Dream Your Next Trip To Australia For A Vacation

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 29,2020

Land of the Aborigine culture, Australia is a traveler’s paradise. The oldest cultures of the world share this land and cordially welcome tourists to explore the same. It is filled with ochre landscapes and blue shores. It allures tourists in both ways- urban and countryside settings. 

Australia is well-versed in architecture. Be it the Sydney Opera House or Queen Victoria Building, this country has enchanted the world with its scholarly architecture skills. Want to be awe-struck with some versatile buildings? The best way is to grab a bicycle from Melbourne and explore it by yourself.

It is surprising how just a mile away from the cityscapes of Australia takes you to a different, countryside destination altogether. In contrast to modernity, these locations seem to welcome people who have a soft corner for adventures. Diving at the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling at Ningaloo, kayaking in Katherine Gorge, and many other adventures await you in this marvelous land. 

Create a customized vacation package with the below list of amazing places in Australia.


No Australian itinerary will exclude this feel-good city. Melbourne will enchant you with its austere theaters, cafés, shopping complexes, art galleries, and whatnot! This city is a trendsetter and offers abundant opportunities for tourists to experience the best of luxury.

Federation Square has become an important landmark of the city. You will realize that Melbournians love it while a few others hate it openly. But the structure stands against the country’s adorned Victorian style of architecture. Visit this place at the right time and you will witness innumerable insightful activities and events. 

The Melbourne Cricket Ground and Sports Museum are the cardinal tourist destinations. This ground has hosted several world-famous matches such as the Olympic Games of 1956, the origin of test cricket, Australian style Football, and the 2006 Commonwealth series. Vacation packages offer a one-hour tour which includes insightful information regarding the history of sports, and the Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Eureka Tower, Royal Exhibition Building and Yarra River Cruise are other notable destinations in Melbourne. 


Sydney has been a seductive landmark of this country. It is adorned by the glorious harbor and the Opera House. 

What lies as a crown on the head of Sydney is the Opera House, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It resembles white sails on a giant ship ready to take off. Tourists can marvel at its vast expanse and structure, spare time for a luncheon at one of its restaurants, and stroll through its various theaters and exhibition rooms. 

Known to locals as “Coat Hanger”, The Sydney Harbor Bridge adds more beauty to the neighboring Opera House. This largest steel bridge of the world connects the north and south regions of the city. 

Do you have the courage to climb this mammoth bridge? You are most welcome to joining a group of 13 to 16 people to set forth on the top arch of the bridge. It takes about 3 to 4 hours and is worth the stride! 

Don’t miss to check out the Queen Victoria Building, the Rocks, Sydney Tower Eye, Taronga Zoo, and George Street. 

Daintree Rainforest:

If the Amazon rainforest is for Brazil, then Australia has Daintree Rainforest. Blooming with diversity, though this rainforest is not well-known like the former, it is to be noted that it is older than the Amazon. 

Estuarine crocodile, cassowary birds, golden orb spider, rufous owl, musky rat kangaroo, Ulysses butterfly, feral pigs, spotted cuscus, and goannas are just some rare species living in this forest. The Wet Tropics region is home to unique flora too. They include the Daintree Cheese Tree, Hope’s Cycad, White Hazelwood shrub, Atherton Oak, and Wax Flower, just to name a few. 

How can tourists explore this huge rainforest? Vacation packages offer exciting adventures such as ziplining, horse riding, surfing, hiking, and cycling. 


Canberra is the splendid capital of Australia. History says that this city was chosen as the capital due to the budding rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney. It is a small city but does not fail to charm tourists with its top attractions. 

The Australian War Memorial lies at the heart of this city. It is calm and speaks volumes about the country’s contribution to the World Wars. It commemorates people who were in the frontline of the battle. The walls of this building include an endless list of Australians who died for the country. It is more than just a memorial; tourists can visit its library, museum, art galleries, and exhibition hall. 

If you love science and love to explore working models, the Questacon National Science and Technology Center will keep you occupied for several hours. People, especially children will fall in love with its simply explained scientific theories and do-it-yourself experiments. 

Named after the city’s architect, Lake Burley Griffin is a quaint artificial lake. People come here to take a stroll and watch the sunset. Many other significant locations are located near to this lake. 

Great Barrier Reef:

The Great Barrier Reef adventure completes your Australian vacation package. It is a union of different fragile ecosystems, coral reefs, algae, and mangroves. It is the only remaining largest coral reef system in the world. 

People who crave spine-chilling adventures can challenge and prove themselves in this reef. Popular adventures include snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. 

If you want to explore the coral reefs, the Whitsunday islands will offer you the best experience. Several national parks have been established to protect its fragile ecosystems. There are some luxurious resorts which allow tourists to go island-hopping with special sailboats and sightseeing cruises. 

One of the world’s most fabulous beaches includes the Whitehaven shore which is near these islands. Walking tours are offered in its crystal clear shore. 

Aerial tours are another interesting way to explore the reef. Charter planes and helicopters give tourists a distinct perspective of the vast ecosystem. 

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