Definite Things To Skip During Argentina Family Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Aug 04,2020

Being a tourist is not an easy job as we have to keep in mind the potential cultural missteps and linguistic misunderstandings. Argentina’s vacation packages do not include comfortable places to visit, and it comes with its own obstacles to navigate. In this article, we have listed some things that every tourist should definitely avoid in Argentina to make their stay.

Avoid Wearing Expensive Jewelry in Public.

If you visit any place in Argentina which is included in their vacation package, you will notice that no one is dripping with diamonds. This is because the locals know about the dangers of getting mugged in plain sight. It's not like Argentina is more dangerous than other countries, but if you avoid taking any expensive jewelry with you, it will make your holiday hassle-free. There is no point in spending an hour in the police station while on vacation.

Never Give Uninformed Opinions About Politics.

Unlike many countries, young and old people of Argentina know their politics, and their society is well versed in the complexities of the political arena. So, do not even attempt to get into an argument with any local regarding Argentina’s political situation. Politics is such a big part of their lives that it can genuinely split families and friends apart. So, keep this in mind and avoid having discussions regarding this. But if you are really curious, then you can ask someone and listen. 

Call Las Malvinas ‘The Falkland Islands’.

The British people don’t have a good reputation in Argentina due to the 1982 Falklands Islands. Argentina’s vacation package maintains that Las Malvinas, the local name for the islands, belongs to them. So don’t mention the war to them or you can provoke a tirade of passionate discourse that can even end in a fight or two. So, you need to avoid the subject altogether and if you have to talk about it then never call them the Falklands. Call them Las Malvinas.

Always Arrive on Time.

You may think that this is a stupid thing but arriving on time for any scheduled event is a mistake. The tourists often get irritated and angry when they come to any place on time, and then stand around, waiting for someone to show up or any event to start. You can give yourself an extra 30 minutes to reach somewhere, and you will be alright.

Avoid “Bus Tour” In Buenos Aires.

You need to know that Buenos Aires is not a great city for sightseeing from a bus. There is not much interesting to see from afar. The famous sights such as Portenos, Obelisco, and the Floralis Generica look cooler only in pictures, and you can avoid doing a bus tour for them.

Walking or cycling is the best way to know about Buenos Aires. All the barrios are distinctive, and places such as Recoleta is why Buenos Aires is known as the “Paris of the South”. The whole city is incredibly flat, which makes it cycle friendly with bike lanes spread across the entire city, and there are loads of places to rent bikes for meagre prices.

Never Go For Clothes Shopping.

Don’t even try clothes shopping. There are loads of shops filled with terrible quality clothes. The prices are ridiculous as well. Their clothes sizes are also measured differently to cater for Argentines. However, this place is so beautiful to buy branded clothes. 

Instead of clothes, you can buy leather. It is a gift sent from fashion gods. They are cheap, excellent in quality, and with different options to choose from. Villa Crespo in Buenos Aires is heaven for leather, and you can find anything there. 

Do Not Specify How You Would Like Your Meat Cooked.

You should be prepared to get an overcooked and dry steak if you don’t specify how you want it cooked. You should know that people here prefer meat deader than dead, so it's best to order a steak that is cooked medium rare if you want to taste the deliciousness of Argentine beef.

Expect Picante to Mean Spicy.

Spicy food may be prevalent in many corners of the world, but not in Argentina. In the vacation package it is noted that they have a conservative palette, and only a few years ago, genuinely spicy sauces were introduced in restaurants. Spice has been a favorite for many years in the southern parts of the country, but ensure you don’t get fooled when something is labeled Picante(spicy). It may be tasty for the locals, but for tourists, it merely tickles the tongue with a tingle of spice.

Avoid Leaving Your Hotel Before 10 A.M.

If you are a working person and always get ready by 8 am to get your morning coffee before getting the bus to work, then you will enjoy your time in Argentina and leave that life behind. Not much happens before 10 am and you can forget getting your coffee at 8 am because nothing will be open. You can relax and enjoy your little break because it's pointless to leave your house before 10 am.

Follow Through on Plan When It’s Raining.

People’s attitude towards rain in Argentina is one of the best things. When it rains here, it rains heavily, and this gives locals the freedom to cancel any plans. It's a great excuse to cancel boring meetings or unwanted lunches. You can give yourself a rest day.

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