Corona-Safe Trips For Mexico 2020: Places To Visit

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jul 29,2020

If there’s any “fall in love at first sight” kind of country, then it has to be Mexico. Like a crown in North America, Mexico has a balanced set of all landscapes found on earth: vast beaches, verdant jungles, long roads, dominating mountain ranges, palm trees, and many more. Many documentaries, museums, and galleries project the history and cultural aspects of this Hispanic nation. But a true Mexican knows many things are waiting to be explored. It’s all up to you, as a traveler or tourist to decode this country as a vacation package.

Sadly, Mexico, like all other destinations, had to close its borders due to coronavirus. The pandemic escalated beyond the limit and the country had to enforce stringent lockdowns.

Recently, Mexico reopened its borders for tourism. But, it has also enlisted several updates concerning travel. Here’s a complete list of places tourists can travel now and other measures taken by the country. Tourists should be aware of these updates before preparing a vacation package

Places deemed safe to travel:

Mexico enforced phased lockdowns. It has created a list classifying the states according to the consequences of the coronavirus. States with surging coronavirus cases are termed as red. Whereas, states with low coronavirus rates are termed as orange by the Mexican government. 

Some locations which can be added to your vacation package are as follows:

 1. Campeche:

Campeche is Mexico’s “rainbow city.” Moreover, it is one of the safest locations in Mexico. Tourists fall in love with its vibrant appearance. 

The El Palacio Museum is a must-visit for history lovers. Campeche State has a significant part in Mexico’s history and past. The museum explains the origin of Campeche and other historical stories, artifacts, etc. 

House Number 6 is a beautiful structure built in the 18th century. It was dilapidated but thankfully, the Campeche government restored it to its original state. With beautiful interiors and vintage European furniture to explore, it’s worth adding to your trip!

Other amazing destinations to visit include the Malecon, Calle 59, many bastions, and the Black Christ of San Roman.

2. Quintana Roo:

If there’s a vacation package for Mexico, then Quinta Roo will be present. This Caribbean state is the backbone of Mexico’s tourism. It has been reopened for International travelers who wish to dissolve their lockdown blues in such a serene location.

Quinta Roo is home to some first-class beaches such as Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen. 

The Coba ruins have the tallest pyramid of the Yucatán peninsula. It is surrounded by the thick jungle setting which seems to be etched from the classic “Temple Run” game. 

 3. Durango:

Durango is Mexico’s best-kept secret. A secret because it is the most off-beaten path but worth the effort. 

Adventures galore in this city! Some must-have adventures include a picnic by the Valle de Nombre de Dios waterfalls. It is a quiet and peaceful region worth spending your time.

Vacation packages offer walking tours to tourists who are interested to explore downtown, Durango. The Old West town, Neo-classical Baroque Church, Museo Francisco Villa, Museo de la Ciudad 450, etc. are included in the tour. For nature lovers, the Ecological Park Tecuán is the best option. People can enroll for free in hiking and camping adventures in the park. 

 4. Michoacán:

Michoacán is where the indigenous communities of Mexico live in harmony. Tourists who want to explore the surreal coastlines and mingle with the community need to visit Michoacán. People are friendly and share many first-hand stories with tourists. 

The amazing colonial buildings in the capital city Morelia beguile people with their detailed designs and structures. These structures were built by the gentry in the 16th century, and have been standing strong without any need for restoration. Some other amazing architectural pieces include the Federal Palace, Rose Garden, Mariano Matamoros Theater, and Plaza de Armas allure tourists with their impressive architectural styles. 

The Playa Maruata, undoubtedly, is the best beach in the city. If you want to simply relax by the beach with an umbrella over your head or have a suntan, Playa Maruata is a tranquil place if you wish to experience solitude. Its crystal clear sand and pure turquoise water even allure thousands of green sea turtles for breeding. Earlier, there were no other significant sites to tour except the beach. But now, there are several noteworthy buildings and eateries. Playa Maruata is slowly becoming as popular as Oahu and Hawaii. It’s almost there! 

Tourism and sightseeing updates travelers need to know:

The above-mentioned places will fit your Mexico vacation package. But, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, several changes had to be made to prioritize the health and safety of the people first. 

Tourists arriving at Mexican airports will have to undergo health screening and thermal temperature checks. The Mexican government has not implemented quarantine as necessary for all tourists stepping in Mexico. But, people who exhibit mild symptoms will be strictly checked and subjected to mandatory quarantine.

Needless to mention, social distancing is to be followed at all costs. Shopping malls, churches, museums, theaters, and public parks will be boarding only 25% of people, including the public and employees. Whereas, hotels, salons, and restaurants will work in 50% capacity. Markets will work with 75% of employees so that many people will be catered to without compromising social distancing. 

Non-essential travel is not recommended by Mexican authorities. But, tourism has been resumed. That said, people, except Americans, can visit Mexico as for now, a vacation or essential travel. People from the United States can only enter Mexico for specific reasons that will be strictly reviewed. 

Tourists are highly advised to check with their tour operator and the government before preparing a vacation package to Mexico. Owing to the rising uncertainty and sudden regulations being implemented by various governments, travel updates are constantly changing. 


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