How COVID-19 Has Boosted Camping Trips Among Travelers

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Aug 28,2020

Traveling agencies have got some serious downfall because of this COVID 19 Pandemic. Right now every person related to travel is on the knee because of this. Everywhere around the globe, doctors are finding a vaccine for COVID 19; however, it seems like COVID severe  impact won’t remain for a longer time. 

Every travel agency, tourist guides, and also travelers are facing some serious issues due to Pandemic. After the end of the lockdown, it won't be that easy to restart travel along with the world or to go camping. Recovering from lockdown won't be that easy but by taking a few precautions it will be possible.

As soon as pandemic gets over every travel enthusiast, camping lovers would look for going camping, but camping is what everyone loves beyond the limit. So here are some tips for camping post pandemics.

According to various surveys held online 40% of people are saying that they will complete their camping plans which they will have to cancel forcefully due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of COVID lockdown, everyone was locked in their house for safety purposes which made everyone monotonous due to daily schedule thus to lighten the mood and get relaxation from this most people will try to get out of the house and enjoy some outside activity.

An important fact that will improve camping in their respective nation:

As we all know it is highly impossible that international boundaries will open soon so inter-country traveling, camping will increase due to this which will also help to improve the economy to somewhat extent to every country.

Smart tips you can adopt while camping post-COVID Pandemic:-

1) Taking your Camping kit with you -

Keeping your camping kit with you will be the smartest decision you can take considering the current situation. As you will be extra careful in your camping hut taking each & every care by health concern. 

It will be a one-time investment for you as well because you can use it for further camping's also so taking one camping kit will be a good decision for you. If you have a total camping kit then you don't have to depend upon other things as a kit will come up with a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bags, etc.

2) Explore such places where there will be less crowd:-

Everyone will accept the fact that if anyone goes camping after lockdown then they would prefer to go with closed family members, friends, etc. so choosing such a destination where there will be less crowd compared to other places will be a good option for safe camping. Also, you can opt for some adventure activities like trekking, kayaking for a change because it will make your mood fresh.

3) Keeping your group small:-

Due to the fear of the spread of disease going on camping with selected people like your family members, friends will give you assurance related to safety issues as they will be with you only so the chance of getting caught with any kind of virus will be below.

4) Camping near your house location:-

Most of the campers will choose this option due to safety norms because camping in nearby areas will give a very low chance of risk involvement. As per various surveys done by travel companies, it says almost 60% of people feel it is safe to camp around house locations.

5) Following health-related norms:-

Wearing masks, applying sanitizer has become a new normal since COVID has entered our life so using all safety-related things will have priority over anything. So, you can't compensate for this.

6) Keep a hygiene pack with you every time:-

Everyone will make sure that they will take care of themselves but you can't deny the fact that you will accidentally touch someone's camera, mobile and if there is no running-water around then using a hygiene pack will be a boon for you.

7) Keeping everything ready before you leave so that you won't have to stop in between:-

Though you have selected a spot near your house you will be going through public to reach your destination so keeping everything ready before leaving will make one thing sure that you won't have to stop in between your journey for picking something as it will reduce your contact with people and lowers your risk factor related to health.

8) Try to travel in your own vehicle:-

As public transport is at high risk, nowadays, so using your own vehicle will be a good solution over this as there will be no outsider than your family so less contact with people, and also a low-risk factor so choosing private vehicles will be a good choice.

9) Avoid sharing such things that will touch directly to your face, nose, eyes, etc. :-

Keeping your groceries separate is what we will suggest to you because it will lessen your chance of getting caught with a virus, as it will be your own grocery. You will be extra cautious related to the hygiene of that product.

Once travel becomes safe, most probably travel agencies will have a great boost to their respective jobs. Every camper will say the same thing that after pandemic gets over one thing they will do on a priority basis will be traveling may it be camping, hiking, roaming around the world, road trips, or any other tourism will get a boost due to this.

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