Places Not-To-Plan For Summer Vacation In U.S.

Very few countries like the U.S. are present in everyone’s bucket list. It offers the best vacations for every kind of traveler. There is a perfect destination for everyone: beaches, mountains, countryside locations, urban cityscapes, forests, historical monuments, museums, rivers, etc. 

But not all states strike a good vibe with tourists. Although America is the most preferred location for vacation packages, some places are quite offbeat and mediocre.

Avoid some major travel blunders by skipping the below U.S. destinations from your summer vacation plans!

  1. Wisconsin:

Wisconsin is one of the most mundane and monotonous states one will ever encounter in the country. Honestly, Wisconsinites will themselves agree to this fact.

If you are good with nibbling cheese and spending your summer vacation in a dairyland, then Wisconsin is for you. But, people who crave thrilling adventures will find it boring. 

This state has nothing to offer to tourists concerning sightseeing. It is almost farmland that is under the snow blanket almost 9 months of the year. The architecture seems to be quite uninspired; another reason tourists fall out of love with this place. The location comes to life for a few days during summer because of the fests, and events conducted. But, it is crowded and rather uninteresting. 

Moreover, a Wisconsin vacation package is not meant for penny-pinching tourists. It is expensive. 

  1. Montana:

Montana can be summed up this way: large space, but nothing to do.

Travel guidebooks will tell you that Montana is one of the best states to live in. Contrary to the statement, the destination will not be the perfect one for a quality vacation. 

Yellowstone National Park is the only place worth visiting. It is a must-see location, undoubtedly. But besides that, there isn’t much to explore in the state. 

  1. Hawaii:

It must be surprising to see this destination on the list, but it is true. Hawaii is a popular location. It stands as one of the best tropical destinations in the world. 

But many tourists have made it lackluster, every day. On any given day, even in the less interesting corner of the Hawaiian island, you will see thousands of people. 

This location is not advised for introverts. If you are not a go-getter and outdoor adventure enthusiast, you may feel secluded.

Furthermore, there are innumerable locations in the world that offer better beach experiences. So why not add them to your vacation package

  1. Kansas:

Kansas is too good for a vacation package simply because it is just flatlands and plains. It is practically empty, and uninviting. 

Places like Boot Hill and Colonel Custer’s House may pique your attention. But, they are best suited for just a one-day picnic adventure. There are very few major cities. The chances to enjoy a great trip, are relatively low. 

  1. California:

California is praised as one of the must-see destinations in America. Undeniably, it has many great places to visit. 

However, the quality of air and water are comparatively substandard. Also, California is more prone to natural disasters than any other state in the U.S. It charges high taxes from tourists since they spend more than save. Needless to say, accommodation will cost a fortune. With the increasing population, the crime rates have taken a surge. 

Overall, the state seems to be too overrated. Travel experts suggest travelers choose other destinations that offer a similar vibe as California.

  1. Colorado:

If you are uncomfortable with high altitudes, then Colorado is not for you. This state is located on a high elevation. Tourists who have nausea and are sensitive to headaches and fatigue should ideally not visit this state.

Moreover, Colorado is famous for tourism. Lakhs of people visit the destination to have some adventures such as skiing, snow surfing, trekking, and hiking. The huge amount of tourism has become a double-edged sword. Too many outsiders have made the state famous, but also crowded and uninteresting. 

Most of the cities in Colorado experience a dry climate. Restrictions imposed on the usage of water are becoming rampant every day. The depletion of natural reasons and the increase in the expanse of the deserts have posed a serious risk in the state. 

  1. Delaware:

Delaware can be a great idea for a romantic getaway or a simple road trip. The Rehoboth beach and a few locations that demand just a mere glance may suit for a long drive. But, it does not fit for a splendid summer vacation. Reports regard the state as the least enthusiastic and bland. 

  1. Maryland:

Baltimore in Maryland may seem alluring. But the state is quite behind and lost in time. It has compromised a great extent on its natural resources. Life in Maryland moves slow and uninspiring. It is struggling to retrieve its lost glory and charm. As far as safety is concerned, the state ranks low.

  1. Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania is one of the dullest states in America. The only thing which may sound good in the mountains. The mountains allow tourists to have a good hiking and trekking adventure. The beaches would have made a good tourist spot but unfortunately, they are polluted. It is tough to make your vacation package interesting as there is hardly anything keen to do.

Another reason to avoid traveling to this state is that it is needlessly too expensive. A quality vacation can be sought in other U.S. states as compared to Pennsylvania. Some regions are dangerous, and unsafe for people. 

  1. South Dakota:

South Dakota boasts about its high-quality life with little expenses. The country is indeed a breeding ground for career opportunities, and the economy.

But, it is thinly populated. Except for a few places such as Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Custer State Park, and Badlands National Park, South Dakota is another arid destination like Arizona. 

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