The Best Fall Vacations For Travel-Lovers

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Sep 02,2020

No matter what, there is no one around the world who doesn't like to explore new places. Traveling rejuvenates mood instantly, but due to pandemic, travelers are not able to quench their wanderlust. In this article, we'll be reading about the best destination to visit during one of the most lovely seasons of the year called Fall.

During this season you can feel cool air touching your soul, and body, leaves will get brighter & brighter colors, in short, it's just perfect weather for anyone to enjoy their trip.

Now the question will arise: Where we should head for our Fall vacation?

But no worries we are here to solve your query with our view. So let's start with the destination you should visit during the Fall.

Why Asheville?

The simple answer is it has everything that people look out for the Fall trip. Asheville has unique shops that will attract you towards them, a perfect brewery to get into, & some extremely talented local street performers. Basically Asheville is situated in North Carolina, the U.S. Some surveys have found that it is the 12th most popular city in the United States, so it will be worth visiting Asheville and that too in the fall.

Blue Ridge Mountain will be ready to welcome you in some colorful manner, leaves of trees turn into some red color while some in yellow & orange which gives you an elegant feel.

Generally, fall season starts in the month of September and ends in November so visiting Asheville, during these months can be a good choice. 

Asheville offers you one of the best Fall foliage seasons of your life. From the last week of September, the color of leaves starts changing to some spotty color at the height of 6000+ feet in the highest mountain.

Where to visit?

There are a lot more options available in front of you to explore for your Fall vacations. Such as Asheville in North Carolina, New York City, Sonoma from California, Flagstaff from Arizona, etc. and much more.

In this article, we'll be seeing more relatable information related to Asheville which is located in North Carolina. Asheville is named as the top city for Wine Producers in the United States. Wine lovers love to visit on various occasions just to enjoy such a delightful wine of all-time.

Which are the fall events?

There are a lot more local street events in the fall which you can enjoy.

1) Drum circle:- 

If you are visiting Asheville in the month of October then you shouldn't miss the Drum Circle event. It offers one of the best events. Basically on every Friday Drummer's will be at Pritchard Park on Patton Avenue at College Street. 

Anyone can participate in this fest as it is absolutely free of cost for visitors as well as for locals. People enjoy dancing here on the tune of drums with various age groups, so it is just more than an awesome experience one can have.

2) Orchard Trail Days:-

Normally these days are celebrated to kick start the apple harvest season which usually takes place at the end of August till the middle of November. North Carolina produces Apples to a large extent. 

During this activity, many families or people from different age groups offer fun activities which include inflatables, wagon rides, corn mazes, food trucks and tours, apple cannons & many more.

3) Labour Day Weekend: -

Asheville offers some adventurers activities on Labour Day weekend such as hiking, rafting the rapids, zip line, tube down the rivers, etc such exciting games. 

If you are visiting Asheville and not going to this activity can be a hurtful decision you can take. You will see a friendly fight between contestants to win the game. So visiting once, there will be a good choice you can take.

4) Maggie Valley: - 

It is such an event that any art lover shouldn't miss. Maggie Valley is basically a famous resort in North Carolina. It offers you plenty of Craft shops, so it will be a good opportunity to visit them. 

It also gives you fun festivals, cars & motorbike rides, fun motels, etc in their Valley Resort. Visiting Maggie Valley, during winter can be real fun in fact. They offer one of the best ski & snowboards to you.

5) Shindig on the Green: - 

Roger McGuire Green at Pack Square Park in front of City Hall holds the best music & dance festival. Visitors, local public, and all other people out there reach the destination during sunset time and enjoy the best-combined show of Music & Dance. Extremely talented musicians & dancers show their skills up in front of you which also makes you cherish for that moment.

6) Chow Chow: Asheville Food Festival:-

For the last 2 years, Asheville has been organizing a Food Festival which every foodie loves the most. Every food lover out there in Asheville visits this festival without any delay. Everyone who is participating in this festival shows their talent for food making in this contest & makes spectators die to taste the food.

There is one Maker's Market which provides you Curated selection of food, kitchen & cooking gadgets to buy for visitors.

Thus, many festivals have been held in Asheville in the fall which attracts many visitors to them. So visiting Asheville from North Carolina in a fall season will be a good idea for any travel enthusiast out there. 

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