Get A Complete New Travel Experience With England Vacation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Aug 27,2020

Everyone in this world dreams of traveling around the globe. Especially in European countries because of its well-known infrastructures, facilities, technical growth, improvement's in every field, and various other sightseeing spots.

So if you are planning to visit England for the first time, may it be with your family or your friends, we are here to give you a complete travel experience to one of those European countries which are popularly known as England. 

Introduction of England:-

Basically England is a part of the United Kingdom (UK). There are a total of 51 number of cities in England & every country is popular from their own perspective. But being a normal/general guy we always wonder about cities like London, Manchester, Oxford, etc. but every city has its specific identity which attracts tourists.

If you are visiting for the first time to England then this is the things you should look for:-

1) Don't cover the whole country:-

Never try to visit the whole country in one go as it will make you tired & also won't give you much time to visit every place, so it will be good for you if you try to stick to the selected destination as it will give you much more relaxation and enjoyment.

2) Booking well in advance:-

Planning for a trip well in advance gives you time to check up on everything in detail, so booking your trip tickets, hotels will give you a discount as it will reduce your budget value. So booking in advance will give you a good chance to save your money.

3) Try to avoid shopping in London:-

London is the costliest city you will ever come across, so avoiding shopping in London will be a wise decision one can ever take. If you are willing to do the shopping then avoid doing it on weekends or holidays. So shopping on weekdays will give you some relaxation in costing.

4) Taking London Pass:-

It will increase your chances to visit most of the places in London compared to a low cost, so going for that option will reduce your time, give you relaxation in money & also will give you a chance to visit some places free of cost. That’s the best option for those people who want to explore each and every corner under their budget.

Best season to visit England :- 

If you don't love the winter, then avoid going in November - December. So visiting in June to August will give you good comfort in traveling.

Visiting in the Christmas season will be a bit costly for you, but it will give you a huge amount of fun as at Christmas the whole of England celebrates the festival.

Things to visit in England - 

1) London:-

Starting from London, your England trip is assumed to be incomplete if you haven't visited London on that trip, such as the popularity of London. But one thing about London is here everything is quite costly compared to other cities but London offers you the best quality of restaurants, bars, pubs, etc.

London is always a crowded & costly city, so if you tried to avoid visiting during Summer Vacation, you can save some amount from your budget. London is the financial capital of the whole United Kingdom.

2) Lake District:-

If you are visiting England in summer then going to Lake district will give you good fun. It is located in Northern England, if you are a mountain person, then this place is best for your trip, but during summer it's much more crowded.

3) The Cotswolds:- 

The Cotswolds is the place where you will see nature at its best, nature lovers always wish to visit that place because of its beauty.

4) Cambridge:-

It's a small city compared to other cities in England, so if you are planning for a short trip, Cambridge will be a good choice for you to visit. Don't forget to visit King's College, St. Mary Church in Cambridge city as it is worth watching.

5) Manchester:-

It is well established and one of the most famous cities in the world. It is located in northern England. It's a Victorian architect is the world's best architect & one of the main reasons to visit Manchester is their football club. Manchester United is a well-known football club so visiting their home ground is a huge honor for football fans.

6) Lord's Ground:-

Any cricket fan won't have to ask to visit the World Famous Lord's Cricket Ground. It's one of the famous & glorious cricket grounds in the whole world and it is worth watching. So visiting there once will be a dream come true for real cricket fans.

Bentley Mulsanne the famous car company has its origin in England.

Things you should pack in your bag:-

1) If you are visiting England in winter keeping Denim clothes will be a wise choice

2) Always carry your Passport, visa, identity card with you while roaming around the city.

3) Keeping a good handy camera must always be there with you as you know by seeing that much scenery in England, so you can't stop yourself from clicking those images.

Other things to take in mind:-


The Mother tongue of England is English so you should have an average hold on English before visiting as it will be good for you.


England's currency is British Pound. So always make sure you have converted currency to Pounds while visiting England.


In England, you don't have to be cautious related to safety issues as England is one of the low violent countries. Safety is always their top priority.

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