Cuba Travel Updates For Safe Journey During COVID-19

Cuba is a paradise for travelers who expect tropical vibes in a timeworn manner. Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the country had to be shut down for international as well as domestic tourism.

Currently, many destinations in the Caribbean are reopening with strict measures put in place. One such destination is Cuba. The country’s president Miguel Diaz-Canel informed that the travel and tourism industry of Cuba will resume working after three long months to recover the fallen economy. 

Needless to say, Cuba thrives on tourism. International tourism is the backbone of the nation. The country was devastated by the severe consequences of the virus which impacted the country’s economy the most. Speaking concerning the pandemic, the island nation reopened its borders on July 01. Thanks to the world-class medical facilities of the country, for making it possible to resume travel operations.

Tourists are looking forward to visiting Cuba again. Read the below travel updates before creating your post-COVID-19 vacation package

What will the post-COVID-19 tourism in Cuba look like?

Unlike the tourism models incorporated by other countries, Cuba’s strategy looks quite different. 

It has kept the majority of the destinations fixed for domestic tourism. International tourists can visit the Cuban remote islands. Vacation packages will offer them all-inclusive trips to make sure they have every facility for leisure as well as necessities arranged on the islands. 

This is one of the policies which have been in existence since Fidel Castro’s rule. The country’s residents will be isolated from outsiders when in times of crisis. Cuba has restricted these islands from coming in contact with the residents, thereby making sure the health and safety of the International tourists. 

That said, Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa María, Cayo Cruz, and Cayo Guillermo are some resort islands International tourists can visit. Innumerable foreign hospitality managed resorts are located in these islands. Cuba has appreciated cooperation from these resort chains to make the required arrangements for tourists. 

Havana will be restricted for tourism:

Havana can be considered as the Paris of Cuba. It is perfect in every venture; art, architecture, sculpture, history, and literature. The grand avenues of this beautiful capital city impress tourists. It surprises tourists with the way, it rises back despite its drawbacks. Vacation packages don’t miss including this city and offer vintage car tours. 

Tourists mostly commence their trip from Havana. Sadly, the city will be off the grid for International tourists at the moment. The Havana International Airport, cardinal for Cuban tourism, receives lakhs of tourists every year. It will be closed until further notice. The Cuban government has reserved the destination for local tourism.

The coronavirus cases reported in Cuba were about 2,220 with 84 deaths. The infection rate reported in the last few days were less and has dropped to a single digit. Therefore, international tourists can expect the city to be ideally reopened from mid-August and early September. 

Coronavirus testing:

Tourists will be traveling via charter flights to the resort islands or to other designated destination where they will be tested for the virus. The respected authorities will inform the tourists beforehand. 

People who test negative and are devoid of any symptoms will be safely taken to the islands via bus crossing through the mainland cities. This will be the only time tourists can catch a glimpse of the Cuban cities. 

Whereas anyone who tests positive will receive isolation measures arranged for them or will be sent back home safely. Travel experts suggest tourists still undertake coronavirus testing before setting off on the trip. It would help tourists stay on the safer side and reduce the workload of the authorities. 

Activities and sightseeing:

Foreign tourists cannot visit mainland cities. All activities and sightseeing are restricted within the Cayo (islands). International hotel chains have paired up with Cuba to offer the best of tourism. 

Tourists can still enjoy the best of their vacation package in the Cayo. These resort islands include several International marinas, scuba diving centers, turtle watching tours, fishing activities, innumerable shopping corners, and restaurants. The government has made facilities for entertainment and banking. A few small hamlets let tourists connect with the locals to some extent. 

Enrich your vacation with some rejuvenating vibes and undertaking water sports when traveling to this beautiful island. 

Masks, sanitizer, and social distancing:

Tourists have to cover their faces with a high-quality mask when in public.

The Cuban government has urged tourists to carry their supplies as much as possible since the country is facing a shortage of necessities. As a tourist, you are expected to carry a few masks, plenty of hand sanitizer, tissues, disinfectant wet wipes, toiletries, and other significant stuff.

While traveling, tourists have to strictly follow social distancing. Minimum 6 ft. distance is to be maintained. An effective alcohol-based sanitizer is to be used frequently. 

Key safety measures put up in hotels and resorts for international tourists:

Although Cuba was locked for three months, it constantly took adequate measures during the inhibition period to implement once tourism is to be resumed. The country invested the amount of time in restructuring the infrastructure of hotels and resorts. Cubans were not allowed to travel to the resort islands meant for foreign tourists.

The hygiene and health protocols meant to be followed by the hotel and tour operator chains are as follows:

  1. Cuba has implemented a certification named T +HS. All hotels and resorts deemed to accommodate tourists have to compulsorily get this certification.

  2. Hotel officials and employees are provided with the required training to handle tourists without compromising on social and physical distancing.

  3. Workers will be tested for the virus every once in a while. If viable symptoms are seen, the person will be immediately relocated to a hospital.

  4. Utensils and cutlery will be handled by selected employees. The buffet system has been canceled.

  5. All Cayo (islands) reserved for international tourism will have several doctors and healthcare practitioners on board. Tourists who have any difficulty concerning the virus or any other illness will receive reliable healthcare and treatment.

  6. Tour operators will appoint experienced guides for groups of tourists. 

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