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New Zealand is the land of adventures. Knowingly or unknowingly, you end up making an exhilarating feat. Every landscape in this breathtaking country inspires tourists and fills the heart with warmth.

Welcoming people, mystical fjords, dominating peaks, sparkling beaches, and crystal clear bays are some things that a New Zealand vacation package offers.


Find some marvelous experiences to add to your trip below.


Explore the Maori culture:

Maori culture is an inseparable part of New Zealand. Almost one in every six New Zealanders belongs to this inherent culture.

Vacation packages offer tourists the opportunity to blend with Maori locals. Te Reo is one of the official languages of the country apart from English. The country is striving to help the language stay intact. Tourists are offered language sessions to teach them a few Maori words and phrases.

Mount Hikurangi is a famous destination wherein Maori people live abundantly. This region is considered sacred. Waipoua, Lake Rotorua, Ngati Porou, and Kaikoura are other significant places to explore the culture. Hiking and trekking adventures are provided by experienced guides in these places. Get acquainted with famous Purakau, i.e., Maori legends such as Hinemoa and Tutanekai, the Romeo and Juliet of the Maoris.


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Adventures in Queenstown:

Queenstown is one of the most desirable locations in New Zealand for adventures. Feel your adrenaline rushing with the wide range of adventures awaiting you. This town offers the best bungee jumping adventures in the world.

That's not all. Travelers who have a colossal knack for beating the time and fear can choose between water rafting, skiing, scuba diving, jet boating, hiking, trekking, cliff jumping, ziplining, paragliding, mountain biking, etc. What bothers tourists is nothing but what to choose from the so many options available.

Tititea, also known as Mount Aspiring, offers an exciting canyoning experience. True to its name, it aspires travelers to become sharp and shrewd. Tourists can undertake interesting water sports and activities in the Skippers Canyon.


Visiting New Zealand's lesser-explored sceneries:

As with every destination, New Zealand has a list of some unexplored, laidback landscapes. Nonetheless, they are packed with good vibes and calm settings.

One such location is Wairarapas Castlepoint. The beautiful lighthouse located here is quaint and a sign of goodwill. The destination was named by Captain Cook in the 18th century. The rocks found in this place resemble a castle-like structure. It is photogenic and offers many water sports for tourists. Besides its beautiful landscape, it is a good location to spot some dolphins and whales.

Choose the road not taken while in Oparara Arches. This river basin is rich in limestone formations and a vast expanse of trees. It is one of the unexplored locations in New Zealand. Tourists can add this place to their vacation package for kayaking and hiking adventures. This pristine ecosystem is rich in natural aspects and life forms. Birds, insects, fishes, and plants are abundant here.

The highlight of this river basin is the naturally formed limestone arches and caves. With the help of experienced guides, tourists can explore these amazing caves.

Plimmerton, Coromandel, Whangamomona, and Ohakune are some other undiscovered locations.


Incredible rock formations:

Who thought rocks and stones would be so creative? New Zealand is home to some weird yet intriguing rock formations which deserve equal attention as its otherworldly landscapes.

The Cathedral Cove rock formations are one of the most beautiful rock formations located in Coromandel. Its elegant stone arches and cliffs have been the setting in a few Chronicles of Narnia movies.

The hexagonal structures of basalt found in the Chatham Islands receive never-ending attention from tourists and geologists alike. These basalt columns are the result of volcanoes dating back to thousands of years.

The Tunnel Beach in Dunedin is well known for its rock formations, arches, caves, and fossil deposits. The sea breeze eroded and sculpted the sandstone formations in this location. Tunnel Beach invites innumerable tourists to visit its serene beaches and high cliffs.

The rocky path may be troubling but it is worth the effort. Look out for whale bones and tiny fossils cached amid the rocks. You will be welcomed by a man-made tunnel towards the end.

Other important rock formations include the Pancake Rocks, Moeraki Boulders, Split Apple Rock, Ngarua Cave, and Cape Kidnappers.


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Gorgeous Milford fjords:

Fjords or fiords are narrow, and long spaces juxtaposed between two cliffs. New Zealand's fjords are heavenly and ravishing. Dominating cliffs, and the waterscape offers the most breathtaking views.

It is surprising to see that just an hour away from the city brings you to a secluded yet wondrous natural landscape. The most famous is Milford Sound.

The best way to explore this fjord is on a boat cruise. Vacation packages offer boat cruise adventures to explore this location. Milford Fjord also offers hiking, kayaking, trekking, and diving adventures to tourists.

Another best way to explore the beauty of this landscape is to opt for aerial tours.


Beguiling food, and wine scenes:

Gastronomy tourism is a growing industry. New Zealand is undoubtedly the best destination to indulge in some world-class gourmet adventures. 

The country offers a conventional and unique twist to renowned cuisines. It camouflages its creative ideas into traditional foods. The Indian Bistro of Cassia in Auckland impresses tourists with its modern touch to Indian dishes. Vegetarians can equally relish their taste buds with the several vegan varieties offered.

If you love seafood, New Zealand's beaches are an excellent option to explore. Marlborough, Auckland, Rotorua, and Kaikoura are worth visiting. Restaurants provide savoring seafood dishes such as oysters, crayfish, crabs, scallops, salmon, etc.

This country is a paradise for wine connoisseurs. Meander in countless wineries, and taste handcrafted wine prepared by expert winemakers. Vacation packages offer classic wine-tasting tours and winery trails. Don't miss to check out Hawkes Bay, Rippon Vineyard, Pegasus Bay, and Villa Maria Winery.

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