Best Places Where You Can Celebrate Diwali Festival

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Nov 11,2020

Diwali festival:

Deepavali (meaning a row of lamps), is the most excellent of all celebrations that are commended to avoid detestable powers and to acquire harmony and amiability in the lives of the individuals. Otherwise, called Diwali, it is commanded to love Goddess Laxmi, the divinity of riches. Deepavali is a celebration of the Hindus that means the triumph of good over insidiousness. It is also addressed as the festival of lights. 

Best places to celebrate Diwali:

Diwali is the most enjoyable festival every year for decades. To add some more sweets to your enjoyment on this day, this article has the 10 best places for your recommendation, which can delight your celebration of the festival of lights. These are the 10 places of India which always leaves you in exclamation on this day.

1. Amritsar

2. Varanasi

3. Udaipur

4. Kolkata

5. Jaipur

6. Goa

7. Delhi

8. Mumbai

9. Mysore

10. Madurai


The Golden Temple glimmers brilliantly on a normal day, yet come Diwali, its elaborate overlaid outside is tossed with a huge number of gleaming pixie lights, and the sky above, it is a vivid phantasmagoria of firecrackers. The Sikhs observe Bandi Chhor Divas, the freedom of their 6th master from jail, around the same time as Diwali, and the region around the Sri Harmandir Sahib beats with thrilled explorers. 


Varanasi, the endless city on the banks of the Ganga, has its one of a kind way of commending the Diwali celebration. While the sky develops dimly, many Diyas are placed above water into the stream by the crowds of lovers remaining consistent with an immortal custom. Indeed, even the Diyas skim all through the full range of the lake, which makes the sight life-changing to view. It appears like 1,000,000 stars have dropped upon the earth for tonight. The constant firecrackers, and the specific Ganga Aarti increment the splendor and the pleasantness of the nighttime.


A cool float on a boat across Lake Pichola is the best way to arrive at the sumptuous Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. Show up as expected for the inn's selective Diwali festivity, with flame lighting functions, petitions, and endowments. Get comfortable under the stars at Bhairo, the castle's housetop eatery, to observe a distinctive firecracker show burst over the sky, reflected, flash for sparkle, in Piccola's polished surface. 


Lakshmi, a supporter of flourishing, is the standard Hindu divinity that is worshipped at Diwali. Yet, Kolkata respects its supporter, holy person, the Dark Mother Kali. Earth likenesses of the considerable goddess enrich homes of fans over the West Bengali capital for Kali Puja, with hibiscus blossoms and desserts offered in kind for gifts. It's a propitious opportunity to take a plunge in the ghats of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple if you can arrange your way through the colossal crowds of pioneers to arrive. 


No place is the tremendous compass of Jaipur's horizon preferred refreshing over from the grand roost of Nahargarh Fort. Include the brilliant pop of firecrackers shining over the night sky, and this is the place where Diwali Festival of Lights satisfies its name. 


Just before Diwali in Goa, monster grimacing Papier–mâché effigies of the evil presence ruler Narakasura are fully loaded with fireworks and burnt at first light. It's an exciting, shading soaked function, and the best spot to encounter it is in Goa's capital Panaji/Panjim. Station yourself at extravagant boutique hotel Casa da Graça for an inviting retreat from all the dramatization. 


The full-bodied charm of India's biggest city uncovers itself at Diwali when the capital wears its glossiest luxury and heads out to celebrate in full power. The equivalent can be said of its shopping emporiums. Boutique village Dilli Haat is flooded with beautiful lights, sparkle plunged Diyas, and rich textures, while the preferences of Blind School Diwali Mela and Dastkar Nature Bazaar Festival of Lights sell everything from Orissan bronzes and Rajasthani cloaks to sequin-studded saris and tinkling anklets.


Even though most urban communities in India wager guarantee for its best Diwali party, Mumbai undoubtedly shows that it praises the celebration of lights simply like no other. It may maybe not be one of the standard spots to watch Diwali. Notwithstanding, it's seemingly among the exceptional dynamite. A territory that offers you the best experiences to observe Diwali is Marine Drive. The bend of this present Queen's neckband specifies a great scenery while the blasting firecrackers spoke to the shining waters of this inlet.


Royal residences of Mysore to be on vacation in October, Mysore looks nothing under an ideal location. Mysore Palace is lit in the night – a stunning sight. Somnathpur Temple is likewise an extraordinary spot to see close to Mysore. As the full city of Srirangapatna stands due to the heroics of Tipu Sultan-that the tiger of Mysore, the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam surprises individuals having its pervasive appeal and the lovely Brindavan Garden situated at its own feet. God's nation Kerala stays in its vicinity and to top everything, the comfortable climate won't permit you to move away. Diwali straightforwardly adds to the allure of Mysore that remains likely one of the most searched after spots to see India.


Also down south, Madurai's Meenakshi Temple can be a huge achievement for vacation destinations all through Diwali. The sanctuary has been lit up as a lady and incorporates unpredictably drawn rangolis sprinkled with blossom adornments. This protracted end of the week passage ought to likewise have a buying binge together Vengala Kadai Street and South Masi Street into your quest for textures. Wind by fiddling at the astounding provincial eateries of Jigarthanda, Muttai Parotta, and the deft Madurai-style dosas. This overall experience is probably going to create this little occasion satisfaction for your spirit and sight. Book Tamilnadu Temple Tour to encounter the building magnificence at its pinnacle.

Let the celebration begin:

Diwali is very special to all Indian citizens. Let's celebrate it with our hearts full of love and joy. To make this year unforgettable, let's travel to these places at least on this day as we have caged ourselves inside 4 walls in this lockdown. Take the needed safety measures to have a joyful and safe celebration.

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