What Needs To Know When Egypt Removes Restrictions On Travel

Author: Mansi

After almost three months of lockdown, many countries have come ahead to reopen their borders and welcome International tourists. Some destinations have reported lower coronavirus rates, whereas other places have implemented health and safety protocols for tourists.

After Aruba, France, and Croatia, Egypt gradually resumed flight operations from July 01. 

With awe-inspiring and mysterious pyramids, Egypt remains one of the most adventurous destinations in the world. The world’s largest number of archaeological sites is located in Egypt. What’s more surprising is the fact that these sites are standing strong after several centuries. The pyramids are just one of the historical sites one can see. Egypt has many such mythical destinations to be added to your vacationpackage. Memphis, The Nile, Thebes, and Karnak are some must-see locations in this country. 

Here are the current Egypt travel updates to be aware of. Tourists should check these updates before preparing a vacation package.

COVID-19 and Egypt’s travel and tourism industry:

After a stringent lockdown for three months, the coronavirus infection rates reduced drastically in Egypt. Tourism is the backbone of Egypt's economy. To revive the doomed economy, the country started to resume International tourism. Several strict measures were relaxed to welcome tourists from all over the world.

Nevertheless, flights have started to operate from all countries, even from the United States. 

After many months, the pyramids were the first destination which was reopened for International tourism. The next location which was opened was Cairo’s Egyptian Museum near Tahrir Square followed by other places.

The travel and tourism department of Egypt has reduced the entrance fees of various historical sites to ensure the flow of tourists. Several places have been restricted from tourism not to risk the transmission of the virus. Hotels and restaurants will be working in a limited capacity. Further, 50% and 20% discounts have been announced on airport taxes and ground services in a few destinations. Further reductions will be offered for tourists who choose to travel from Egypt Air and Air Cairo airlines. 

Egypt Air has started to operate flights to destinations such as Paris, Copenhagen, Rome, Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, the United Kingdom, Milan, Munich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Budapest, etc. The airline has announced that it will start catering to many locations from August. 

The government of Egypt has also taken the necessary measures to boost domestic tour vacation packages to help local tourism. 

Important documents required to travel to Egypt:

  1. Egyptian travel visa:

Individuals of all countries need to procure the Egyptian travel visa. Without it, travelers will not be allowed to enter the country. Tourists can check the official Egypt travel website and avail of the visa. It is valid for 90 days. Tourists, who need the visa urgently, will receive it in one week.

The procedure is easy and simple. But, tourists should note that once the visa is applied, a refund will not be provided. 

However, some nations do not require an Egypt visa to travel to the county. They include the beautiful places such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon (if tourists arrive at a charter flight), Malaysia (applicable only for 14 days), United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong.

  1. Egyptian government approval:

Apart from the visa, tourists hailing from a few nations should receive the approval of the government to enter Egypt. They include Lebanon, Kosovo, Mauritania, Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Syria, Yemen, and Kazakhstan.

  1. Health insurance:

Tourists should avail health insurance to be safe and secure while enjoying their vacation package. The document is to be submitted to the airport authorities. 

  1. Public Health card:

Once arrived, tourists will have to fill a public health card with relevant details concerning their health. It is like a self-declaration form. 

Measures were taken by Egypt for tourists:

Egypt has been trying hard to make sure tourists have a good vacation package. Still, several important tourist places have been blocked due to coronavirus. Hence, tourists don’t have many options to choose from for accommodation. Resorts that are the least affected by coronavirus are located in Sinai, Marsa Matrouh, and the Red Sea province.

These restrictions will be temporary, and it is expected that Egypt lifts all restrictions soon.

Airports have been restructured to ease the practice of social distancing. The authorities have been trained to cater to various needs of the passengers and make sure they have a safe trip. The planes have limited seating capacity. Package food of good quality and a protective supplies kit will be provided to all passengers. It includes a face mask, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.

Instead of a complete lockdown, Egypt had enforced a phased lockdown. Curfew was ensured for a few hours in the day. But now, the curfew has been lifted off. Tourists should maintain social distancing when in public and face masks are mandatory.

Egypt released new hygiene and cleanliness standards pertaining to the current scenario. All accommodation properties run by the private as well as public sectors should adapt to the new standard. About 200 hotels and resorts have been carefully chosen as they have acquired the standard requirements mentioned. The Egyptian government is firm in stating that hotels that don’t abide by the standard regulations will be repealed.

Sterilization measures are to be undertaken timely. Tourists will be screened with the contact-less testing method. The hotel employees have been provided with the required training. The structure of hotels has been remodeled to make sure social distancing is not compromised. Further, every hotel has a doctor to treat tourists and others if they face any health issues. Every hotel is strictly recommended having a restricted area allocated specially for people who seem to show symptoms of the virus. 

Hotels and resorts are working in 50% capacity. Egypt stated that no hotel should lay off any employee and staff. Hotels that sack employees will not be allowed to work for a said amount of time. Casinos are permitted to operate, but should not occupy too many people beyond the limit. 


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