Here's What To Add To Your September Trip To Montego Bay

Montego Bay is a Jamaican city & the capital of Parish of St. James. It is popularly known for its tourism, and it is also known for MoBay. It has several beaches, resorts & main attractions of the Cruise line. It is also famous for Duty-free shopping.


Everyone in this world loves to travel and we will be reading some things to look out for while you are planning to visit a beautiful city of Jamaica, Montego Bay. So, let's see what you can add to your list if you are planning to visit Montego Bay in the month of September.

Things that you cannot miss in Montego Bay:- 

1) Beaches

The first and very foremost thing you can do in Montego Bay is relaxing from your hectic day-to-day routine. If you are going on a Family trip then Doctor's Cave Beach is perfect for you to kick-start your trip in Montego Bay.

Doctor's Cave Beach also provides theme park for children, as well as there are go-karting & water slides facilities available to make you feel more energetic.

If you are a party animal then must visit 876 Beach Club which is just on the outskirts of City it offers you music entertainment sports plus all lunch snack and most favorite Bar option.

2) Beautiful Maratha Brea River Rafting is must

If you are in Montego for adventure + romantic time, the Maratha Brea River Rafting is what you can't miss. It gives you a much-wanted peaceful river ride. You have a chance to go down for almost 4 - 5kms of boat/rafting ride.

3) Don’t miss Dunn's River falls:-

The one who is a fan of famous musician Bob Marley will surely get to know about Dunn's River falls because the birthplace of Bob Marley is Nine Mile which is just nearby to Dunn's River Falls. Another Speciality of these falls is that they fall from almost 170 - 180m high into the sea. You can spend your whole one day in Dunn's River Falls  & Nine Mile this will provide you plenty of fun.

4) Visit the Vintage Rockland Bird Sanctuary:-

Visiting Rockland bird sanctuary will be a blessing for Photographer's & Bird enthusiasts as this sanctuary has exotic & endemic species of birds. You can see here the national bird of MoBay Jamaica, which is the 2nd name of Montego Bay.

Things you should carry while visiting Mobay:-

As we all know Jamaica has all-time hot & has unique sunny weather, especially in August & September, it is highly hot weather, so you should have proper precautious things you must carry.

1) Full Sleeve Rash Guard:- 

Using Rashguard is the only & best solution one can have while visiting Mobay. If you are roaming around Jamaica without full sleeves rash guard, it will surely burn your skin.

2) Underwater Camera:- 

As we all know Water sports are famous here in Mobay, so to capture every moment you had in water sports you should have an underwater camera that is affordable to you as per your budget.

3) Keeping Sand Resisting Umbrella:-

If you are smart enough to make any decision, you will carry a Sand Resisting Umbrella with you while visiting Mobay.

4) Keeping Mosquito Repellant Ready:-

It will turn out to be a wise decision, as Jamaica is full of Tropicals. It is not at all a surprise for anyone there will be a huge amount of Mosquitoes, ready to suck your blood, so it's a necessary pick for your list.

5) Waterproof Phone Case:-

When you visit Montego Bay, by default, you will be in constant touch with water as beaches there are that much attractive to drag you in the water so having a waterproof phone case will be a good decision to avoid any last-minute rush.

6) Beach Bag/Sand Resistant Blanket:-

As from the previous point related to water, you will also need a Beach bag or Sand Resistant Bag in your packing list. If you are having any one of these two, then you will face Zero problems on the beach related to enjoyment. So having them will be a wise choice for all.

7) Less Denim Wears:-

Carrying fewer denim wears will be a smart decision as a traveler, as in Jamaica in the rainy season. Also, the temperature is somewhat hot, therefore, using denim wears is useless. Avoiding denim would be a wise decision.

Things to be taken care while you are in Montego Bay:-

1) Asking Strangers for Lift:-

As you will be unfamiliar with the area you must think of asking for help from strangers by asking them for the lift in their car. However, this will turn out to be a dangerous decision for you as there is high theft risk in Montego bay, so you should avoid asking for lifts.

2) Changing Currency:-

You must have changed your currency to the Jamaican dollars as none of the shopkeepers take other currency. So, if you mistakenly forgot to change it, then do it on an immediate basis as it will end up with some worse result.

3) Choosing Hotels:-

Sometimes while looking at the budget we opt for small hotels. In other cases, it will be a good move but in Jamaica, as you know the theft rate here is high so avoid trying low budget or small scale hotels.

High scale hotels will cost more but it will be safe and as you know nothing is more important than your safety. 

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