Top America’s Food Festivals That Take Place In July

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 29,2020

Food resembles celebration, togetherness, community, and health. Every function and event in life would be incomplete without food. 

To commemorate these aspects, food festivals are conducted by several countries. They help people from various cultures to collaborate and exchange their ideas and secret recipes with love! Conversations and creativity are sparked, thereby helping communities know each other and grow together, despite the differences. 

Today, gastronomy tourism is on the rise. Culinary aspects and cultures go hand in hand. Innumerable people travel solely to explore the cuisines and food fests of various countries. 

The most preferred are American food festivals. They are unique and vibrant in nature. Right from spicy burgers, cheese-dripping sandwiches, tacos, roasted steak, salmon, pies, and chips, the list is endless! 

Below are some famous American food fests to add to your vacation package. Time to please your taste buds with lip-smacking American fiesta

Taste of Buffalo:

The Taste of Buffalo is America’s largest two-day food festival. This non-profitable organization helps raise funds for charity and education of students. It began the initiative in 1984 and is supported by various state and national sponsors. Tourists can add this amazing fest to their vacation package to explore vivid cuisines. 

New York’s Downtown Buffalo region becomes splendid with alluring food trucks and stalls set up to enhance togetherness amongst the community. About 50 wineries, local cafés, pizzerias, and restaurants provide delicious food samples to people. There is no entry fee for the fest. Food can be purchased with coupons that range from $2 to $5. Traditional, as well as modern delicacies, are served for people to enjoy. 


Most of the shops are set up by Downtown Buffalo residents. But, nearby cities and international restaurants are also allowed to exhibit their varieties. Chicken tikka masala of India, rice pudding of China, bisque of France, and gazpacho soups of Spain are just some international foods available in this fest. 

When: Mid July.

Taste of Chicago:

For Chicago, the 4th of July is not just a reason to celebrate Independence Day but also the spectacular Taste of Chicago food festival. From traditional Chicago delicacies to international food platter, don’t miss exploring the flavors of this fest when in Chicago.

Entry to the Taste of Chicago is free. Tourists can have a bite of all the food varieties with tickets starting from $3. Wines, beers, and ciders add more flavor to the fest. Live cooking demonstrations by expert chefs provide valuable insights to tourists about various cuisines. 

What makes the fest unique apart from the food is the wide range of free events. Grab your snack, get a place to sit in the vast lawn, and enjoy concerts, skits, and pantomimes staged by budding local artists. 

When: July 04:

National Cherry Festival:

Michigan’s Cherry Festival is one of a kind. This fun and frolic fest is necessary for every Michigan vacation package. It is one of the oldest food festivals in the country, and apparently in the world. It began in 1925 and was canceled only once to date, due to the World War. 

The National Cherry Festival is celebrated to honor the city’s abundant cherry production. The Traverse City in Michigan produces an exorbitant amount of cherries in the country. Needless to say, cherries are a significant part of American cuisine. Salads, milkshakes, sodas, desserts, pies, and hamburgers are topped with the sweetest cherries produced in Traverse City.

These 96 years old food fests will impress you with its food varieties and concerts. Since more than a million tourists visit the fest, travel experts suggest booking tickets in advance.

When: Early July:

Los Angeles Food and Wine Fest:

The Los Angeles Food and Wine Fest started in 2010 but is quite popular in California. It promotes the local cuisine of the state with the city’s hand-picked top restaurants, food trucks, street stalls, and cafés

Tequila, iced coffee, wine, beer, cider, and ice-cream; you name it and there’s a stall in this fest. A one-time coupon allows people to eat unlimited. Who would say no to this offer?

What started as a simple one-day affair became a full-fledged weekend show. World-class chefs, brands, and restaurants join you on a gourmet journey. With more than fifty stalls to please your tongue, sushi, tacos, nachos, spicy gravy, mojito, burgers, sandwiches, are just a few items waiting for you on the menu. 

Dishes inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen are demonstrated live for cooking enthusiasts. Jot down the tips, and sauces!

When: Early July:

Picklesburgh Festival:

Are you ready to be pickled? The Picklesburgh festival of Pittsburgh will tickle your taste buds with its pickle. Well, it is not just pickle, but pickle topped in your favorite foods such as burgers, hot dogs, tacos, pizzas, sandwiches, and all things cheesy! 

This festival is conducted to celebrate the city’s pickle production. People can relish their unique pickle dishes by expert chefs and restaurants. This fest is renowned as food prepared from farms is served hot and fresh. Lively and energetic, the Picklesburgh Foodfest will make your vacation package like no other. Play fun games, and challenge yourself with interesting pickle quizzes to receive goodies for free!  

When: Late July"

Maine Lobster Festival:

Rockland Harbor Park in Maine comes to life during the Lobster Festival. This five-day fest attracts thousands of lobster lovers with seductive music shows and skits. Not just lobster, but many other seafood dishes and snacks are served.

But the highlight of this fest is the Sea Goddess and the Big Parade. High school students compete to become the Sea Goddess. The winner becomes the brand ambassador of the event. Speaking of the Big Parade, the Sea Goddess is crowned by King Neptune. It is the largest and most anticipated parade of America. 

Are you an exceptional seafood cook? Participate in the grand seafood contest conducted in this fest. The winner receives a cash prize of $525!

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