaving passengers to suffer delays, it is better to reroute your travel plans which fits your timelines.

Scheduling a vacation and adhering to the itinerary of the travel is important to keep your spirits upbeat. Failing on the timelines would restrict your time in the intended destinations. Hence, avoiding transit airports that run the risk of delays is necessary for planning your vacation.

Chicago’s Midway Airport, Baltimore International Thurgood Marshall Airport, and Denver International Airport are some transit places to bypass.

Places that close down activities during fall:

Some places do not function during the fall season. They declare a holiday for travel agencies and tour guides by closing down all the tourist spots. They also sometimes shut down the infrastructures provided to tourists during that off-season till the weather condition improves. It would be a good idea to spend your time in less crowded areas, but the absence of any provisions or tourism activities will be a boring venture.

Coastal areas in England like Kennebunkport, Bar Harbour, and New Castle, New Hampshire are places that cease operations during mid-winters and autumns.

Places with short days:

Sometimes traveling to the Polar Regions is fun in their ways. People prefer to experience the deadly snows and cold temperatures as a respite from their moist places. However, there is an additional risk in exploring places like this. The days are shorter in these regions and most of the sight-seeing would have to be in the dark hours. Enjoying the view in daylight is essential to register the beauty of certain destinations, which is a rarity in Polar Regions. Hence, people who look out for beautiful sceneries to capture them in their memories or camera should alternatively plan their trips to these places during spring.

Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are destinations that have shorter days.


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