Awesome Tips For A Great Tahiti Vacation Under Your Budget

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Nov 09,2020

No matter which destination it is, it is always possible to travel on a tight budget if you plan right. Tahiti is one such destination which comes as an expensive vacation package. But not always.

Be it a honeymoon or a family trip, Tahiti pleases all. It is also known as the Hawaii of French Polynesia. This is the largest island in French Polynesia and hence, it is exorbitant. The lagoons, roulettes, and island-hopping adventures are a once in a lifetime experience. 

This island doesn’t easily get into every close-fisted budget. But by following a few tips and tricks, you can enjoy your vacation in one of the most marvelous islands and save your cash. 

Here’s a Tahiti travel guide that will help you make an affordable vacation plan. 

Book your trip early: 

Tahiti is a top-rank destination that is second to none. Its beautiful beaches call for a serene time in the islands. Hence, it is always crowded all-year-round. It is advised to book your vacation package for almost 90 to 120 days in advance. Many Tahitian resorts and travel agencies offer significant discounts and upgrades for travelers who book about six months in advance. 

Travel during the offseason:

Tahiti is a sunny region but it receives its share of rain too. The months from March to November are the high season. During this time, the island is crowded with tourists generally. However, the low or the shoulder season, i.e. from December to February is when the prices are favorable. A few series of showers may pour down, but they hardly ruin the vacation package. Book your trip during these months to save your money. 

Include the travel agency in your trip planning:

Most people think that a travel agency is an extra burden on the travel budget. But that isn’t true. Rather, a travel agent helps plan your trip accurately. As an individual traveler, one may not get to know the tricks of travel planning concerning the destination. However, a travel agent knows the fares, and discounts on the destination well. You might stumble upon a cheaper package deal than you could ask for!

Check out for the in-island options:

Island-hopping will be a part of your Tahiti vacation package. You will have to explore various mini islands near Tahiti. Travel to the neighboring islands is short and arranged by flights. AirTahiti is the domestic flight service offered in Tahiti. This air service offers a good discount on air passes making your island-hopping adventures feasible. Ferry and boat rides are available for typical islands, but usually don't offer discounts. Moreover, traveling via flights saves your time. 

Opt for Airbnb:

There are international hotel chains in Tahiti, but they may poke a hole in your travel budget. But the best part is there are many independently owned villas and AirBnB put up for accommodation by the hosts. They are equally beautiful and fantastic. Tahitians are hospitable and welcome their guests warmly.

Airbnb is an interesting and affordable way to explore a destination. Tahiti’s AirBnB is an evolving sector. Since almost everything in Tahiti is all about islands, these AirBnB offer scenic views at cheaper prices. Moreover, Airbnb accommodations help tourists gain an in-depth perception of the culture and customs of the destination. 

Choose from the options carefully:

The first thing that comes to mind about Tahiti is the overwater villa. It is the charm of French Polynesia. Sadly, these villas don’t fit into penny-pinching travel budgets. But the best part? There are many other beautiful places and guest houses that are equally spellbound! 

Similarly, if you book excursion activities through your resort, the rates may be quite high. The best way to indulge in activities and entertainment in Tahiti is by choosing activities through local guides.

Visit the lesser-known islands:

Yes, Bora Bora and Moorea are the star islands in Tahiti. But there are other islands which are mesmerizing. Moreover, these islands are less crowded and are affordable. Huahine, Tikehau, Raiatea, and Fakarava are some undiscovered islands that are great choices for a vacation package. 

Travel local: 

Traveling local helps travelers to get the best deals. It is when you mingle with the locals that you get to know how to explore the island cheaper and easier. Local guides in Tahiti charge less as compared to resorts. 

Eat smarter:

Just like everything, dining in Tahiti is overpriced. But Tahitian cuisine is not to be missed! Alcohol is expensive and thus, travelers can buy affordable wine and drinks at the local markets. Resorts may charge higher prices and hence choosing to eat local will be better. There are various marts and food corners on the islands. 

Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, is known for its Roulettes. They are food trucks that offer the best and tastier Tahitian cuisine. This place will be loved by food lovers. 

Go for the freebies:

Tahiti is expensive but just like other destinations, there are various free things to enjoy. Some free things include The Museum of Tahiti and most of the hiking trails. Other free things include the Papeete market, Faarumai waterfalls, and other lesser-known islands. 

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