Best Places Where You Would Like To Go With Your Father

Father is everyone’s sole hero. He is the most supporting individual in our lives. Like an oar to a boat, his advice helps us to steer clear from barriers and confusion. 

To honor the struggles and love of all fathers, June is dedicated to all the Fathers. It is not just a day like any other, but a chance for all daughters and sons to return all the love!

Well, the best way to do so is by booking a vacation package. What’s better than taking your father to dreamy destinations and exploring the world together?

Below are some daddy-cool locations which will be loved by all. Which one will you choose for your father?

  1. Exploring museums and art galleries in Italy:

If your father is an artist or an art enthusiast, then Italy is the best destination to explore! An Italy vacation package will allure your father with its spectacular architecture, artistic ventures, and culture. The destination is the birthplace of the renaissance. 

The best place to start the trip is from the Louvre Museum. The main attraction of the museum is not just the revering, and precious art, but the crystal pyramid structure at its entrance. While half of Parisians consider it a mismatch to the museum’s vintage structure, the pyramid enthralls tourists with its ornate features. What’s more; the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, The dying slave by Michelangelo, The Raft of the Medusa by Géricault, etc. are world-famous artworks in store. 

The frescoes of Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, Galleria Degli Uffizi are other destinations worth visiting. 

Italy also offers a wide range of dishes to be savored by the gourmand. If your father is a food connoisseur, then this food-obsessed country provides endless feasts and wine. 

  1. Enjoying football matches at in Argentina:

Intensely vibrant Argentina offers classic adventures for everyone ready. The crazy tango, gaucho culture, and steak are some iconic reasons this country stands unique in Latin America.

But what makes it special for fathers? 


Buenos Aires is the dynamic capital of Argentina. It is synonymous with football. It is more than just a game. The city offers stadium tours for tourists which is a better way to explore the nuances of the game. You will learn about Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, and the importance of the game in Argentinian culture. 

Pitch into some deep football conversations with your dad. Put your jerseys on and play a match!

  1. Vintage car rides in Cuba:

Your father will love Cuba for innumerable reasons. This isle is not to be judged by its outward appearance but by the marvelous experiences it has to offer.

Cuba may be dilapidated but it has contributed to the field of modern science, art, architecture, and literature immensely. It offers beautiful beach scenes and breathtaking history to explore. 

Tourists are suggested to start their tour from Havana, Cuba’s unleashing capital. Vacation packages offer the famous Havana tour. It takes tourists to witness Cuban art and architecture styles. The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is home to innumerable masterpieces and aesthetic interior. Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Catedral de San Cristóbal, and Museo de la Revolución are well-known in the country. 

But the remarkable highlight of Cuba is its vintage cars. Agree or not, dads do love cars and everything concerning it. The cars are almost 60 years old and timeless in nature. The guide shares some first-hand stories of Cuba’s past while taking you through fabulous locations. 

  1. Wildlife exploration and adventures on Amazon:

Needless to say, fathers love to watch the Discovery Channel next to the news. Why not give him a real-life experience? 

The Amazon is home to the thousands of wildlife species. It is a different world altogether; dominating trees, animals, plants, and swift-flowing rivers. 

There is no one who said the way to explore this vast rainforest. Tourists can explore the Amazon by water. Vacation packages offer cruises with experienced guides. This adventure is thrilling and diverse marine life can be spotted. An aerial tour is another way to get a distinct perspective of the forest. 

But, the most famous way to enjoy your Amazon trip is by hiking. This destination is one of the best in the world to have a unique hiking adventure. 

Brown-throated sloth, piranha, tarantula, toucan, viper, and puma are just some animals and birds that live here. 

  1. Stargazing in Chile:

Staring at the vast sky and counting stars is an excellent experience no one will deny. The Atacama Desert in Chile is the ultimate option for dads who are astronomy geeks.

Night in the desert. Moonlight shimmering. With a telescope almost 150 times stronger than the naked eye. An infinite number of stars. Constellations to search.

San Pedro de Atacama offers the best stargazing, and astronomy experiences in the world. The skies are clear without clouds making it the best channel to vanish in clusters of stars. 

The Paranal Observatory has in store the world’s best telescopes. Tourists get insightful information regarding astronomy and science with the help of versatile guides and scientists. 

  1. Hot balloon sailing in Turkey:

 Turkey is one of the lesser-explored destinations in the world. It offers some reflective experiences for people from all walks of life. Right from Topkapi Palace to Aya Sofya, experiences galore in this rich and serene country. 

But perhaps Cappadocia deserves all the attention of travelers. 

The rocky landscape of this location may pique your interest, but when you see colorful hot air balloons soaring in the sky, you will feel grateful for bringing your father to Cappadocia. Vacation packages offer this exotic adventure for tourists. 

The surreal landscape of this destination is a must-see at least once in a lifetime. Cached in rock-cut mountains and valleys, Cappadocia is everyone’s dream location. 

Gift your father a unique experience in this fairy-tale country!

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