What You Should Avoid On Cuba Vacations?

Woman in popular area in old Havana, Cuba

Cuba, which is a country in the Caribbean, is a famous tourist spot with beautiful destinations such as Havana, it's capital, Varadero, Old Havana, Trinidad, Vinales, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Caya Coco, Santa Clara, Cayo Largo del Sur, Cayo Santa Maria, Holguin, Baracoa, Camaguey, Soroa and many more which are included in their vacation packages. Each destination has a beauty of its own, which has helped Cuba earn a reputation for being one of the world's most beautiful countries. 


People from all over the world come to Cuba to spend their vacations in this spectacular place and make proper utilization of the vacation packages. It is famous for its beaches, fascinating architecture, rum, Cuban cocktails, music, cigars, classic American cars, Heritage sites, unique flora and fauna, and last but not least, the welcoming nature and the kind hearts of Cuban people. 


Its beauty has a way of capturing people, making it hard for people to leave this place. But, there are two sides to each coin. Like that, along with its beauty, Cuba comes with some set of rules that one should follow before planning a vacation in this beautiful country of Cuba. Let's see what you should avoid on Cuba vacations to have a pleasant and peaceful stay.


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Things to Avoid on Your Cuba Vacations


1) Talking about politics in Cuba is off-limits. People get uncomfortable when you criticize the government, and it will be of no surprise if they call the police on you and blame you for being a subversive foreigner. This is because even though the countrys government has reformed a lot from past conditions, it remains a communist country, and criticizing it can bring a lot of trouble. So this is strictly forbidden according to the vacation packages.


2) There's also a strange rule about tourists staying in the blue as Casas only. As Cuba is a tourist spot, the countrys income mostly comes from tourism, it has arranged a network of beds and breakfasts all over the country, known as Casas. It provides rooms and food for people visiting the country. There are two types of as Casas: blue as Casas and orange as Casas. The orange as Casas is only meant for the Cuban people, and a foreigner staying in them can cause a lot of trouble for the foreigner and the owner of the casa, and thus, one should stick to staying in the blue as Casas only.


3) People often fall in love with this place when they visit it and want to spend more time there, but as the saying goes, All good things come to an end, visitors sadly cant fulfill their wish of staying in Cuba for more than 60 consecutive days. Yes! Its not allowed in Cuba for visitors to wait more than 60 straight days. This rule is heartbreaking for the people who love Cuba and want to use Cuba to escape their hectic lifestyle by staying there for an extended period of time. So people must avoid this point according to the vacation packages.


4) The next rule is very important for the Journalists who are planning to visit Cuba and maybe planning to work there. Its not allowed to work on a tourist visa in Cuba, and people may report you to the police if they find you doing so. Journalists who go there in the hopes of making some documentary about Cuba should be cautious while doing so as one wrong question to one wrong person can lead you to spend a night or two in jail.


5) It is also prohibited to take photos of police or soldiers in Cuba. This rule is widespread in most of the communist countries. Professional photographers or keen hobbyists should be careful while clicking pictures in Cuba. As one photo of the police or soldier and you might get accused of espionage.


6) This is not a rule and more of an advice for a more beautiful experience in Cuba, and that is, Dont be shy while visiting Cuba. When it comes to the people, they are very cheerful and loud. They love to dance, drink, and party and they tend to force the tourists to do so. Its better that you learn some Spanish and dance along their tunes to make memories and friends. You can be anything you want in Cuba, but being a wallflower is certainly not among them!


7) Cubas currencies tend to confuse people as the country uses two currencies, the convertible pesos, and Cuban pesos. One convertible peso is equal to 26 Cuban pesos. One should have proper knowledge about the currency before coming to Cuba to avoid confusion.


8) Theres no doubt that Cuba has a beauty that is hard to beat, but the country faces some real problems, and one may not find all types of comforts there. You may not find essential commodities such as toothpaste, toilet paper, and many more. It is advised that you should come prepared with all the items you need.


9) Its rude in Cuba to blow your nose or spit in public, and people may give you dirty looks for doing so. So, if you want to get along with Cuban people, you should avoid blowing your nose or spitting in public and finding it somewhere private.


10) Cuban people are amicable, and you might see a group of people drinking from the same glass, and they pass you on to do the same; you should never say no! Cuban people take offense if you do so.

Cuba is one of the best places to visit and enjoy your vacation. I hope this article will help you plan a fantastic holiday in Cuba while taking the necessary precautions. Happy Vacationing!

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