Unlock Yourself With A Perfect Costa Rica Vacation

As many destinations in the world have started to relax the lockdown, travel, and the tourism industry is all set to welcome international tourists from all over the world. Some locations have reported fewer coronavirus cases in the last 14 days. Whereas, other destinations promise to implement first-class health protocols for the safety of tourists.

So finally, it’s time to “unlock” your wardrobe, get the suitcase out, and pack your clothes! The time is just right to create a vacation package for some beguiling destinations and wash the lockdown blues away. 

What's more perfect than Costa Rica to do so? 

Central America’s Costa Rica is a serene destination with an equal number of natural resources and spine-chilling adventures. Wild tropical woods, beaches, bridges, and an insightful culture to explore, a vacation to this unique country will be worth it! 

Make sure you add these below mentioned locations and adventures to your Costa Rica vacation package

  1. Manuel Antonio National Park:

Did you know that Costa Rica is one of the few destinations in the world best known for wildlife? For some, exploring the animal kingdom is the cardinal reason for visiting the country.

Vacation packages offer tours to the Manuel Antonio National park for those who crave natural vibes. The park is known for its forests, wildlife, and neighboring beaches. It is a picturesque combination of dominating trees, mangrove swamps, islands, lagoon, and coral reefs against a striking backdrop of the vast blue sea. 

It is one of the best destinations for wildlife photography. The park is home to rare butterflies, sloths, iguanas, capuchins, howler monkeys, and innumerable species of birds. The park has a good amount of the world’s squirrel monkeys, an endangered species. Dolphins are at times visible from the shore. Travel experts suggest taking a guided tour since the guides are better aware of where and when specific rare animals can be seen. 

The main highlight of the national park is the beach. This most popular beach may get crowded by the evening. Nevertheless, it’s the best option for a snorkeling adventure. 

  1. Wellness tourism:

Costa Rica’s splendid landscape is chosen by people who wish to deviate from their work desk and stress. 

Wellness tourism is a growing choice of tourism amongst travelers these days. Due to constantly being stuck in the rut of life, people often lose focus on their mental health and wellbeing. The perfect way to energize the heart and soul is to visit a destination that will purify your mind. 

For Costa Rica, wellness is a part of life. The location is filled with brimming nature everywhere, and a limited number of urban features. Practice mindfulness by undertaking activities such as forest bathing, healthy natural food, spa, trekking, etc. 

Like the Japanese signify “ikigai”, Costa Ricans celebrate “Pura Vida.” It means to live simply. For Costa Rica, it’s a way of living life. Needless to say, the average longevity span of the people is higher. 

  1. San José:

Known for old mansions and gastronomy, the capital city San José is all about museums, plazas, markets, and other notable buildings. Tourists prefer beaches and national parks, but this city is nothing less of a spectacle.

Teatro Nacionale is where you should ideally start your San José trip. This renowned building was constructed in the 19th century. Well known for its neoclassical architectural style, art events and performances are held throughout the year. The building has statues of Beethoven and several 19th-century paintings by versatile artists add more to its beauty. 

The Museo Jade has the largest collection of jade. It is a semi-precious stone available in Central America. Paintings and carvings made on this beautiful stone depict Mayan Gods, animals, and mythical creatures. The museum offers insightful knowledge about the origin and culture of Costa Rica.

The Barrio Amón location has many vintage plazas that have been transformed into hotels and cafés. From classic art deco structures to solitary lanes, it’s the best option for those who love to explore architecture. Good for a stroll.

What’s more authentic than shopping in busy markets? Mercado Central is crowded, but it’s a one-stop destination where one gets everything Costa Rica is known for. Don’t forget to buy the indigenous coffee beans and Pura Vida shirts!

  1. Adventures galore:

Costa Rica’s diverse and rich landscape paves the way for a countless number of adventures to undertake. 

This destination offers you a chance to explore trees via high suspension bridges. See the world from above. That’s where you get the pure vibe of nature. Aquatic adventures include kayaking, snorkeling, tubing, river rafting, paddleboarding, deep-sea diving, and whatnot! April to November is the time to enroll in wind sports. Challenge the course of the wind and prove you are faster! Kitesurfing and windsurfing adventures are offered by the tour operators. 

Other adventures include ziplining, cable car rides, rappelling, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, golf, fishing, etc.

  1. Playa Jaco:

Playa Jaco is Costa Rica’s famous beach destination. Unlike the solitude you will feel in other locations, this beach offers invigorating nightlife, party atmosphere, and unstoppable waves.

People prefer Playa Jaco over any other since it is suitable for a wide range of activities such as sunbathing, suntanning, fishing, swimming, etc. Tourists should undertake water activities in caution since there will be strong currents in the sea at times. Vacation packages offer surfing sessions from experienced surfers. It is also popular in promoting ecotourism, wherein activities such as horseback riding, jungle safaris, hiking, canopy tours, bird watching, are offered to tourists. 

Various international restaurants serve the best of Costa Rican cuisines such as Gallo pinto, Olla de Carne, Casado, Sopa Negra, Plantains, Tamales, Refrescos, Tres Leches Cake, and many more. 

Playa Jaco appeals to people who want to dissolve into solitude as well as stay afloat. It’s here where one will find all urban facilities, next to San José.

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