How Cancun Is Handling Post COVID-19 Travel Safety Protocols

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jul 10,2020

Cancun is one of the top destinations in the world. It is revered for its beaches and tropical landscapes. The location had to lock its gates and bid adieu to tourists for a while due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

For two and a half months, Cancun was nose deep under the lockdown and strict precautionary measures to flatten the curve. The city issued orders to close its clubs, resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other significant attention-seeking destinations.

Fortunately, timely measures have made the city resume its travel and tourism industry. Tourists can set foot in the destination and relive the good vibes, it has to offer. 

From mid-June, resorts, spas, cafés, and hotels started to operate. Strict health protocols had been put in place, and all businesses have been affirmed to meet the guidelines. 

Quintana Roo, the state that includes Cancun, has been committed to ensuring the safety of its tourists. That said, if you are in the lookout to prepare a vacation package post-COVID-19, let it be to this destination. Things will surely be different, but worthwhile. 

Here’s how the city has been tackling tourism in the post-COVID-19 world. 

  1. Airlines:

Since late June, airports in Cancun have started operating flights to help people prepare their vacation packages to and from the city. The city started to receive travelers from Mexico and the United States. 

Cancun has yet to take a call on the land border crossing. Interstate traveling is not yet allowed. But other than that the travelers can book flights to Cancun. 

Travelers have to strictly cover their face with a mask. Social distancing is to be maintained even in the flight at all costs. Besides, the gloves are recommended to stay safe from coming in contact with potential risks. 

Thermal temperature scanners are used at airports to check people who come to the destination. Yet, travel experts suggest tourists undertake a coronavirus test and then start the trip. It would help ease the task of health officials at airports as well as keep tourists on the safer side. 

It is advised to contact the travel agency and airlines beforehand and update themselves concerning the current scenario in the location. 

  1. Accommodation:

To ensure the safety of travelers concerning accommodation, the Quintana Roo state has undertaken feasible measures. The state has certified hotels and resorts according to health protocols. The enlisted hotels are safe and tourists can stay safe in these hotels. 

Some enhanced protocols put in place include freehand sanitizers and stations fixed in all areas of the hotel. Signboards have been set up to remind guests and create awareness concerning the importance of health and social distancing. Cancun has strictly advised hotels to have at least one doctor on board 24/7 to come to the rescue immediately when medical help is required. 

Staff and employees have been trained on how to treat guests hospitably yet with precaution. Utmost importance has been given in teaching them how to identify symptoms of COVID-19. In addition to this, employees will be constantly under check for symptoms. PPE kits are provided to the staff based on their designation in the hotel. 

Hotels in Cancun have been modified to increase space for physical distancing. Excess chairs and furniture have been placed to make sure physical distancing is not compromised. Significant areas of the hotels such as swimming pools, restrooms, elevators, and lobbies are cleaned and sanitized once in an hour. 

Last but not the least, hotels, and resorts have been strictly recommended following the best hygiene practices in the kitchen. Foods are prepared by chefs who are skilled in special training concerning the virus. Since menu cards are the cardinal source of infection as it comes in touch with many people, digital menus have been set up. The buffet system has been suspended. Tourists need to follow self-serving methods to stop the risk of transmission. 

Villa del Palmar, Hard Rock Hotel, Flamingo Cancun resort, Armar House, and Hyatt Ziva Resort are some safe hotels tourists can add to their vacation package

  1. Sightseeing and activities:

Needless to say, Cancun will be one of the excellent destinations you can travel to in the post-COVID-19 world. The city struggled hard to face the pandemic, but the locations and activities it has to offer are still worthy.

Travel agencies and tour operators have started the business. Now, more than ever is the time tourists will receive the best guidance from travel agencies to prepare a Cancun vacation package. Though the availability of tickets and bookings have been reduced, a trip to this city will be the best, provided tourists oblige to follow the rules. 

Tour operators and travel guides have also been given adequate training. 

Significant locations such as the Mayan ruins, environmentally fragile ecosystems, botanical parks, and archaeological sites are not yet open for sightseeing. But water sports, theme parks, and beaches await tourists with experienced and trained guides. 

Snorkeling is one of the famous water sports activities in Cancun. The company provides fully sanitized snorkeling equipment but tourists can carry their equipment if they wish. 

Scuba diving, boating, deep-sea fishing, dolphin adventures, etc. are available to tourists. 

  1. Public transport:

Although most Cancun vacation packages include transportation, tourists can arrange taxis if required. Thanks to Cancun’s successful provision of training to people from all sectors of business. 

Public transport officials have been provided with training to deal with passengers. Steering wheels, door handles, screens, glasses, and seats are sanitized properly. Though taxis are not allowed to enter the hotel premises owing to safety, tourists can commute in public transport without any worries. Hand sanitizers are provided free of cost when asked. 

The Cancun health authorities and travel experts recommend tourists use mobile applications while traveling in the city. Uber and Cabify are reliable companies that make sure to check their drivers are healthy and follow social distancing. 


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