Top Reasons For Not Traveling To China In 2020

Generally speaking, China is a beautiful country with breathtaking views and scenery. Apparently, it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, but it’s not for the fainthearted. There is an unbelievable amount of diversity and cultural aspects. It may be too overwhelming for some tourists to withhold it at a time.

Before curating your vacation package, do check the below reasons before packing your bags to the land of the red dragon. 

  1. Internet? What’s that?

Well, the internet is available in China. But, the country decides what should pop up on your screen, and what should not. You will be surprised to know that Google is their foe and Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are on their block list. As a result, you will need VPN access to use these social media sites.

Moreover, don’t think Google Maps will help you navigate through the location. It does not work as China has blocked it. You will end up going through long routes just to reach from A to B. 

Tourists cannot avail of the Internet cafés too. You will need to register yourself and get a local number so that the government can keep a watch on what you surf. Wireless connections are out of the grid.

  1. In the name of culture…

For naive tourists and novice travelers, China may give an extensive culture shock. There are high chances for people to completely feel disoriented with the sudden changes when prompted to explore the country. The bewildering destinations and huge crowds may pique your nervousness.

At times, many unusual things are done in the destination in the name of culture. Culture is not an excuse for an impractical way of life. 

Travel experts suggest researching the destination well before preparing a vacation package to the country. 

  1. Language dilemma:

Many destinations in China have signboards in Chinese. Most people seldom know English. Often signboards are written in English, but they are transliterated. This baffles tourists more and leaves them in confusion. 

The Chinese language is a tough nut to crack. Learning the language is difficult until you take your classes seriously! Thus, traveling will be a hassle. 

Tourists can overcome these language barriers with the help of travel agencies and guides. They will help you to travel smoothly without disrupting your vacation package.  

  1. Queues are just for the norm:

Standing in line is frowned upon by the Chinese. If you are in China, you have to squeeze yourself through the roaring crowd and get to the front some way or the other. The longer you wait in line, the more the people will keep going ahead pushing you to the end. 

The same is the case with elevators and subways. People don’t make one line to get in and another for people to exit. Instead, two messy lines are made on both sides of the door. People struggle to come out because of others’ impatience to get in. 

Not just foreigners, they behave this way with their people too. In destinations buzzing with tourists such as the Great Wall of China, guards are assigned to make sure no one cuts the line. 

  1. Smog, not fog:

Air pollution is one of the major environmental problems in China. It drives people to the extent of encountering respiratory diseases. Vehicles and factories are the cardinal reasons why China is filled with smog. 

Moreover, cities are not kept clean. People litter the ground by throwing garbage rather than using the dustbin. This is highly related to the lifestyle of the country. People do not mind the filth and uncleanliness hardly bothers them. 

It is suggested not to take elders and small kids as they are more prone to respiratory diseases like asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, etc. 

  1. Scams are common:

China has innumerable destinations that genuinely allure tourists. But some people will fool you by praising a public park with false history and significance. You will end up paying an admission fee just to watch some greenery and children swinging.

Similarly, passing fake currency has become a sport in the country. Taxi drivers and vendors often cheat foreigners with fake Yuans. 

Not every China vacation package will go as planned. Hassles are bound to happen due to scams. Some guides will lead you to places that are not worth spending time. Also, shopping centers charge an exorbitant amount when they see foreigners. 

  1. No free tours:

Every country has provisions for free things to do. They include museums, galleries, some historical monuments, walk tours, etc. But in China, you will have to pay for everything you see. Hoteliers demand expensive rates for an average room with moderate facilities. 

Unreliable tour guides are another reason tourists end up paying a hefty amount in return for something mediocre.

Ergo, expenses add up easily and for no reason. 

  1. Too good food:

Wet markets in China supply food made from almost all species of animals. Right from snakes to dog meat, Chinese restaurants love to explore “diverse” food varieties. 

Tourists, especially vegetarians will surely find it a tough time to find a good meal. Most of the hotels use an excessive amount of monosodium glutamate which poses health risks. Similarly, there are chances that the fishes and squids used in dishes hail from polluted rivers.

Tourists will have to rely on an experienced guide who will make sure you eat good food.  

  1. Social manners are low:

Busy destinations in China represent some harsh etiquette and rude behavior from the Chinese. Countless tourists and patrons have reported brash treatment and absolutely zero social manners. Tourists are treated with less hospitality. It seems that the three golden words- “Please”, “sorry”, and “thank you” are not known by the people at all. 

Such incidents may disrupt your vacation package. Many tourists report ill experiences and swear never to go ever again. 


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