Top Countries That Italy Banned The Arrival

Italy is the world’s epicenter of humanity’s best art forms, sculpture, paintings, architecture, cuisines, and culture. It impresses people with its versatile wisdom. Spellbound and amazing, a vacation package to this country should be visited by art lovers and enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, the country had to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic. From March to June, Italy faced a tough time with the surging coronavirus positive cases, and the ever-increasing death rates. Needless to say, travel and tourism had to be suspended. The country implemented a strict lockdown.

After five months of struggle, Italy finally reopened its borders on the recommendation of the European council. Here’s what travelers should know about Italy before preparing a vacation package

Countries that cannot travel to Italy:

Italy resumed International travel. But not all countries are allowed to travel. The country has banned entry to people from 13 nations with rising novel coronavirus cases.

The list of countries that are currently barred by Italy are:

  1. Armenia
  2. Bahrain
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Brazil
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Chile
  7. Kuwait
  8. North Macedonia
  9. Moldova
  10. Oman
  11. Panama
  12. Peru
  13. The Dominican Republic

Since the country allows only those people who submit their travel history, the ban also applies to everyone who has stayed in any of these countries for the past 14 to 25 days. 

The Italian government has halted all flight operations to and from these 13 countries. 

Countries allowed traveling to Italy:

Italy was one of the few countries which experienced an inevitable amount of the consequences due to the novel coronavirus. The country’s government, hence, wants the efforts, and sacrifices of the doctors and citizens to be fruitful. The Rome International Airport recently sent back Bangladeshi passengers on the same flight to their home destination. 

Though not all countries are allowed to travel to the country with beautiful destinations, Italy has eased travel restrictions for several nations for International Tourism. Nationals belonging to the below countries and regions can travel to Italy with no quarantine measures to be followed.

  1. All members of the European Union
  2. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and other nations belonging to the Schengen area
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. Monaco, Andorra, San Marino
  5. The Vatican City

Italians who are allowed to travel to other destinations for vacation packages will have to follow the rules, and regulations concerning quarantine and testing as arranged by the host country. 

Apart from the 13 countries barred from traveling to Italy, countries outside the European Union are allowed to enter Italy. People from Non-European nations can travel to the country as a part of their vacation packages. But, Italy has implemented several rules and regulations concerning quarantine and testing for travelers to follow. 

Some Non-European nations deemed as safe from the novel coronavirus include:

  1. Algeria
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. Georgia
  5. Japan
  6. New Zealand
  7. Montenegro
  8. Morocco
  9. Rwanda
  10. Serbia
  11. South Korea
  12. Thailand
  13. Tunisia
  14. Uruguay

It is expected that China will be added to the list provided it allows entry to Italian tourists. 

When will foreign tourists interested in tourism be allowed entering into Italy?

Due to unpredictability, the future of International tourism and Italy vacation packages will remain a question mark for a while, until Italy takes a call on the issue.

The European Continent, after extensive discussion from its member nations, amended the agreement on travel. According to it, the continent, as well as member nations, closed their borders on March 17th. However, rules and regulations were eased for various nations and travel for people with special status.

Restrictions were lifted for a few specific classes of people based on travel reasons and status. They include:

  1. Doctors, health researchers, medical professionals, and practitioners.
  2. Agriculture workers.
  3. Transport and Communication personnel.
  4. Military officials, humanitarian workers, and civil protection officers based on the nature of their work.
  5. Diplomats and officials of International Organizations provided they travel for significant reasons wherein their presence is necessary.
  6. Seafarers.
  7. Students traveling for study.
  8. Highly qualified employers and employees whose nature of work is undeniable from the economic and social perspective, etc.

When the European Council released a counter-notice concerning reopening borders for tourism, member nations agreed to resume flight-operations from July 01st. But, Italy refrained to accept the recommendation and has implemented strict rules in place. 

Can someone travel to Italy for undeniable reasons?

Though Italy's government doesn’t encourage non-essential travel, it is still possible for people to travel to the country from any of the Non-European nations for certain highly specific reasons. 

Official citizens of Italy who are currently staying in other countries due to employment or educational purposes are allowed to return to their home country. Moreover, people who affirm specific reasons for traveling may be considered by the Italian government. The reasons need to be for undeniable requirements such as health, government, etc. 

Citizens belonging to any of the European Union nations, long-term European residents, and their relatives can return to Italy. 

The reasons for traveling will be strictly reviewed by the Italian government. The documents such as residency permits, travel history, health certificate, travel insurance, etc. must be carried by travelers without fail. A self-declaration form will have to be submitted by travelers.  

Non-European travelers traveling to Italy will have to self-isolate themselves for 14 days. The residential address and health status should be reported to the local health authorities. Those who fail to abide by the self-quarantine rules and other regulations will be fined up to 1000 euros.  

Current Italy coronavirus measures and updates:

The Italy government has the following updates and measures in place at the moment:

  • social and physical distancing to be followed at all costs.

  • masks mandatory when in public.

  • weddings and mass in churches and funerals to be conducted with a limited number of people. 

  • parks are reopened, jogging and exercise are permitted provided social distancing is followed.

  • museums, art galleries, and archaeological sites reopened, no selling of entry tickets on the spot, but online pre-booking is available.

  • certain sensitive and significant Italian destinations restricted for travel to all citizens.

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